YouTuber Calls Him Out... H3H3, Keemstar, Pyrocynical, Jake Paul


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    1. bob

      5:28 look at the empty empty eyes...

    2. SHODAN64

      I despise keemstar he thinks he is untouchable don’t forget what he did to Britbong and other people.

    3. Jo


    4. KenmaPudding5

      Love how this dude straight up gets to the story, great job man

    5. Me Cooper

      9:13 *Hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha*

    6. errck

      Trisha PAY tas not Trisha pay TAS

    7. Jamie Ross

      "It looks like Keem feels bad for him" ARE you seriously taking this at face value? are YOU trolling? You cannot be that naive?

    8. Zane Ferguson

      nicholas deorio shouldn’t even be a valid source

    9. DKsaNn Kat

      Keemstar is always trying to start drama 🤦‍♂️

    10. The Merchant

      Look Keem's goal is to start shit and he knows its easy as hell to get people riled up to get attention. He puts out the bait and gets a lot of bites.

      1. user

        Yep checked out his twitter is all what you said it tbh people ignore him so you should Have a great year

    11. slim follow

      best news channel on youtube

    12. pointfive

      keem is such a loser that he makes me feel better about myself. that's quite the feat.

    13. OG BUDDAH

      Ben is a B E A S T ! i ! hope Jake brings a diaper

    14. Kaleb DOCXS

      Wait.... Why the fuck does Keemstar look like my cousin

    15. yeet ya

      a small part of me is afraid that jake paul might be good at fighting :(

    16. Dutch Van Der Linde

      I'm so fucking sick of Tom's voice. Somebody get rid of that arrogant kid.

    17. GodTiers

      Hmm was the spot light paid for like billboard😒

    18. thatone otaku

      Keem is so annoying dude

    19. Chris Gs

      holy shit the real Moses?

    20. Penguin Bears

      KEEM needs to stop attacking people for no reason, like what does he gain from it? Does it make him feel "big and strong"?

    21. JeaF GnoM

      Keemstar is a god damned genious! He conciously just winds people up and people fall for it and give him stories to report and twitter clout.

    22. Mirage Uchiha

      I have Sickle Cell Anemia. I'm in pain every single day. There's literally no break for me. Several surgeries, Basically lived in the hospital when growing up, Sometimes can't even get out of bed cuz my bones ache like crazy. And there's barely any big advocates for us Sickle Cell Warriors, like other diseases have. Smh I often scream in agony, just wishing to die to take away the pain, cuz the level of the pain crisis is so fuckin unreal. It's unfathomable... My life is literally a living hell. And I still uploaded content back back in the day too. Was forced to stop unfortunately. So, I understand COMPLETELY what Corpse is goin through. Been wishin him the best, all positive vibes to him, cuz nobody deserves to be in so much pain, all that constant torture 24/7, 365. 🙏🏾

    23. The Violet Prince VODS

      The eddy part was honestly so funny XD

    24. Plant

      lol gnome angry

    25. Truck kun

      lets Roast them d'amelios Cody Ko.

    26. Artsy Puppy

      “I have files on top of files” you said this years ago keem and you didn’t do shit then but whatever go off I guess stupid gnome

      1. Axel :〉


    27. Tabarnacus

      I can't decide who the biggest asshole on the platform is between Keem and Ethan they're both so competitive about it.

    28. leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories

      Bruh Eddy is a fire content creator. What?

    29. Eli M.

      How the fuck is keem gunna attack eddy unprovoked, eddy is like the least controversial/offensive creator and seems like a great guy

    30. Jeff Steelfleck

      lol if you getting a little it of clout every time you dm someone you need to start with "are you fucking legal"

    31. SnakeEyedPirate

      “makes millions of views”

    32. FBI

      Ngl Keem kinda toxic.. The man was just redditing.

      1. West Drax

        FBI can you pls arrest him

    33. Bloody Marshal

      I like scarce he gets straight to the video with hesitation

    34. Kyle Bell

      Ben Askren isn’t just a fighter... he’s a world champion in wrestling

    35. David Garcia

      How is keem not banned on IRflow isn’t what he’s doing harassing another creator on their platform?

    36. CallMeGarfeldz

      sometimes I like keem, sometimes keem makes me want to go back in the womb! it is usually the ladder...

    37. top bloke

      To be fair. Keemstar is kinda right.

    38. oicfas4523

      Pyrocynical looks pretty cute. He can message me if he wants. ☺️

    39. Ponus

      I don't... Why... What... That's it. I hate my generation. I hate all generations after mine. I hate every youtuber talked about in this video. So much of this is just... It boggles the mind the stupidity it really does.

    40. mdodz

      what is chronic illness?

    41. barrettproduction

      I really hope Conor McGregor does fight Jake Paul cause Conor McGregor would beat the heck out of Jake Paul.

    42. Medium Waffle


    43. Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member

      Keem almost always targets the most happy and excited youtubers, etc... That just highlights him being a sad sack of shit

    44. Abyssal Watcher

      I love how people come out and accuse IRflowrs when the IRflowrs have a happy life. Seems like a coincidence

    45. Sir Lag

      keem is just that little creepy garden gnome that lives at the elderly lady’s house that takes children’s skateboards away.

    46. milf slayer96

      Keem might be in controversy again!!!!!

    47. • Snøwii •

      Wow, literally left Jason. Ggs.

    48. Kyle Lynch

      3:20 keems tweet back to gus is the kind of snark I would type up and then end up deleting

    49. Jesuletus

      Keemstar's childish

    50. Sweney

      Scarce, don't call them IRflowrs, that's an insult to all the creators making real content lol

    51. Sweney

      ok, come on guys. stop the keem hate. we all know he is a dumb ass but everyone would have a heart attack if trisha married their relative. If you say otherwise you're tripping. keem and h3 have beef so its stupid to trust anything that comes out of their mouths regarding each other. and who cares if keem rosts somebody on twitter. The fact that it was on twitter invalidates anything rost he was trying to make

    52. Sweney

      I used to dislike the way scarce mispronounces names, but I am a changed man

    53. TheGrimSton3

      If the odds are good I'd bet on Jake. Ben Askren is not a standup fighter at all..

      1. Freeplex

        Jake get destroyed by askren.

    54. G M

      Can youtubers sell their equity of their channel as shares to the public.

    55. John Vincent S. PANGILINAN

      Damn, the amount of effort of these IRflowrs just to ruin another's career is insane.

    56. ToxicPandaGirl

      We all know that keem can be a grinch

    57. Synzose

      It’s always nice to have a IRflow news channel when I live under a rock :D

    58. RyanSignGuy

      Does Keem not understand humor is subjective?

    59. Graham Nethery

      Damn Keemstar is such an asshole.

    60. Mackenzie Teh Dog

      Damn, I've never seen Jake this scared of KSI

    61. icup cns

      Poor keem, he has nothing to do.

    62. Konniptionz

      Wow. Even Crank clapped Keemstar. The Gongoozler. Heapass. Eef. Boi.

    63. Zane Maples

      how many episodes in row will scarce say, and our next story comes from jake paul

    64. rejl balansag

      the match of jake paul and ben askren will be the same day as my birth day nice Im going to watch it if its going to be true.


      Thank you scarce

    66. alpha cyclops

      Not to throw any shade... But I will now throw shade completely out of the blur

    67. Harrison Bond

      keemstar take off ur hat

    68. Tyler Anderson

      I love Eddy, that makes me sad :(

    69. Trippie Blue

      Keep fighting corpse, you're a good man we need you!❤

      1. Adam Jones

        I'm bored of Among Us

    70. DawgFace Channel

      H3h3 payroll?

    71. kneo

      keem is a weirdo

    72. Nuclear Effect

      oh my god can the turkey dude just shut up

    73. Sam Pearson

      You also got to think keem never liked pyro. Keem was the one who face revealed him.

    74. Barney Kenway

      i feel like Dream bribed that dude but thats what I think

    75. Barney Kenway

      keem star just stop man if have half of Unus Annus saying wow your being a asshole just stop

    76. Jeremy Roland

      If these people who come out and say "This youtuber asked me for nudes when i was a minor" "That youtuber sent me unwanted pics" were actually telling the truth, why would they not go to the police instead of stirring up "drama" on fucking youtube of all places??

    77. Kooba

      You fell off man ☹️☹️

    78. Sam Treharne

      Keem really thinks he's got the smoking gun by talking to the French girl but that's the least French sounding person I've ever heard 😂😂

    79. Nathaniel Racoon

      Don't worry, ironically no-one watches the trending page anymore because of how rigged the video features are.

    80. LeoLegit

      ehhhhhhhh. you fucked up the timeline scarce

    81. Pastel Størm


    82. NOUR

      Keem is just calling out people like its a game, like he's trying to make everyone look bad

    83. Spike Spiegel

      It should be Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul. I'd love to see Nate B slap him all around the ring

    84. Bang Darkness, Marry Megumin, Kill Aqua

      Keemstar is that meme of the dude that says: Why are you booing me? I'm right!

    85. frank liqerish

      Nah, if this info on Pyro was meant to come up, it would have Keem coming out with a video about the "French girl" remarks made YEARS ago, it would have already been said, and its safe to say it's totally like Keem to fake this for some sort of stunt, especially considering he's had it out for Pyro for years Problem comes if defamation suits are thrown, he'll probably just wash his hands of the situation and say "hey she lied and I believed her, sorry not sorry"

    86. ok _calvs

      Keemstar's such a Grinch _lmao_

    87. Mad Mongoose

      Hopefully scarce talks about Scott the woz getting hacked on Twitter

    88. Thomas Liu

      u still didn't cover kiwiz vs keemstar yet...

    89. Zigo

      WTF is E-Dating? Is anyone I talk to online now my E-Partner? GTFOH.

    90. Fabled

      I enjoyed the video scarce.

    91. Gavin

      Scarce you do realize dreams response got debunked and he cheated

    92. Clxvrr

      Keem is just a bully frfr

    93. Eh Hser

      Idk why people would be interested in talking someone looking like Ethan

    94. Atticus English

      Trisha is weird

    95. Mr. Onay

      Turkey tom just cant stop lying

    96. Jack Silcock


    97. Jack Silcock

      Keemstar Has Gone Crazy On Christmas Eve And Christmas Day

    98. Supernova

      6:14 Update, he actually did hit 1 million subscribers

    99. isaac mason

      Keem calling out Eddie was a mistake. Eddie is in the cool kids club of IRflow my guy

    100. alastair simpson

      Pyro be rocking the karren haircut tho