YouTuber Does Something Crazy... NickMercs, Drift0r, Eight Thoughts, Vinny VineSauce


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    1. Leaked Fori

      Dude there is drama every day it’s crazy

    2. Mason Evans

      Nick is like eight thoughts is a bald idiot f and not to long after he went bald

    3. Zach Miller

      Guess I’ll have to comment dislike

    4. Northrop grumman

      Ive just disliked this video and im in the experiment.

    5. mahi ahmed

      The fucking plot twists lmao. First I thought Nickmercs was the villian but then 8 thoughts came in like fucking Khan Maykr.

    6. Byakuren Houjuu

      How does it affect targeted harassment, if the creators still see the freaking dislike number?

    7. Julius Zeppeli

      is it bad to not know these guys?

    8. Mr Crab

      Nickmercs is gross

    9. BJ Golden

      NickMercs is a hypocrite. He called Swagg a cheater himself. Nothing but grown men crying over a video game smh. I mean NickMercs thumbnails are weak as hell. It looks like he is getting ready to take a big one in the mouth.

    10. [SCLA]MRBIG 323

      Awwww poor IRflowr crybabies, go back your minimum wage job jarhead lol

    11. [SCLA]MRBIG 323

      What pieces of garbage crybabies IRflowrs Lol........

    12. seth morales

      Agreed man your better than drama alert quality news dude

    13. Phantom Guac

      nick is 30 fucking years old about too be 31 idk why he talkin bout age 💀

    14. ErikSweed

      Nick has no neck 😂

    15. JohnnyNonny

      Faze members have been reverse boosting since modern

    16. DawgFace Channel

      I Stan with Vinny

    17. Randy Kneville

      HE LIVES!

    18. Grimskull 94

      You can't really call Nick a liar when you delete all you're video 🤣😅

    19. Ludwig Sjöberg

      Okay fuck that nick Mercs I hope he gets a strike for what he said.


      dude nick is litterally pityfull hahAHA

    21. Pain

      Why are all my favorite cod streamers doing dum thing I mean swagg might be right Idk

    22. StaticPubes

      Gamers talking about slander but yet they won't show controller or Keyboard cams. Isn't that weird?

    23. Fat Boys United

      8:05 important detail

    24. Dennis Stitt

      seriously wtf is up with social media influencers and being sex offenders? it seems like there's another one being exposed every week

    25. Derek Brown

      I don't believe 8 thoughts for a second

    26. Brychael Yt

      Eyyy he back :)

    27. erect

      The voicemail shit from 8T is embarrassing, what a fuckin baby

    28. Sane Dark-Leo

      Welcome back John, much love

    29. Sane Dark-Leo

      How do we know about scam videos

    30. You're Mad

      Can you not say anything without getting sued on IRflow

    31. Koll Malme

      I am in this experiment, it wasn’t fun


      Notice how two of the most disliked vids on YT were made by YT themselves.

    33. T3hS14ppy

      Scarce looks very fit lately, I couldn't even tell he had been overweight until he told us a little while ago.

    34. Tony

      So many scam videos are gonna get on youtube

    35. Sedit T

      "Targeted dislike Campaigns" Laugh my Fucking Ass Off... IRflows still Salty everyone struck down their Garbage Rewind video. Ya'll know that why they doing this shit

    36. Dalton Farmer

      Ya, i dont like 8 either, He was once talking about Merkmusic wife, "Fiance at the time", saying how they wont make it to the wedding or some shit, just making him feel bad for getting engaged with her. So ya hes a peice of shit, and no wonder he doesnt get views. All he really does is talk shit and get pissed off cause he doesnt make jack shit from his vids.

    37. peli kojootti

      At this point everyone should just ignore 8t, that guy has completely lost it and any mentions just seem to fuel the carbagefire

    38. OdstKick

      If they do that to my account, I’m creating a new fucking Email.

    39. Spencer G

      Nic is sensitive he does kinda look like he’s suckin one in all his thumbnails

    40. Ida hoe

      i fucking hate gay thoughts

    41. Saxh

      Badboy beamin thinks everyone is hacking 🤣🤣

    42. Nathan Briner

      Nicky come on man... not cool

    43. Keven Woods

      people be sensitive

    44. Inkie

      faze clan lost its meaning its just whos gonna sue who for more moeny and profit they became retards

    45. Allison VP

      I don't see dislike anymore

    46. Soggy Socks

      We want to see the dislikes, it honestly helps if a video is worth our time!

    47. LegitAcc

      The legend is back

    48. Dabloxel

      nickmercs is the type of person to swat someone and get away with it

    49. Peyton Porter

      I cant see dislikes on IRflow shorts sometimes and its bullshit. This is the absolute worst change to this site.

    50. sher e punjab

      Big boi opti maid it in a vid

    51. Dio Brando

      Bruh Scarce came back pretending like he didn't just "get milk and cigarettes" for 2 months straight

    52. RedArrow 2

      Holy shit hes back

    53. 3XPLOSlV3

      Nick the turtle neck guy

    54. im fat

      Nick an asshole tbh that was uncalled for. First off I'd doesn't matter how good he is at COD. Then if you see his video you shouldn't just try take it down and complain about it. And also if he's so keen on talking about him getting no views then why bring the video more exposure?

    55. Cole Patchen

      Driftor looking old as fuck, he graying man. I remembered when this man was super young. Time flies.

    56. PokekidKanto YT

      I like how Scarce leaves for 3 months, then comes back, and no one questions it.

    57. Kila_ Kam82

      Eight Thoughts sounds like a douche

    58. Josh Davis

      Eight Thoughts is a joke. I stopped watching him ages ago.

    59. nubbinsboi

      Acting like he didn't take a 3 month break 😂 Welcome back scarce

    60. Bryce Rhinehart

      Nickmercs and swag are the kids who would tell the teacher they’re being mean

    61. Bryce Santos

      Finally the king has posted again

    62. Destall

      Welcome back homey

    63. Thunder storm

      Dislike button : down Like button : down Share : my time has come...?

    64. Blissful_Hate

      THE RETURN!!!!

    65. The Generate

      Internet is so shit rn what the fuck is happening

    66. JADON0_0


    67. tevin d

      who the hell makes a teaser trailer for their expose video

    68. drunken mother

      Eight Thoughts reminds me of 2015-2016 Keemstar

    69. Sefo Gonzales

      it's always hilarious watching a stream clip where the chat is just sucking off the streamer constantly

    70. Hassan Shaikh

      Alright everyone, if IRflow removes the dislike button, make sure you comment "dislike" on bad videos... and hope they don't remove the comments section too

    71. Hasa Rafael

      Nick's thumbnails are trash tho 😂😂

    72. Rowan

      thank you for coming back, keemstar is more bias than a fifth grader defending the gamecube.

    73. D34thBySn0wB4LL

      What did 8 thoughts expect when all he does is rip on ppl? Rip lol

    74. Jimmy Wrangler

      I’ve always hated eight thoughts. But I also do t like nick mercs.

    75. wewaka lul

      dam i didnt expect this from nick he act all aplha and shiet

    76. Peter G A

      I like that dont see the dislike number ... good ... good. bc all this cancel culture ppl think they are gods with the dislike campaigns

    77. Tomiwa Aina

      Ohhh he was gone for school! Good for him!

    78. Peter G A

      BBB is another huge lier..... i wish youtube take down his fake channel.... have you see how many COD player have call out without evidence and AND video manipulation....

    79. Peter G A

      Eight Thoughts is such an Ahole ... for real. and big big lier

    80. Tomiwa Aina

      Why are all of these call of duty creators so... old? It makes the argument seem more childish

    81. A Jewish Kebab

      Never liked NickMerks and now i have a good reason

    82. Thomas Clifford

      NickMercs and Eight Thoughts just a couple middle aged children because their egos are so fragile.

    83. Sabbat

      all he did (8 thoughts) was mock nick mercs -what is nick mercs some sort of demagouge/narcissist. Mercs is an over bloated "douche" i think is said in the states.

    84. Dave Hudson

      It's like he never left

    85. Timothy Ditchfield

      IRflow scared for rewind

    86. Felix Reardon

      maxamillianmus 2.0

    87. Mr Bumtastic

      This is how MiniLadd and other creeps would come back to youtube.

    88. JgreeN

      What utubers wanted this dislike disengaged for "some" users? Probably shitty youtubers like fake news/propaganda spreading keemstar.. Whom cant even have his own channel.. Fukin sad.. Well theres other apps.. Maybe its best the wealth be spread out.. IRflow clearly cant handle all this maybe no 1 entity can.. Hell youtubes have been bringing 90 day fiancés into the mainstream and yet only just the other day did i see an add from 90 day fiancé..

    89. Iridium Apple

      Looks like many of these grown men didn't get taught the lesson think before you do.

    90. DrpepMazing

      He's back 😭 i missed him so much

    91. Mason Vance

      so Scarce where have you been we missed you :(

    92. HonkTheBonk

      Damn that’s two levels of bad nick is being a baby and eight thoughts doxxed a kid (of course what eight thoughts did was worse)

    93. Dissolve YT

      Did IRflow get mad because of 2018 rewind?

    94. Jr

      Tbh uts eight thoughts fault for making it

    95. jeorvIn

      did you really leave?

    96. SNOW FALL

      Wowwww nick mercs is a tough guy huh

    97. Arbinswazch

      glad to see you back mane :)

    98. Clout 9

      Oh hell nah imagine getting shot by someone’s like blue his picture alone makes me want to shoot myself

    99. Young Forever Media

      Any youtuber that talks about another youtuber is out of content and probably trash at everything besides obsessing about a real youtuber and looking for something to talk shit about! Lol clowns

    100. aVoider

      who tf is nickmercs?