YouTuber Lost It All... Ninja, KSI, Jake Paul, Matthew Santoro, Joe Rogan, Tana Mongeau


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    1. da power of uwu 𒐪⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      3:00 Good job ninja, make more kids addicted to it, while 200 streamers are gonna get famous, other 2 kk are just gonna get on the road if theyre not gonan try other work. GJ

    2. Jimi Lizardo

      how does ninja speak so fast

    3. Jason Gombos

      Bruv! who wouldn't say no to the long dark nor Forza horizon 4 when they literally teach you real-life skills whenever you're in a situation in the cause of survival or in the drivers seat?

    4. Taisakuu

      Dear Joe Rogan, What you said about jujitsu can also be applied to people who play video games. They get good at them, enter competitions, teach people them sometimes, and etc. also I am pretty sure jake paul could afford a screen recorder. And Angel Walks, I am so glad that he had one less stress factor in mourning. One should only need to process the loss of a loved one. Not worry about covering funeral expenses

    5. Hopeless Virgin

      Is playing games 3 hours per day and doing nothing for 19 hours healthy? cus ive been doing it for a year now

    6. ‌

      12:41 WYSI

    7. User User

      funny there Joe these ppl are making millions on just playing streaming, competitions,etc . Rogan has a tendency talk up to a guest then next guest he'll talk down about that subject re: Tom delonge then TrAvis barker

    8. User User

      never watched a santoro vid b4 I just never liked face,him and Shane dawson

    9. thick mufasa

      I do believe that you can be successful off of gaming without a doubt that is true but joe is right its not healthy one bit if thats your motivation to wake up, game and sleep

    10. Max Stacy

      God damn I can’t believe this Jake Paul boxing shit started as early as it did

    11. I like memes Ok?

      we have been home for over a year you expect us to find joy in jiu-jitsu i can talk to people make new friends

    12. im fat

      Well joe over here doesn't know that people in video games like CS:GO grind to get on the big stage and to rise to the top. Of course it's a difficult and tiresome journey and you may never get anywhere but if you do you earn millions. While going for martial arts will you a stable paycheck. I think some addictions can get you really far. Everyone should respect each others hobbies and interests

    13. Michael Lazarus

      Matthew Santoro looks like a combination of jason statham and howie mandel

    14. Noah Garlinge

      4:04 ninja looks like a knob with that haircut

    15. Auner

      Joe Rogan is right. I am also a gamer playing more than 12 hours a day but gaming it's getting you nowhere. How many people do you think they actually get successful and how many people do you think they play video games and they are not getting anywhere?

    16. xXTricky BossXx

      As you can see most of the gamer has a respect and empathy. Even they have been attacked

    17. play_osu_game

      What joe rogan said is false, you could play a certain game and get good at it, to the point where you are a professional. At that point you can get into tournaments with a real money prize pool. You don’t have to be a youtuber to master a certain videogame.

    18. kasisX

      oh no virus bad oh no we all die nooo 100k ppl dead noooo bruh like there are 7bil ppl its already toomuch and those 100k are mostly old ppl like bruh they'll die soon anyways

    19. DKsaNn Kat

      Jake Paul did not write that lol

    20. King Rappïd

      Level of salt ksi is spiting 🧂🧂🧂🧂

    21. brownman304

      The rioters might of stolen the truck

    22. Rachel Heav

      I thought they were dodgy from the start so i game them all the stuff i have in the world............ Facepalm Dumbass I hate Joe Rogan but he makes a valid point.... then Ninja speaks up and struggles to say what it could do for you..... which is a life for like up to 1000 people world wide not every kid who plays fortnight

    23. corinne gallofre


    24. Fresh Diamond Inc

      6:48 tana mogos eyes turned blue She's a reptile

    25. Grace Collins


    26. HarryYT Frost


    27. florida

      Aren’t tana mongeau and erika costell both of jake pauls ex lol

    28. Th01n3d

      Guys that girl at the party said she accepts responsibility for her actions. I'll be sure to send her the hospital and morgue bill as a ghost when I die of corona.

    29. Zakk Austin


    30. Tim Nissen

      LOL , like any great musician wrote their songs by themselves xD

    31. lilboiflacko

      Jake Paul admitted to having a ghostwriter.

    32. burger_man_ 2000

      Ninja is a videogame addict himself how could u say its a complete living when u made it in by luck

    33. julius stacy

      joe rogan ignored one fact, not everyone who trains tae kwon do will become a champion and make money at it. so then it becomes the same waist of time he claims gaming is. people need to learn more like how many died from h1n1 and we didnt have a pandemic then, and also they keep reacting that become infected will kill you when we have alot of new cases because we have more tests now and the test can not tell you how long you have had it.

    34. Septical Wolf

      Don’t u think it’s a lil click bait

    35. LPS James • 6 years ago

      This is cool and all but did you know you could save 50% or more on car insurance...

    36. Say It Aint So Joe

      Gaming isn't a sport

    37. Gabriel Truman

      I mean I low key agree with joe rogan, I fucked myself with video games, it applies to me so I agree but games have aspen issues.

    38. iApachy

      Damm people still saying games are bad yet people make a living from games, if you dont like them fine that your opinion but stop complaining 😒

    39. elle

      no GPS on those trailers? bet there will be after this..

    40. ronnie radke

      I don’t buy it

    41. Don't ask im a brick

      6:20 Me : * plays average of 18 hours a day *

    42. Felipe Ramos

      I'll say this because I don't see any comments on it, videogames are not a waste of time if you are a professional getting paid to play those games or some big streamer with a lot of fans donating or a IRflowr/streamer with a lot of subscribers or a sponsor. What I think he said was meant for the non professionals like your average gamer, you know normal people because unless you are making money playing said games is it really worth putting hundreds if not thousands of hours into a game? This is just an opinion not factual so don't go ranting at me for saying the things I said.

    43. First Last

      lol, jo rogan's right tho. salty manlets, the majority of players are not going to be a professional player and your skills are not transferable.

    44. Jan Klaasma

      Ninja nobody cares about your opinion

    45. Carson Moore

      You guys should check out pewdiepies commentary on the joe rogan clip. It’s interesting.

    46. EnlargedQuack

      If Tana is going to party without a mask, it’s her own funeral. It’s her fault she’s that stupid and arrogant

    47. Kat S.

      This is why whenever I move, I keep my most prized possessions with me in my car rather than in the truck or in the hands of a company.

      1. Noble Scorpio

        My dad asks for a truck from his job and some friends or guys to help

    48. RauKillz

      Can Jake Paul stop being dumb for 1 day please?

    49. AceBoogz Gaming

      Honestly who cares about nasty tana

    50. Ziggy Lonno

      Ksi still has it

    51. Destryr

      Ok that joe rogan clip got me PISSED

    52. E

      Well according to Joe’s argument, wouldn’t the three years that you spent learning jujitsu be a waste of time because you’re not making any money?

      1. E

        Ezra King Matias Joe Rogan?

      2. B1-Matias Ezra King


      3. B1-Matias Ezra King

        Who's joe

    53. Yashiro

      Joe Rogan is an idiot. Games are fun, that's the point ( Having Fun ) just like any other ways of having fun. And yeah, games can be addictive ( this is a more complex subject ).

    54. manuel I

      Joe Rogans actually right, if your not doing besides just being lazy and playing games all day, then yes it’s a problem. But your trying to make a career out of it, then it makes SENSE!

    55. Math Compass Central

      Feels bad. A moving company scammed me and my family and we lost a bunch of stuff..

    56. CHILLY MAN

      Joe Rogan is just mad because He isn't a DLC character on The latest UFC games 😂😂😂

      1. S7_Turismo

        You can play as Joe Rogan by collecting his cards

      2. The New Chris Paul


    57. World46

      People progress in life in different ways and enjoy it in different ways.

    58. Ahren Ortile

      I don't know why you guys hating on ninja but he's right. Basing off of Joe's criteria, there's significantly more chances of you becoming successful in gaming than in Jiujitsu and not to mention how much commitment and sacrifices you'd have to make to start your own dojo. "Gaming/streaming is one of the most lucrative and accessible career choices right now" and You can make loads of money while keeping it a hobby -critikal

      1. The New Chris Paul

        Stay Ninja is a has been now go watch a good IRflowr/Streamer

    59. Meat Scepter

      IRflowrs lol

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    61. Clickbaitisreal 2

      Hmm reading is addicting but i do nothing but reading 10 hrs a day so hmm so reading bad ok

    62. EndlessPersonified

      me living in cali it is scary but atleast i play videogames 16/7

    63. Luca H

      How are you even supposed to party while physically distancing or wearing a mask? Let's be real here. If you wanna throw a party; I suggest the following, have everyone get tested 2 weeks before and then self isolate for the 2 weeks leading up to the party. That way, if anyone does get sick in those 2 weeks or their test comes back positive, they stay away while the rest can come and be sure that there's a 99% chance that they don't have nor can they spread covid, thus probably not needing a mask or to social distance.


      Erika just Savin her own skin like wow

    65. Sir Bob

      Joe rogan is right. Very few are actually pros or make money out of gaming.

    66. SV70XIN

      Wow... This is a really great channel!

    67. Fanaticalplel

      Well damn Matthew Santoro. Forgot you existed. Great youtuber

    68. Kirv

      ...Joe Rogan is right...

    69. Free Video11

      Why did I get a notification for this video. I already watched this

    70. XP_Clipz _

      Wait !! So you mad they partied and also get mad then they apologize🤣🤣

    71. Rogg

      ninja sounds stupid. he’s basically 1% of gaming scene make a living

    72. Justice is an Illusion

      Video game get you somewhere, I played Runescape for 5 years and got from combat level 3 to combat level 121. Yea, I could probably have had a sweet PhD instead, but c'mon, that's nothing compared to a level 121 rs account with multiple 99 skills.

    73. TheRageMatrix

      update they actually found the trailer with his stuff

    74. Semaj Harris

      Yeah Joe Rogan is an idiot who knows nothing

    75. HTMN4hire

      Pamaj got it right Kid I know is creeping up on 23, still lives at home, no diploma, no ged, no goals, no future. Why? addicted to that little piece of instant gratification that video games can give.

    76. Mixios

      Jujitsu bruh its all fake what a Flip Flop lie lmao , also twitch exists

    77. Daniel Pruitt

      Much love Angle

    78. Black Wolf

      They need only fans cuz they content trash and annoying I’ll only respect them then as “content creators”

    79. vPäïn HQ

      The gaming thing is cap. There is games called r6 seige. That is insanely competitive

    80. marquez brady

      Matthew looks like keemstar 🤔

    81. Wytse Dijkstra

      6:36 Tana Hoegeau and Snake Paul

    82. Patrick Fitzsimmons

      Joe's a boomer and ninja looks like a kid who never grew out his e-boy faze

      1. seed

        Literal multimillionaire.


      90% of gamers will not be Ninja.

    84. Christopher Kidd

      45 and still that same kid playing video games.

    85. WordedHalo

      Matthew Santoro posted an update. It looks like they found the stolen truck! It seems like only a few boxes were rummaged through

    86. Christopher Kidd

      Was the repo man pay your bills bud.

    87. Anon

      Jesus Christ that las warzone clip caught me off guard

    88. HolyGrapefruit

      Ngl I'd subscribe to a scarce onlyfans.

    89. Comander Holy

      Bro is summer guys please

    90. Cyrus Amjad

      I love how they went after Nelk for not wearing masks and partying during quarantine and the Nelk boys jsut told them to piss off

    91. Dain A.

      Joe was kinda correct though. Most people can not and will not ever go pro in play or in terms of content creation.

    92. xUndeadWitchx

      Joe Rogan is just trying to stay relevant imo 🤷

    93. Atomic destroyer

      Hey Scarce, make an only fans

    94. Bloody_Felix

      Why does Mathew Santoro look like bald keem star

    95. SebTheKilla

      They shouldn't of stole his stuff, but come on man ,move your stuff yourself. Get your buddy or wife to help. Hard work is good for you.

    96. Neight

      That was angelwalks, bro that clip was scary to watch no lie, like his family just started screaming like psychos and it was confusing watching it without context the first time😔

    97. Shisui

      Feel bad for him

    98. J Man

      Joe Rogan is right in alot of ways.

    99. ‌                 (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞                  ‌

      Hey. I just discovered this channel. I don't even have any type of social media but youtube. That guy saying it ain't cool to do videogames as a hobby and is getting bashed out proves how much the world has changed..

    100. Lhfmomalova

      If they go and party that’s there problem I’ve been invited to multiple parties never went to one it’s ur own ridk