YouTuber Is In Big Trouble... Ninja, Leafy, Logan Paul, Mini Ladd


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    1. Noni Bologna

      People deserve second chances, UNLESS they do crimes like EDP445 and Mini Ladd who are Child Predators

    2. TSLWolfCub

      what some people dont understand is that people like Ninja make their living off of content so for them to just come out of the woodwork and dis him for trying to entertain people is dumb its like those people who get offended because a movie kills off the (whatever race) first. seriously man the world we live in is so pathetic now and snowflakes are everywhere

    3. Javier Peñaloza

      That 17 year olds voice makes me mad for some reason


      U cant blame him its valorant it changes people.

    5. THE 1NTR0VERT

      Bruh I remember arguing with an adult online

    6. ImaginTale R6

      but nonmatter the person they would point out terable things in youtube and twitch.

    7. ImaginTale R6

      also i think that channels that make fun of others is stupid. And its not right. People like keemstar.

    8. ImaginTale R6

      wow, its not a suprise to see ninja being an idiot on stream to multiple children. I need ninja to stop streaming. I just hate him.

    9. Rage jun No Videos

      Why would youtube want him back here if youtube itself want him out? How about don't give him the attention and move on... youtube is no different from other companies that wants to get rid of their employees... let say there's some channels impersonating him.... at least it's not him.... if the original doesn't want to be impersonated... he can file a complaint on those who's impersonating him... just saying...

    10. TornadoMatty01

      the dead body thing is 4 years old now? the heck? What happen to the time?

    11. Matthew Boon

      Ninja: I don't care if your'e 12! Me: Wait, that's illegal

    12. Squidbobpatrickman -_-

      If you game you know that little argument wasn’t nothing 😂😭

    13. GodBridgingGod

      I’m glad ninja is a normal gamer now

    14. Mike Maloy

      Get a job that benefits society or something constructive.. your a man,time to act like one.. when you apply at McDonald's and they turn you down and tell you have no experience of flipping burgers that's got to tell you something... how's that make you feel??..not like a man.. if you can't flip a burger you're not swinging a hammer.. that goes for all of them IRflow losers especially in them Paul brothers..

    15. Adam Zawadzki

      ninja is a baby that will never grow up

    16. Raccoon

      bruh I don't get the ninja clip like we all rage and we all argue that should not get so much backlash for that

    17. Jack Barrett

      i think its crazy how ninja has a career millions of people would want and he complains about it like bruh

    18. Hikiaa Gaming

      This is me on a normal basis on any competitive game 🤣

    19. Sebastian Ackerman

      Imagine taking a videogame serious

    20. Loganlm10

      The world is better off without a Logan Paul movie tbh

    21. Lowqy

      Don’t understand the ninja clip I get so much more mad lol

    22. StoneE

      Have yall ever played a video game the trash talk gets way worse then ninja

    23. DKsaNn Kat

      Justice for leafy 🙌

    24. Distence

      Mini Ladd down bad

    25. Frank Valice

      the ninja thing is dumb

    26. Liebe

      Apology videos are the best to binge.

    27. Liebe

      That's normal gamer rage.

    28. Ac 504

      Mini Ladd: I’m sorry Me:ok Other people: GET TF OUTTA HERE Me: damn bro did he murder someone on IRflow

    29. Louis V

      so i dont like ninja at all, i think hes just a man child, his personality never clicked with me.. but i am 100% on his side with this. some of us are competitive and we find joy by playting competitive games, when you have some kid thats just fucking around in a ranked lobby its enraging, if you just wanna fuck around play casual playlists. and the amoun t ofd kids that talk shit.. they need to be put in thieir place like this kid did. parents dont hit their kids kids are growing up to be pieces of shit. its good some of them need ot hear this.

    30. RJS

      Dude speaks the truth about Ninja. Ninja is the biggest douche bag ever.

    31. Greenchili Studioz

      Not like small artists like Twistedscarlett60 keeps getting removed from twitter for "copyright" claims from nintendo and later unknown banned

    32. Justin Young

      They went to the suicide forest In japan

    33. Hyperr Khaotic

      I don't think Logan knew, I think he really was just that fucking stupid

    34. dead chanel lmao


    35. shamal chandra

      Ninja is a FUCKING child

    36. adam adam

      MFs would never make it in mw2 lobbies like damn #snowflakes

    37. Zachary Showalter

      Ninja wasn't mature, but at the same time I hate when a player is annoying and then they try to pull the "I'm only 17, don't bully me" card. If you want to play games with the adults, you'll get treated like one. Online Experiences May Vary.

    38. i have gun lol die • 69 years ago •

      I think the reason Leafy got banned was because Pokimane’s simps be helping her lol.

    39. vulcan


    40. heonk

      classic ninja

    41. Alex Thompson

      How is this toxic or a problem bruh this is legit just online gaming get tf outta here

    42. AL3X684

      but he was above ninja on the clip also ninja needs to undertsnad not everyone takes games like life and death

    43. LILSlavic

      “Omg ninja raged at a teen oh no omg cancel” Me: “yes, he still has the fire in him” I miss toxic ninja 😔

    44. Mr.Miyagii _-

      I miss toxic Ninja ngl. Back when he used to play H1Z1

    45. Jake Dauscha

      Firstly •Ninja is just toxic & problematic •That “trash talk” is weak and is really just a lot of “ur bad, no you” •Arguing with back with someone just makes you look stupid ONTOP OF THAT •Arguing with a 17yr old makes you look sad and washed up... at the end of the day it’s just a game sure you may put so much time and effort into it but you do that at your own expense, people like Ninja need to grow up

    46. Fake Name

      Isnt this his m.o. talk trash make some controversial comment or anything and people flock to his channel to check it out and his sub and followers go up faster than usual.

    47. sarah

      it’s just game rage we all get over it, we all get it i love how the real old ninja jumped out tho🤪

    48. Dropped at birth

      hell yeah Ninja

    49. HoshinoOtaku98

      Imagine being hurt by someone who year younger than you and then called them out on it but people shitty on back you back just because you an adult and need to "act better". 😑.

    50. UNiCORN

      Na Ninja is fine, it's gaming. Nothing unexpected there, not really news lol

    51. Rythian Black The Black Emporium

      Wow Ninja being a toxic individual? Shocker...

    52. Simounseno

      Leafy did ruin some people's lives because of his content

    53. Kan Kan

      i dont know what good valorant gameplay is supposed to look like, but ninjas doesnt look like good gameplay he died a lot, he almost died as many times as he cursed,

    54. David Gillin

      Says he doesn’t wanna make videos on miniladd proceeds to have a 3rd of his video about it

    55. Element 5z

      Bro if Ninja is toxic for saying that then i should be in prison for hate speech lol 😂

    56. Áron Knézi

      ninja clip was just funny lmao u guys take everything serious and it shows just let the man rage once in a while

    57. MagentiumNews RsWarrenNews

      The ninja thing? This is normal for ninja. Not sure why it's so popular

      1. MagentiumNews RsWarrenNews

        Ninja has done worse

    58. dawsyn

      Today’s world would never survive during the MW2 days people making a big deal outta ninja raging has nothing on MW2 lobbies

    59. [FPK] Ramon

      full ass grown man?? ninja acts like a teenager still :))) only his age makes him an adult.

    60. Flex

      Who cares if he trashes a 17 year old

    61. ILYA SS

      * U Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth * ? 💀

    62. Haste LaterHen0

      The first clip just shows that people are dumb and are acting like they never raged or was rude to someone like chill out and stop being soft it’s not like the kid was asking him to stop he was also being rude towards ninja so who cares

    63. Nancy D. Law

      That company won't get a single $ ...

    64. The Fortress

      I like the part where ninja do ninja stuff

    65. Hello There

      Also, never a fan of Logan Paul but why tf wait for 5 years to do something about him???????

    66. Hello There

      So, we all forgetting PlayStations and just competitive games in general? We all gone snowflakes now?

    67. Corporal Anonymous

      Leafy is bacc boisss

    68. Jason Phillips

      Imagine getting that mad over a video game 🤦🏼‍♂️

    69. DJD34TH Official

      people are legit milking the mini ladd situation for publicity and content. Ohmwrecker, and TJV, are the main ones. Ohm has been ranting, and targeting people that knew mini (Terroriser), and spreading lies and straight forward slander. TJV has like 20 videos about the situation. it's bs. they need to let it rest.

    70. UltimateGamingFTW


    71. FC THE TRUTH

      Scarce: IRflowr in Big Trouble Actual IRflowr: NOT IN ANY TROUBLE AT ALL (all cap)

    72. Nascier Thomas

      Every gamer talk shit its a go to thing

    73. Sledge Bedge

      Who tf cares about that ninja shit he just didn’t grow up with bo2.

    74. Ivory Neil

      Ninja needs to take a step back..

    75. dyna

      Since when ninja is a grown man lmao?

    76. Justin Tran

      I mean I get the hate for ninja. He always likes to take the whole angle of Pro esports players being the same as like professional athletes. So him doing that is like if Lebron James was shit talking on some kid while playing a pickup basketball game.

    77. Keqkzy

      Bro everyone rages so why is the ninja clip so important everyone does it lmao

    78. bananahhh -_-

      Ninja is such a loser for getting mad at video games, jesus

    79. wet noodle

      I prefer zuckles or swaggersouls over leafy

    80. Svante

      Ninja lives in a box. A box where the only thing that matters is gaming

    81. Legit Homie

      17 lol im 17 dawg at 17 your practically a adult lol im 17, I work I pay bills lol

    82. Patrick Whittaker

      people talk about "getting mad at a computer game is dumb" as if youre only allowed to be mad about things that are socially acceptable.

    83. Eggpod

      Yeah mw2 lobbies existed but ninja's power tripping

    84. jge treched346

      Now that the ninja I know

    85. jge treched346

      Ninja raging 😂😂

    86. raski 67

      Ninja looked like a ahole before this came out if you like him that's fine but typically the people that watch him are 10 or under

    87. Laurent Thierry

      Ninja:You are trash Bully maguire:See you Chumps

    88. Kyojin X

      NinjaHyper is back baby

    89. LoganMoore

      that ninja thing was a joke bro. talking shit is just part of the internet who cares

    90. mayonnaise

      i had minecraft running in the background and i forgot and I'm telling you ninja yelling at a 17 year old to Minecraft is the best.

    91. Russ

      Yall sum snowflakes. Yall never expericend cod lobbies, there's no remorse ❄ 🙄 😒

    92. 【sooty3000】

      This is nothing, come play DotA 2 ranked lol

    93. Jenos

      Classic ninja

    94. James Jones

      This is the ninja we all miss. Is he back to talking like this? CauSe I’ll go sub right now. But I don’t think he will ever be back to how he was b4 fortnite


      Bruh trashtalk is a real thing in all games.🤭🤭🤭

    96. Exo Hamster

      is music not made to be listened to

    97. Woah Ramses

      I was waiting for Ninja's famous words.... WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT?!

    98. Above Aero

      Literally they always say, you’re talking trash with a 17 year old.

      1. Alex Thompson

        If your 17 and can’t handle trash talk online and use it as an excuse that is kinda sad your an adult and voting in elections next year and in some countries your legally allowed to drink lmao by seventeen you should be able to handle this

    99. F.B.I.

      So that's if league had team voice chat...

    100. A.C.

      I don't understand why people get mad at streamers for being human