DrDisrespect Comes Back... Pokimane Exposed, Jake Paul, Stokes Twins, Tana Mongeau


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    1. im fat

      And just a couple of months later a pig person playing a block game went up to 800k

    2. Artitross

      12:39 looks like a air gun

    3. Treasonn

      If every one of the 300k+ viewers got the $5 membership, the doc would have at least gotten $1.5 million from that stream alone

    4. MasterCrazyKnightz

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I Knew China Gonna get Consequences For Having a Virus in a lab in China and it got out Even Worse This virus can only be a weapon this virus clearly Not Even normal virus as in the past 100 years A Virus has effected us Like this SOOO DAMN i understand the gaming Issues with this and alot of THem are popular Buut This virus has To have long Consequences For china and alot of gaming companies are Obsessed with China Which is why We Been Getting microtransaction MESSSES Over THe Past 8 years possibly longer its about Time For Companies to forget China and Focus on domestic Audiences

    5. Onikazu

      I can’t believe reptiles is a banned word in pokemane discord

    6. slay

      Let’s just ignore how Carson said “dude” at the end of the tweet

    7. PLAYER 2

      Can you use a VPN

    8. FrenchyJr

      Poki banned the word diesal and diesal patches lmao

    9. oubrey


    10. waavyjones

      This is all the most simp shit I’ve ever seen. Kids nowadays

    11. James Candle

      dont blame the girl for taking a break, being in the spotlight probably can feel like a million headlights all over you and whatever you do is fire...and no im not a simp never will give money to this chick or any chick but i find this shit and drama entertaining. tho im not a freak like a lot of people out there tho would never message hate to anyone

    12. Only Everyone

      Do you guys feel powerful when you attack Pokemons fans of being simps??

    13. Kids See Ghosts

      4:19 simps

    14. Apple Dust


    15. Jenya Sergeevich

      Simps are her income. She is already a millionaire. But i believe she is really pissed right now. Imagine how much income she lost? But it's not only pokimane, twitch is full of boobs girls content(just some pretty girl watching lsf). They are only few girl-streamers that are providing interesting content, not just watching lsf like JinnyTTy, Hachubby, etc. They are also sponsored by SIMPS(people that think for some reason that could become streamers' possible future boyfriend), but at least they are doing some various content. The whole Pokimane content is just wearing a makeup and watching videos and shit talking.

    16. 13_I Putu Bayu

      I honestly don't care if pokimane get boyfriend or not but I don't get it why internet went crazy for it.

    17. Smokey's Video Hole

      surprised you saved jake for last considering how much this channel has their nose embedded in his ass

    18. BombShot

      Bro like this entire poki bs is actually stupid, who the hell cares, I know plenty of female streamers don't like talking about their dating life, because they feel like people they date will get harassed. They day people stopped critisizing her response to her contraversies and started getting mad she didn't want to share details about her personal life was the day this anti-poki thing lost all credibility in my eyes.

    19. SHMOUSEY86

      Pokimane needs to take the month off to learn what the word content means

    20. boofnut 08

      He did make about 100k

    21. Shadow Mills

      A president cannot ban something or create a law without sending it through a whole system and then agreeing

    22. Ryan Lewis

      Why is rod breslau’s tweets referred to in every video? Anyone else notice that?

    23. Kubra Prime

      Tencent just acquired (or is in the process of acquiring) Warframe/Digital Extremes. 😔 *sigh

    24. chkns

      *”Covid 19 is a hoax. I can’t see it so it doesn’t exist.”* -Probably Jake Paul

    25. Name

      Blizzard makes call of duty games I believe

    26. mysticCabinboy

      Im curious in who they ended up accidentally jailing over that prank.

    27. Octavian Masuci

      What's up guys Scarce here.

    28. ㅤㅤ

      Corona virus is excellent in helping to reduce morons. If every single "influencer" got C19 and kicked the bucket I wouldn't shed a tear, in fact I'd probably throw up from laughing so much.

    29. Bloodhunter • 69 years ago

      Doc never dies he will allways come back

    30. fezzymayne

      I know pokimane boyfriend. It Craig, the brute.

    31. Rocket

      Remember when scarce was going with slashes story. Lol.

    32. TDOT 4LIFE

      Listen, anyone doing business with the Chinese government should be banned for the safety of our country... I understand your to uneducated to realize that. The Chinese government is a communist regime that deserves what they get. Stop doing business with China e sports or you will be affected. Common sense

    33. kuiki

      exfuckingcuse me, this isnt the old youtube experience

    34. Prince Hazz

      pokimane used her reputation to copystrike many channels shes getting what she did to others if i owned youtube i wouldnt have banned her instead i would pay people to write those banned words on her stream

    35. Blaiselion

      So people can make bank heist movies but not prank videos. Society is lame

    36. Alex Pilotin


    37. Sad_Pengu

      So apparently we can’t spend OUR money the way we want in games. Great fucking job Trump

    38. Writx12

      Its currently 04:34am and I've got to wake up at 07:45am for school Help me

    39. Grnwo

      Discord banned vids 😳 irflow.info/award/l9qpgsxizLaImrc/fy-lm-h-y.html irflow.info/award/mpaogNWHq7hwmdE/fy-lm-h-y.html irflow.info/award/39PXm6-Kl9SKsZY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    40. Colby R

      A break since high school? LOL

    41. Whiterun Guard

      People that get mad over The bans from trump don’t understand that China gains their power by using these companies and slowly taking over the economy

    42. Troll Father

      Imagine if one of the youtube links was a rick roll

    43. Ĕñvý *

      I love how "play pokimanen fart compilation 4k HDR Dolby Didgita" is banned

    44. Peter

      Ten cents are data farmers and have spyware in epic games stuff, how do you think epic games can offer lower prices on game

    45. Keanu Reeves

      Her fans went from simp to incel in almost 1 day

    46. ismahan Kosar

      Omg god he got so skinny simp

    47. Flamliz


    48. Slim Shady

      As a gamer myself, I never knew I would say this but, Trump may accidentally helped Gaming scene tremendously -IRflow has been not recommending Games asides from kids game, majority of it Fortnut, stupid click bait, unbearable youtubers playing fortnut - Riot Games, LOL and Valorant (Great games, but the skin is overpriced) just mine salt instead -Activision Blizzard, the Company that defended China to trampled Hongkong Freedom, Hello? Democracy people? -Epic Games cancerous business practices against Steam I support this.....

      1. bilinas mini

        why do you guys all talk like that, acting to fit in...... its fuckin strange brother..

    49. Xman

      So the twins make a video in October 2019 yet no one said they went to far till August 2020 after they get into the news about a felony...fake people

      1. Xman

        @bilinas mini Oo

      2. bilinas mini


    50. Toby

      "I cant believe people are people are calling me out for being a horrible person. I'm soooooo burnt out"

      1. Toby

        @Jayden Crews I'm talking about how her content consists of eating and making weird faces on a stream. Her losing subs after rumors of a boyfriend just goes to show the kind toxic fanbase she has. She relys on idiots subbing to her thinking they have a chance w her. She also blames all her problem on the fact the whole world is sexist. Sounds like a great person to me.

      2. Jayden Crews

        Lol cuz not being vocal abt a personal relationship makes you horrible, get a life nerd and stop clowning down here in the comments, I swear they breed even dumber dumbasses down here in the comments

    51. MugenSora

      So the duck face girl goes afk cuz now she won't be getting viewers(dumbass simps) while eating noodles.. damnn so sad bruh.

    52. Mi Nam

      I know I shouldn't say this but I'm just going to say it if Trump is going after game companies for no apparent reason you deserve to get Beatdown inch of his life I don't see how Kim and company has to deal with politicians so I'm just going to say it and say it here leave every game industry out of this am I getting in the middle of work drama because of you being the worst president of the United States I personally I don't care if Tik Tok is an Asian company I I don't care they can be run by any country just leave every gaming industry out of your politician bulshit

    53. Jfrow

      5:15 "Play Pokimane fart compilation" Wtf...

    54. KelvinShiFTZ

      *Has a bf banned*

    55. isaksays

      I guess ”it’s jail everyday bro”.

    56. TheDrew

      i had to wait 7 minutes for actual important news, who the fuck cares if pokimane has a boyfriend? The Trump news is what's interesting

    57. Code Sub2Orb

      “Guys My Bones Are Getting Squishy!“

    58. Lil Advil

      Leafy made a video and then everyone made a video with in the title

    59. bilinas mini

      How is it that Jake Paul can avoid taxes but can’t avoid making stupid decisions

    60. awawawa

      "She has a boyfriend, so I am downgrading / unsubbing". With common sense, what makes a person think she wouldn't have one, if that said person thinks she is a simp worthy girl, and what makes a person think that a nobody like them, occasionally dropping a few bucks for her, would get her attention, among the thousands of other simps?

    61. AngelRose

      Tana mongeau and I believe Jack Paul also did a party as well should both be charged with reckless endangerment because for the people who got sick they can die... As for pokimane I'm sure that's why she is taking a month break. I find it interesting that she takes a break as she is kissing followers

      1. bilinas mini

        bro do you ever end a sentence

    62. Creativian

      At first I thought you were just a meme but you're actually a really good news channel, keep up the good work.

    63. Aige


    64. bryan hernandez

      why do you guys all talk like that, acting to fit in...... its fuckin strange brother..

    65. Sajjad Ali

      lambo fiablo

    66. Sajjad Ali

      dr disrespects song is good

    67. peter sjölund

      that order is only about tictoc nothing els

    68. Michael Anthony Pagsibigan

      Tencent could go to hell tbh... since their gaming industry monopoly, price gauging of several games have become too much.

    69. Solid Milk

      poki: has life outside of streaming simps: " *my tier 3 forbids this* "

    70. KEKW

      pokimane block the 'fart compilation' but not her ass compilations how sketchy is that? she really wants people to look at her ass so much lmao

    71. Hazda

      "And I'll see you later, pee"

    72. Bon Jame

      This video was hype until you started to bring league into this

    73. Lost?

      I'll see u at the gulag Jake paul lol

    74. BlancTheGamer

      Dr Disrespect be singing like the weeknd💀

    75. Wilt

      The riot games and such has been confirmed that it is safe, and will not be affected by the executive order.

    76. desperlol

      bro do you ever end a sentence

    77. DankArgonaut

      Daaam leafy took a shot and it hit. Oof.

    78. Nobody

      Ngl lucky boyfriend, i hope that guy taps dat ass real good.

    79. scazian08

      when u copy drama alert

    80. Kayden Vortex

      Carson Simpin for Poki oh no. Poor katarina

    81. lillie silverman

      Luckily the shade I thrown at pokimanie in the comments section in one scarce videos didn't catch on or my name would be banned on a nothing server. Leafy wasn't as lucky.

    82. Photon Wolfsky

      So having a boyfriend is what counts as being exposed nowadays? I hate these communities so much...

    83. Steak Dressing

      Bro diesel patches is megaaa epicccc

    84. Adrian Simmons

      Bruh I hate videos like this. Literally the 1st 4mins is literally him saying that Dr. Disrespect coming back and then showing all these confirmations and then still saying "he will be back tomorrow" like 20times. God damn money grabbers boy. We get it. Stop stalling the video by repeatedly saying the same things over and over just worded different.

      1. ULTRA OOF

        lmao you're the one that sat there for 4 minutes watching it when you could have just skipped it lmfao.

    85. Steak Dressing

      Bro docs song kinda bops

    86. Nicholas Paul

      dr disrespect songs kinda slap not even gonna lie

    87. Mushi Berry

      Maybe he is gonna make a news channel

    88. sergeantbigmac

      Does anyone have an accurate estimate to how much Pokimane has made in her time as a streamer? Well the exact # doesnt matter, in any case its FAR more than from a 'regular job' an 18 year old right out of high school could have secured... All im saying is I hope shes been careful with money and invested and saved as much as she can because ive seen it so many times before; internet 'careers' are fleeting. So many peoples legs have been cut out from under them before they even realized they tripped up.

      1. stank

        Her net worth is $3 million

      2. imnotmexican1987

        There was a video a couple weeks ago where someone interviewed her in regards to how she manages her job and paying editors and agents, etc. She said she is very careful with her money and has saved enough to basically retire for most of her life is she wanted. Poki is a lot of things, but she's pretty smart in regards to business and money management apparently

    89. jovers

      Pokimane be like "Oh man, stealing other people's content while eating fuckin' potato chips while getting thousands of dollars from people who want to have s*x with me is so stressful."

    90. Captain Zest

      Why has no one talked about the mini ladd like literally no one

    91. Josh Vanderpool

      broooooo whoever the influencer is whos complaining about tana mojo corona party getting them sick is scum lol how you going to decide to attend a PARTY at a house knowing you could get sick from being around people with a mask then "expose/complain" on social media, thats lame as hell

    92. Josh Vanderpool

      lmao she banned the word simppp lololol

    93. Nicolas Guerra

      Damn bro all those tier 3 simps got pissed because poki has a life and won’t read their $4,000 donations

    94. Charles Gabriel Cabahug

      Wow Scarce this is the first time I've watched you in a long time but man you really slimmed down huh?

      1. Charles Gabriel Cabahug

        @stank Good for him lol. My mental image of him I still his reveal if walking out of the woods.

      2. stank

        since the fight he been lookin like that

    95. Johnsxn

      Why do people make a big thing about taking a break from content creating I'd be like I'm off ill be back when Im back good luck 🤟😂

    96. caretaker cat

      Scarce : dr disrespect got banned but because of the severity of the case, i choose to not reveal the reason for ban Also scarce : dr disrespect got banned and WE don't know why he got banned... Can i hear that again "..and WE don't know why he got banned" Google.. Define "We" We : subject used to refer the group that include the speaker and at least one other listener or not.. So scarce are you KNOW or NOT KNOW the reason for the ban..

      1. Big Green

        @caretaker cat I honestly haven´t seen anyone have worse english than you in quite some time...

      2. caretaker cat

        Guys.. Guys.. Before you commenting A moment ago, I received an E-mail by Scarce but because of the nature and how private the E-mail is.. I choose to not say/ expose the content of the E-mail is..

    97. D Donawan

      Mad how Scarce hasn’t posted in 4days

    98. Star

      I love how Keemstar harasses Pokimane and attacks her because of her banned words on discord meanwhile he blocks HUNDREDS of people every day

      1. nman551

        He is a petty child

      2. _-Oh Yeah Yeah-_

        keem living rent free

      3. 1k


    99. Grey Specter

      Games are not affected and they have even said so, research a bit more thanks.

    100. Thanh Phong Đặng

      The real reason he got banned: irflow.info/award/vqyvgKiBqLeR15Y/fy-lm-h-y.html