Ninja is MAD... Tfue Ex Girlfriend EXPOSED? Logan Paul, Tana Mongeau


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    1. Rosemary Monyhan

      Its just a game

    2. Ricky Oinam

      For competitive gamers it's great but for us losers nah 😂😂😂

    3. Ian Shone

      Ninja: its just a game also Ninja: *smashes his keyboard and throws his headset and trash talks and reports the person who killed him in fortnite for stream sniping

    4. _Carlos _A_

      Ninja compares playing a video game to training and practicing a sport that requires sacrifice and pain...yeah you can practice your little fingers on a controller but you xp these athletes lose money and self confidence and if you lose that to a video game at any age above like 16 or 18 that's a boo boo on your part

    5. S1icks

      What does this nigga Jake not understand about the goddamn pandemic?

    6. Six

      Nope way to far for me in my opinion

    7. Bambamgamer 24

      Ninja is a complete jackass

    8. DiorCio -2k

      Gaming and sports are two different types of things, esports are not as serious as sports

    9. Faze Khedira

      Its just a game. Why do you have to be mad

    10. Aaron

      That why I stopped watching Ninja

    11. w4vy killzz


    12. nRexu

      Ninja wants us to set our laptop on fire every time we lose, ok

    13. Cancer Incarnated

      "I was 300 pounds man"

    14. Alphabetical civic soup sauce Ching chong bing bong

      It’s get that ninjas trying to say get better, but there’s no need to get better, it’s for fun, that’s what games are for, sports or esports, it’s for fun and entertainment, not for improving eternally.

    15. spider in a suit

      Ninja’s should have thought twice now pretty sure there’s at least 100k more holes in a wall or at least a few grandmas knocked out cold

    16. Antwan Chitty

      i try to win and have fun but sometimes i just like to have fun but i deal with the same thing scarce

    17. Reese Callahan

      I actually remind myself that it is a game, I want to get into the casual mindset when I play games... it makes games more fun when I am not focused on winning.

    18. A

      Everybody is different and has their own ways of dealing with things, make yo money ninja these broke boys complaining wishing they were you.

    19. FatmanJonesTV

      Keem soundin salty af

    20. Jacob Salvador

      Well i guess I'm lazy because It just a Game

    21. cash king

      Ninja thinks when people say its just a game is a horrible being and he compares himself to labron james all ninja does is type buttons but labron james littersly is playing outside with sweat and ninja thinks that gaming is on the same level as playing outside eith sweat and hard work

    22. Aidan Moran

      Ok we get it ninja your mad because you lost in war zone it’s just a game

    23. Swamp3dd

      Ninja is spewing shit, I’m genuinely angry because that is a horrible role model for kids. When you lose you should be happy, a loss is much better than a win. You never learn from winning but you always learn from a loss. It is just a game bro, so is basketball and football. I spend 6 days a week in the gym training the sports I play and when I lose I’m excited because it means I’ve found something to work on.

    24. dawsyn

      Bro when I’m playing gears of war on insane and I get hella pissed on a part I can’t get pass and my brother/parents tell me to take a break I’m like nope Im playing this till I fuckin pass it I ain’t gonna quit 😂

    25. Thunder Cookie

      People that hate ninja for that tweet are the same people that love having participation trophies.

    26. Fast Jab

      In my opinion i think losing is good experience and thinking "its just a game" in my opinion is looking at loss positively

    27. OogaBooga VEVO

      Lebron James earns more money for winning.

    28. C DuffGardner

      Im with ohm

    29. TheCornyBeast

      It’s just a game

    30. Brayden Jefferson

      i mean what if you work a blue collar job and wanna come home and play a game and not take it serious, dosent make you lazy.

    31. The carolina panther boys

      I may be lazy but I have been told I'm quite nice

    32. that one dandelion

      i feel like saying "its just a game" it matter what position your in. if your competitive, using it to make your life such as yourself, lebron and such, its not just a game, its your life. you getting mad over someone who doesnt play like that is stupid, because we arent facing our lives on it such as people like them do

    33. epicDrez

      Imagine you’re in top 5 pubg and ur teammate suddenly trolls and said it’s just a game ;)

    34. Wat3r

      I totally agree with Ninja to some extent. As he is a competitive gamer then he should be angered at least a bit from losing. Saying that something Is just a game downplays the meaning of competitiveness and everything that comes with the "Sport". Obviously, people are going to hate on Ninja by blowing what he said way out of proportion. Of course, there is an extent to how you react to losing, I personally don't believe you should react dramatically, rather you should be able to control your emotions and use it as motivation in the next competition.

    35. NimbusGG

      Who got this recommended rn

    36. Blaise Giles

      I just committed a homocide lol my mom sed it’s just a game u all just don’t under stand the gamer life

    37. Seamus O'L

      There's a reason why ninja is on top and the large majority aren't.... raging isn't good, but anger is an emotion that can be just as healthy as any other. At the end of the day, winners want to win, and losers don't.

    38. Shine

      Ayyyee Ohmwrecker

    39. FeAR NoVA

      People are takeing ninj out of context and making fun of the shit he says is sad because its true

    40. The OK Kid

      It’s literally a yu gio clip that he quoted wtf is everyone on about

    41. GoldenDexxis

      Welll it is a fucking game NinjaGrumpy

    42. 3bz

      Winning is fun scarce this is why I dismantle everyone in 2k winners mentality lol

    43. TX camaro

      Ninja is gay lol

    44. zahfarii

      *chill bro it's just a game*

    45. Devil

      3:18 Yes ofc Ninja is completely in the right, For one when you lose and say “It’s just a game” that means your settling to failure, and that’s completely stupid. And if you get mad when you lose in anything to video games to a football game -etc, it means you strive to win, so Ninja made a huge point, and him comparing it to a sports game was even more understanding.

    46. Doyel Bibiano

      Ninja really compared a fortnite game to the NBA

    47. Btomaek

      90% of people who play games are casual player not filth causal that is a different part of the community

    48. Gabriel Hies

      Ninjas lazy he is inside all day

    49. nexty

      Bruh it’s just a video game that takes your money

    50. n nn

      Ninja it's talking about work but thing get blurred as he's a different kind of worker, also its blurred on his side by generalizing the mindset of everyone, at any given moment, bc they are outside of work having fun...

    51. Kevin Hudson

      Ksinwould kill jake lmao

    52. Xavier Hernandez

      I agree it's just a game however it's how he makes his income so people should back off. Its different for everyone.

    53. LeoD Caribbean

      ninja is a fucking moron,he needs to get punch in the face

    54. spiderbelll

      The phrase it's just a game isn't used by lazy people its use by chill people just trying too have fun and anyone that says that need to take a chill pill or anger management classes

    55. Liam Dowling

      Hate keemstar but when he is right, I’ll be the first to say it.

    56. Liam Dowling

      She’s a gold digger

    57. Sebastian Snyman

      Bro it's just a game

    58. Nathaniel Deelchand

      It’s just a game

    59. Owen Cahill

      Chill bro it’s just a game

    60. DucK

      "Its about pride"... ok vegeta

    61. Guido Riquelme

      Ninja is a dumb human

    62. Poppy W

      No, it wasn’t a voice over, it’s a quote from yogioh

    63. Tyler Gordon

      Except athletes day constantly that it’s just a game

    64. apxbwo

      3:15 yo ninja calm down bro, its just a game for little kids

    65. Swoop Parallel

      youre sitting in your room for hours playing video games, and im the lazy one?? right, its just a game. fuckin wierdo.

    66. T3K

      Ninja has that contract he just says anything now LMAO I rage but even I can realize that it's just a game after the heat dies down

    67. Fastfirefox1

      Ninja talks about pride when he plays Fortnight.

    68. Peacereaper1

      "Its the competitive nature BRO"

    69. Michael Scotto

      Ninja: plays games for 10 hours Dad that works hard: kid it just a game The dad is apparently lazy

    70. Aidan Holcomb


    71. Nos Nmad

      Wasn’t just clout she sucked

    72. I Am Racc

      i hate keem but hes right

    73. Thursday

      Keemstar worry about your kids you old piece of shit

    74. G1Notorious

      This drama is over but uh, ninja does have a point ://

    75. JC123 _

      Ninja is a dumbass

    76. I Play Game's ಠ_ಠ

      "Why you mad? Its only a game."

    77. Kyoqt

      Well it is just a game tho 😂

    78. Exceed

      “It’s only-it’s only game. Why you heft to be med?”

      1. Exceed

        Medul10Alpha Why you bully me?

      2. Medul10Alpha

        Why are u bullying me

    79. Stupid vibes

      f*** ninja

    80. Alex Vechivtch

      Games can be fun tho? It's just a game, why you have be to the be the mad?

    81. GHOST 0577

      It's just a game

    82. Krispy

      Is this SO you guys are fussing it’s just a game

    83. ColdsSweaty

      you see not everyone can spend alot of time on a game and everyone dont try to play competitive gaming most of us chill with friends and play and have fun and it is "Just A Game".

    84. IronsightErik

      “Losing leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” ~ gamer yoda

    85. Trotrex

      It's just a game

    86. funnybone animates

      its just a game, bro

    87. Sean Mangan

      It shouldn’t even matter to ninja. He’s getting paid either way so who gives a shit if he loses lol. In no faction what he does nearly close to what lebron James and Tom Brady go through. Losing a game of fortnight playing on a random day for a bunch of kids is nothing like having to work ur ass off everyday to play professional sports. Oh and btw anyone who calls video games a sport should honestly just kill themselves because ur so lost at that point

    88. ImKs_Stamina_

      Ninja is a man child

    89. William Kline

      It’s just a game

    90. Dylan xQ2

      Its just a game what a mongoloid

    91. teecee

      scarce after losing his amateur debut boxing fight, iTz jUsT A GaMe BruH

    92. Zumpt

      Holy shit I'm agreeing with Keemstar someone help

    93. Luis Figueroa

      its only game....why u hev to be mad

    94. christopher omubo

      I get why he calls her a gold digger she just got with tfue got clout and dipped and now I get why females get so much shit and it is because people like her just fuck their way to the to completely undermineing other girls hard work and shows them if they want to get to the top just date someone who is already their

    95. Jay

      Ninja is 100% correct. The moment you lose feeling, you have accepted where you are and don’t wanna improve. Your content.

    96. Josh nyman

      Holy fuck I actually agree with keemstars maggot ass

    97. Josh nyman

      Im so Fucking sick of ninja and his bullshit mindless adolescent spouting

    98. Reza Jalaly

      It’s just a game

    99. Clipz4Shrekッ

      i agree with keemstar

    100. Jay Harburn

      Ninja out here clowing for the clout after he fell off :\