YouTubers Speak Out Against THIS... Disguised Toast, H3H3, EDP445, OfflineTV


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    1. Madam Gryffindor

      The news at the very end of the video; IRflow, or some bystander, must've thought the snail was some phallic or provocative thing and they believed that because the words "SO BIG!!" was on the thumbnail or how she was holding it. IRflow and many people have perverted minds, which this is pretty sad...

    2. Kabsuss_

      im sorry but the girl looks stupid making a 5 page essay over a joke. which isnt serious lmao

    3. Kabsuss_

      i seriously hope he gets therapy.

    4. HeyItsMax


    5. NatsuMichi

      ''Cancel the cancel culture" - our man Nogla spittin' the facts! What's so great about Twitter these days anyway? It's a toxic wasteland, why stay on there...

    6. spider_xo

      as a muslim i give toast the right to say whatever he wants tbh

    7. Wout 2606

      People on Twitter: “Try to cancel Toast” Toast: Sit tf down b*tch

    8. Wout 2606

      People like that person that wrote a document on Toast is just ruining the whole generation and killing humor, can’t make a joke anymore these days.

    9. firm ape

      The way Scarce pronounces character is godly.

    10. pain and misery

      "Some people find everything offensive... okay?" -Tyler, The Creator Tyler knew what was up.

    11. Norvak Night

      I’m so done with random people getting cancelled for the dumbest shit 🤦

    12. Mode

      Ddos time :)

    13. Monke

      God kids really be making a whole article to cancel IRflowrs

    14. Wupper

      dream stans when you say 1 word in a diff language

    15. Clover

      2021 is the judging year now, this is why streamers can't tell a joke because people are so damn sensitive and try to call out people for their past.

    16. Nipple Bixch

      lol jacky chan

    17. Iron Golem

      Edp445 4+4+5=13 😳

      1. Titnibler 210


    18. EvilEpicFace

      if you dont like a content creators humor or cant stand it, then just dont watch that content creator. simple as that.

    19. Ankita Mondal

      Nowadays people just cry about the most insignificant and silly things.People are becoming fools and they cry about like a spoiled kid and try to cancel people.

    20. RCL

      Has Twitter always been this toxic to content creators?

      1. CryoFlare

        Yep it is

    21. MrDitkovich OFFICIAL

      4 + 4 + 5 = 13 😳

    22. Gestoni Cordova

      Regarding Toast's issue, she is like asking Dr. House to be nice because he is too disrespectful.

    23. Xalactized

      People will cancel anyone for literally anything at this point.. It's unbelievably and ridiculously pathetic.

    24. lolseagull

      I miss edgy humor youtube, no one on this platform is edgy in terms of saying jokes with no filter.

    25. Saul Goodman

      Why does it take so many cancels to say "If you don't like my content, stop watching." Especially games like GTA, it's not for snowflakes. And then they think we also see things the way they do. They are the type of people to say because I'm German I cant be Muslim but then cry when I say I don't support BLM

    26. That One Guy

      Everything is now offensive. Calling a gay guy a dude is now offensive

    27. MMike08

      Now this is getting to the peak of dumbness in cancel culture

    28. Deqobot

      the moment you apologize youv'e lost the batte, the only way to beat cancel culture is to just say no.

    29. Lucas

      The point of dark humour is to offend people... to many people are snowflakes.

    30. Ground below Zero


    31. 1234 5678

      With the Toast situation its just like people nowadays trying to cancel comedians for the jokes they say, like are you fucking kidding me? its a fucking joke stop taking it so seriously. People like this purposefully look for something to offend them just to get some attention in their miserable lives. SJWs are very stupid people. (And before people assume things I'm not on the side of the far left or right. Both sides are equally toxic and retarded.)

    32. Kurapika's Best Friend

      Twitter is trying so hard that it's funny. Imagine trying to cancel Toast.

      1. GojiraBH

        Bruh, imagine cancelling anyone for an edgy joke, tweet etc. they've made, it's pathetic, especially cuz people trying to cancel others, more often than not, have fuck all to do with the types of jokes that are/were being used. If you don't like something someone says, ignore them and move on with your damn life instead of resorting to cancel culture and crying like a little bitch

    33. sand


    34. EspeonLover320 (EspeonLover320)

      I love that Toast doesn't give in to the hate mob, and basically tells them to fuck off

    35. Mike Hollard

      get a life, cancel culture mob. Educate yourself to not easily get offended Oh wait they can't.

    36. ImPersonas

      Hope made me lose hope in this generation

      1. GojiraBH

        I lost hope for humanity in general long ago.

    37. Korey Suzuchi

      Twitter: Look at this tweet you tweeted 5 years ago we demand an apology- Toast: No

    38. RsIdle

      if anything twitter itself needs to be cancelled

      1. GojiraBH

        Or like Nogla said: cancel the cancel culture

    39. Astoutsquid 123

      6:11 the misspell lmao

    40. ryan zheng


    41. Leone Luis Vinluan

      Twitter is dumb

    42. Solar Cosmic1353

      Fist bump ?

    43. Yael Solorzano

      Bruh I swear to god my generation are snow flakes

    44. Matratzis

      What the actual fuck is even going on?

    45. Justin Lor

      People are too young to understand what real racism actually looks like and how it actually affects the target group. It's this ignorance that undermines real racism.

    46. Jake Sturm

      Oh dear god, people trying to cancel toast now? This is getting dumb.

    47. HorShawn

      Ppl shouldn't watch someone cause they get offended about something esp when u don't get a joke like piss off

    48. Doug_T.

      tosast is based, he didnt bend the knee to those twitter stans

    49. kaliber aiz

      It's getting to the point that twitch streamers are becoming a puppet at this point. Company and fans itself is controlling them however they want to.

    50. Alfredruss

      Brandon Rogers lmao, he's the most offensive but also not offensive at the same time

    51. Najo

      yo edp will even be banned on his own wensite 100% xD

    52. Mathew

      the fact you cant have dark humor anymore is sad

    53. Taeh Kolo

      Toast : fights back against Twitter people. Me : 10+ respecccc

    54. Lynn Odell

      Dont know Toast but i respect him for standing up against snowflakes. I sure as heck would never apologize for my past. Its the past for a reason. People are so stupid it's unbelievable.

    55. GirlsLikeMySpaghetti

      Frick twatter? Why do people still use that poop site

    56. Quackitty

      I've said it on a different video about Toast being "cancelled" and I'll say it again. You can't combat a racist or an "offensive" joke with "People have been racists to me" or "People have said offensive things to me." It's so stupid. It's like if someone Asian someone went up someone black and called them a monkey but then being confronted about this; they say, "Oh but it doesn't matter because people have been racist to me.". Its so dumb.

    57. Sir Richard the Easily Startled

      5:44 *a part, or how a simple error changes your argument completely.

    58. Sher 16

      Mockery isn’t allowed, Dark Humor is.

    59. hifaz

      majour lmao

    60. Extinct Turtle

      Dude dark jokes will forever exist whoever got offended should just get off Twitter lol

    61. Torgeir C

      Why are words like "rape" blured out, both in text and voice, in this video? I'm not trying to make a joke. Honestly don't know.

    62. xxassass1nuxx

      Honestly for the people that are trying to cancel toast just don’t know how to take a joke anymore. It’s a shame anything you do or say nowadays is considered racist, sexist, etc. People can’t joke about anything anymore 😂 weak minded fools 😂

    63. SAPHABA ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ

      i allredy know internet (twitter) is a shitty place , but when toast drama breaks out, i m like "wow this is too much", when he breaks into tears , bruh , it burns. he is so likable, people person.

    64. Gortekk

      The USA is a snowflakes country.

    65. HD Vyzl

      Toast is a G!!!!!! welldone

    66. NinjuFlamer

      Bro people are becoming soooo soft 💀

    67. Knifeナイフ

      So disappointed with him

    68. SpiceySec

      Mocking accent? People mock out British accents n no one cares. People who complain just want drama and be involved. Who actually cares don’t like it don’t watch it.

    69. Flungy Mungy

      Toast NOT apologizing for something he shouldn't apologize for? Yea, sounds like Toast.

    70. sleepy

      Toast is a perfect example of a lot of people including me, we aren’t racist or have any offensive phobics, we just have a very dark sense of humor, we support your subject of accusation against us making an offensive joke, but at the end of the day, they’re just jokes, they’re meant for our community/ the dark humor people to laugh. im sooo happy that toast decided to step up and stand for us that find dark humor, humorous. we just tryna have a laugh in our own way, respectfully

    71. Za ck

      Cancel culture need to stfu. They're so immature and all in their feelings. I know there are a lot of so called adults, who are acting like little kids. Smh.

    72. Kismias

      Tell em off Toast. Are we going to use facial rec technology and cancel entire audiences for laughing at Ricky Gervais, Jim Jeffries and Jimmy Carr who literally live off of offensive jokes.

    73. Robert Jones

      The toast thing. I live a different life. Its simple life. If you don't like what you hear or see change the channel. Your feelings hurt deal with it. I respect the hell outta toast

    74. cammy

      Cancel culture just rename them as snowflakes

    75. Jannis 11


    76. Xx dark Xx 123

      A takedown for a snail, A SNAIL!!!?!?

    77. Marco Bestetti

      I don't understand why they say that Ethan broadcasted the fight, he clearly says that he pirated it, he didn't broadcast it to others

    78. Sedge Lord

      Respect for Toast for not letting Cancel Culture get to him

    79. Black Fox

      2021: The guy is drinking water in his stream, that's offensive to the poor in Africa. HE MUST BE CANCELED.

    80. Emma C

      People are praising Toast for standing up for himself and I agree he did the right thing. But don't compare this to all the other situations of cancelling. The things he was advised of were blatantly false so no shit he shouldn't be cancelled. But some IRflowrs have actually done/said some awful things they should see consequences for. This is just an example of baseless accusations that blew up. It should serve as a reminder to always fact check, not that cancelling is aways bad.

    81. spar987

      If ur getting hurt by what toast is clearly joking about then the internet isn’t for you 👍

    82. dotcom dotcom

      Mad respect for Toast, especially with a bunch of streamers caving as of late

    83. VacuolateBeef24

      Moral of the story for Toast. People are snowflakes on the internet.

    84. Team Magma Grunt

      Brother... Breathe in and out, you're giving me anxiety

    85. Glass-Joe

      Twitter is too trash these miserable Karens and Kevins just want to push boundaries for fun by ruining any other popular’s person account Change my mind:👇

    86. SlightlyItchy

      Only complete fools and snowflakes try to cancel people over getting offended over such minor words. If they had it their way, every conversation would be like walking on egg shells where nothing of importance is ever discussed ...just in case someone gets offended.

    87. Deen Reviews

      Toast has gotten my respect, #CanceltheCancelCulture

    88. C Dawg

      EDPs website it gona get DDOSS so hard

    89. Ariel Zarate

      Year 2030: "Non-english speaking countries spoke english" Twitter: CANCEL THEM! Year 2040: "Normal People breathe" Twitter: OMG CANCEL THOSE DISGUSTING PEOPLE!

    90. Chelvis

      I don't think EDP realizes that videos without sponsors are just videos, not a career.

    91. Vincent Johnson

      Toast is a king 👑

    92. Jorge Anaya

      That fight was never worth 50 bucks. They both suck and I would smack them around my self.

    93. Rob

      people are so soft now a days its ridiculous

    94. infamous drake6

      toast godly

    95. oOble

      I’ve literally subscribed Toast because of this controversy respect 100% man.

    96. Emma Emilia

      Cancel culture is just cruel and evil now, it's not even for so called ""justice""

    97. Micah Lewis

      hehe whats cancel twitter :#

    98. 3man

      Big ups Toast. He addressed the issues that people may have with him and made it clear that his jokes are nothing more than they are; jokes, which can be viewed as not tasteful. He pushes back against the claims that have no backing to them; the last two claims were stated without listing evidence to support said claims. You can’t argue a point if you don’t have evidence to support your point.

    99. Brenda Wei (Auntie_Brenda)

      Just a fan who wants attention. This individual doesn’t even have others to support his/her theory.

    100. broodout

      Oh gee, Toast is offensive guys! Ice Poseidon too! I still wonder why the misfits aren't getting buried alive for the shit they've said. Twitter is a cesspit. F**k twitter