YouTuber Does the Unspeakable.... EDP445, NELK, xQc, James Charles


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    1. Nasty Me


    2. garen both

      I swear if EDP gets away with what he has done, I just dont know about this world anymore

    3. Jack Silcock

      This 13 Year Old Girl Is Only 5 Years Younger Than Me I Think She Would Want To Be With Me

    4. Arturo Reyes

      Hold up if youtuber does the unspeakable why tf you gonna speak about it lol jk

    5. Jaylen Bowie

      I still this the epd shit is fake

    6. Ron Morgan

      Man how crazy is DDP oor whatever his name is cause he's done this before no doubt. I've never heard of this channel or any involved just got down this rabbit whole but man u can tell this dude needs being locked up and the chet dude and them are all sick in one way or another also.

    7. Ron Morgan

      U can just see the Dypers Delight when he says he's not a child predator around the 1 min mark

    8. Esa Ansari

      I wonder what happens if a man does the hottub meta

    9. DOM ?

      Ninja is funny

    10. Name ツ

      Im confused, so is edp innocent or not? because seems like he is so far to me

    11. StormX 2233

      Ninja the most toxic of them all the little fucking cry baby..

    12. Puregamer32


    13. Beachboytyler

      Edp should’ve said it was a decoy of himself messaging her. The real him actually just wanted a cupcake

    14. Michael Scrilla

      Yeah twitch is garbage. Might as well watch web cam girls.

    15. floridaboi_407

      This is actually very scary man

    16. ITS_AUSTIN._.

      Seeing that clip of Ninja makes Remember when he was toxic and actually funny

    17. Kevin Feeney

      After that first video i knew he was lying

    18. Ethan Ordway

      Chet sounds lit

    19. Frankk-el Porff

      Chet Goldstein's real name is Allen Rosen. He uses a different username because he's already been banned or suspended from IRflow for similar stuff. Shitty person did a decent thing I guess. 🤷‍♂️ Also, the other dude wearing the neck mask thing is representing CCUnit, and he is actually a reputable IRflowr so no shade towards that guy👍

    20. Dat Potato

      The ninja thing at the end killed me

    21. NeonHusky5

      To this day its rumored that edp never got his cupcake

    22. Stal94

      I do not get why edp stayed to talk to those dudes. If I was on my way to go commit a crime and some dudes with a camera asked me where I was going, I'd tell them to fuck off. They're not cops they have no right to keep him there against his will.

    23. Lil Jit

    24. bob

      ninja comes across so enormously dumb.

    25. bob

      xqc creeps me out.

    26. Bruh Status


    27. TheBigIron

      I’ve always thought that Chet dude was creepy, he just gives off that vibe.

    28. banana

      bro who would fall for that

    29. richu

      Bro ninja is funny

    30. Nikola Dragas

      This was meant to be edp445 4+4+5=13

    31. JD YT

      foreigners wearing bikini's cultured filipino: bruh whats the difference of underwear and bikinis why arent girls here in the Philippines wear bikinis ugh so unfair LMAO XD

    32. YunGWarlS IV

      Funny thing is they aren't even in "hot tubes" it's blow upable kitty pools

    33. Devin Richards

      #AMC100k #SaveAMC

    34. joveezy19

      Daquan Wiltshire, shouted you out in one of his vids! so here is a SUB!!!

    35. VizmaL

      call him by his real name. hes not a youtuber no more dawg

    36. Ethan Daily

      “Would they have arrested you, yes or no?” *”CORRECT”*

    37. NTR0_Scythe

      Ninja thiccc

    38. Octopus Guy

      4:05 my mom 4:06 my mom

    39. NoWordsCanExplain

      Well none of us really like edp anymore but we will most definitely miss him and that humor

    40. Mastrepcy

      man i wonder if edp has dropped the soap yet

    41. Lucid Odin

      Fucking ninja LMAOOO

    42. Yen Ha

      Why is ninja so caked 😳

    43. bouytt guyt

      "if the cops were here and they saw these messages would they have arrested you yes or no" "correct" (6:36)

    44. Ryan LastName

      He just wanted a cupcake

    45. Nick Sacco

      If Chet Goldstein truly wanted to punish EDP, he would’ve handed the evidence over to the police first. Instead, they handled the situation incredibly poorly and unprofessionally, especially from the guy with black hair

    46. EDP A PEDO


      1. bouytt guyt

        Bruh words are the reason edp going to jail

    47. gabe itch

      He had

    48. Leolauselaus

      wtf, he says " you have millions of followers how can you be lonely" there are people with more followers than him who have killed themselves over this. I am not trying to defend edp but this argument was stupid .

    49. FastAdventure Gamer

      Ninja clip cracked me up

    50. Quinn H

      Whenever people say words are just words, I say "Words have meaning."

    51. Demarcus Q

      Ninjas reaction was it 🤣

    52. Demarcus Q

      I heard the white guy with the beard used to “prank call” BLM hotlines calling them “Ni**grs” so let’s not give the guy the hero cape just yet

    53. Stretch Nj24

      Damn bro... He's a birds fan too... Makes us look bad... P.s. His ass isn't climbing thru shit!

    54. shark boot

      im still gonna respect edp

    55. Luke Allen

      Free my man EDP445 he didn’t do nothing

    56. John P.

      Cant blame any of that shit on a "sick sense of humor"

    57. Alex Arias

      That bit with Ninja doing as a hot tub girl reminds me so much to Sodapoppin lmao

    58. Lil Ms

      Atleast edp drives slow in school zones gotta find the positives


      ninja loki got cake

    60. Rylan Downey

      Bruh words are the reason edp going to jail

    61. Ygbot17

      Lmao ninja actually being funny

    62. David Mullins

      I'm in no way defending Edp he is a disgusting person but James Charles should also be banned off of IRflow and other social media he is a creep also

    63. vToxic Spider

      Hold up Ninja got a fatty 😳

    64. The Trigger


    65. Lucas

      5:37 .

    66. Mike

      2:43 this girl doesn’t know about post nut clarity😂

    67. Phoenix

      EDP never shoulda opened his mouth. They aren’t the cops the have no jurisdiction. Shoulda called for a lawyer.

    68. Isaac MaTTz

      I’ll ghost a girl if I find out she can’t buy her own drink. 13??? 🤦🏼‍♂️ can’t imagine

    69. X0

      Bro used to be so funny why edp why

    70. Jerreh Yes

      W he’s back

    71. richard mitchell

      i am sorry but anyone that gets unset by WORDS needs to not have a phone/internet....action is what you need to look out for....when i was a kid someone in school said they was going to beat your ass you didnt care much....till they showed up on time then you acted like a little bitch lol

    72. Aalif Zubair

      Through a window? Homie couldn't go through a garage door.

    73. TBM Sea

      This guy sounds like a boy version of Dixie at times

    74. VeryRare

      I'm i the only person that thinks this guy sound like kermit the frog

    75. bruh the Apex god

      But she's not thirteen

      1. NovazThePublic

        Then how old is she

    76. Michael Marin

      Ninja recreated a legendary video

    77. DuketheMyth

      Exposed but not charged. Predator poachers screwed up any chance of a conviction. They just want views.

    78. Thomas Cohnen

      If you go "Holier than thou" you better not tripping.

    79. Toca389

      The EDP video would’ve never been uploaded if it didn’t get ad revenue. They literally said that. Keep it in mind

    80. Borbz

      Kyle is literally getting arrested for doing his job

    81. Logan MacDonald

      Why is Kyle on here lmao that shit happens all the time for him

    82. FL_ TriPeZz

      Bruh I just watched that nelk mall security video

    83. noemane mouaky


    84. Agustine Rodriguez

      Eat that meow 445 just wanted a chocolate cupcake 🧁

    85. Jesse Hurtado Trujillo

      who is even thie white dude

    86. Red Solo

      Now that chets also being exposed you should do a video on him

    87. money mitch

      free the homie EDP out the pin🦍

    88. alexanderthegreat1999

      Being racist is cool

      1. Jacob Hopkins


    89. Bruized

      feel sorry for edp man

    90. Klemenix

      Dude haven't watched ninja since well ever... but he is funny as shit

    91. Xman

      Damn racist pedos going after scared pedos. Can't believe most people these days

    92. Nini Revelado

      Damn dude all these internet celebrities always have a really fucked up side on them

    93. Myhandsspeak

      Decoy cute doe

    94. Myhandsspeak

      Did you change your IRflow name

    95. Stevie_

      Wth scarce OMG it’s been years haven’t watched you since bo2 you look good man

    96. I smell Autism Butt

      Cant spell pedo without edp

    97. ღ

      he reenacted his old meme lmao

    98. BakedBanana


    99. Cameron G

      Ninja is stupid 😂😂

    100. Jay D’shawn

      edp funny asf but i mean “you get what you ask for”.