YouTuber Gets Cancelled... Jeffree Star, Pokimane, David Dobrik, H3H3, Billy Mitchell, FaZe Adapt


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    1. Jack Silcock

      Think God Trump Is Not Longer President Of United States

    2. Alrighty then

      Everyone is getting cancelled

    3. BlazeOfficial

      I can't with life anymore.. WhEn will I leave. :sobs:

    4. Jack Silcock

      Remember When Keemstar Had A Feud With TeaSpill

    5. Da Wae

      why did trump even get elected

    6. hanji_emo

      Carl is everywhere on Twitter 🤣🤣

    7. If your reading this hi And also have a nice day.

      Jeff did blackface so ya you can’t take that back he should just be canceled

    8. If your reading this hi And also have a nice day.

      Bill didn’t cheat bc you can’t hack it bc they have white hackers to patch up holes

    9. If your reading this hi And also have a nice day.

      Bruh why the f*** dose poki act like saying not do something that she has done is gonna keep her off the hit list

    10. Waike_

      God so many people use stuff from 10+ years ago, people are so sensitive and can’t let things go lmao Since back then everything was a joke nowadays everyone is like OMG SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING RACIST 12 YEARS AGO CANCEL THEM

    11. Abe Tuna

      yo, get to the're babbling about a lot of nonsense and skip the title of your video. GET TO THE JUICE...

    12. Patrick Fitzsimmons

      Whatever Karen

    13. Haitem Nacer

      I support pokimane

    14. ScIoNix Xx

      If you aren’t a citizen then you aren’t a citizen. There are tons of people who can’t get in this country because of the DACA program and you are no more special than any of them. Also if we were to just completely allow any person to come and live in this country from all over the world, without any sort of legal process..then our economy would completely crumble.

    15. VybzCon


    16. VybzCon


    17. VybzCon


    18. ZomBiE_TraSh

      friends of jeffree star always say the same thing, "hes been nice to ME, hes hasnt said the n word in front of ME, hes always supported ME." if you support this disgusting person then youre just as shitty as he is.

    19. DKsaNn Kat

      Boooo pokimane 👎


      pokimane should be like pewdiepie. take the hate and rise up

    21. Dozer05 Gaming and more

      Belle Delphine be like: *bruh moment intensifies*

    22. AR544

      Where do u get all this info...

    23. Mayo

      Fed is leaving OTC 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    24. crkTyphoon

      The question is, why would they want to remain in the US under Trump and his ideocracy.

    25. siiberianian isn't dead

      Essentially the entire internet is against YT and Jeffree Star

    26. Edgar Alex

      Too the Poki drama dude over here stealing content and talking shit and people still want her to apologize ?? Y’all are stupid and need help I would understand if she was attacking a random person for no reason I would of done the same to the kid his whole channel revolves around others content tf

    27. Nobody

      There more i watch therese videos the more i realize what a giant cesspool youtube/twitch has become. Everybody just seems to know exactly why someone else does, or doesn't. Ridiculous.

    28. Mozzarella Sticks

      It's not criticism It's just facts

    29. DestinysChild

      Pokimane: "i dont condone going after someone or their sponsors but..." continues to go after him and sponsors

    30. Sliver02 (Sliver02)

      see all this cancel culture little censure vicotories one after another, in multiple videos, is priceless. I hope the worst that some preachs come, just to see the faces of who is saying that all this fkn callin out shit for everything that a person ever said, and the dumb idea of presumtion of victimacy, it's ok. This repressive actions maskereted like a battle for real world problems, not only faltten them like a rock crusher, but gives opportunity to the extrimists -of wichever side- to grow their lines and fuck over the other side. I hope this big turd hit the fan, so maybe some real life will reach their stupid brains. We learned nothing from history.

    31. Oscar Cantor

      im about to apply that ad to this video real quik 😈 ahahaha yeah boi

    32. Oni-ONEs

      Wasn't there a movie where Billy was known to be a cheater? Or at least some likeness to him

    33. ListonGoff

      Pokiman dished out criticism then got attacked and then got attacked again for not taking criticism

    34. Alvin Septiano

      no not 3klisphilip nooooo

    35. Ciclo Torneos

      Lipstick Nazis is EXACTLY what the beauty community should be called. Jefree shouldn't apologice for that, those modafucking carnivorous monsters dont deserve any apologies.

    36. Dwayne The Rock Johnson

      0:59 why does his face look like it's social distancing with his hair

    37. Dogge

      H3H3 is trash. He used to be cool, but he got some fame and went off the deep end.

    38. Gorkdork

      Not a fan of Pokimane, but honestly.. She said she wouldn't associate with company that sponsors that kind of content. That is hardly attacking sponsors considering there are people out there that will create drama specifically for someone to lose a sponsor. And She didn't cast the first stone. Using fake twits to create drama and smear someone, even if for jokes, is irresponsible at best. People on internet are lazy and dump, they won't double check the sources and will take these fake twits at face value. Get your shit together people..

    39. Benny Beluga

      Who else freaked out when he said Chris WAS going to be a father

      1. CannotFind CreativeName

        Yess. I was waiting for something sad to follow but it was just wholesome

    40. LT. Simon Riley

      I know that Carl guy on Twitter, such a good dude

    41. Wadu Hacker

      He is like daily dose of internet but is called daily dose of social media

    42. Crishnan Replentes

      Society huh?

    43. galaxy unicorn (derpy apple)

      Ugh your vids are so click baity disgusting ..... putting big names in the title try to be more original dude .... instead of talking about other ppl ugh.... idk why u keep popping up in my reccomend ..

    44. Eb1GD

      Honestly the term should be “Simpfony”

    45. Peace Walker

      I don’t like Poki, but to the people responding to her on twitter: Who are you? Lmao.

      1. Harvy Lumbres

        People who have the nuts to get attacked by simps just to teach poki a lesson?

    46. Saia Zote

      So guinness disqualified him because some ppl were concerned that he cheated until they confirm the cheating!!

    47. Darkside780

      Gundam was right. Poki is trash. Wow. A female. Woah. A female. Wooooow. Such a huge deal! Suuuuuuch a massive deal! Wooooooaaaah! Hahaha. Oh man. Pathetic. Men on the need to really stop being so pathetic.

    48. CA Shark Hunters

      Damn I really with dobrik got deported

      1. Stingey Cat

        How come?

    49. EDGE GILID

      People as soooo sensitive nowadays haha

    50. belal “e5tube” mohammed

      Shouldn’t be any debate, huh! That’s a healthy mindset


      Forgive me, maybe I’m missing something here but why do people think pokimane is attractive? She’s super average looking. Makeup can even make men look beautiful if you catch my drift? She’s not cute in the face. That’s the power of makeup. For those of you who live in populated areas, on any given day, you walk past women who are much better looking who you might even have a chance with and don’t have her ego. Stop idolizing streamers/IRflowrs. It’s cool to like them but come on people...

    52. GraveSky

      Next they gonna cancel you from what your ancestors did in the past..

    53. Infernyl

      Who gives a shit about Pac-Man world record...

    54. A M

      Lol so faze is just a bunch of drug addicts now dude was sleeping in his car? Or did he nod off from drugs

    55. The Asian Kid

      Oh please pokimane can’t be canceled by anyone. She has to many simps on her side.

    56. Dark Mega

      Pokimane keeps doing crap like this weekly yet everybody forgives her everytime, yet some people who arent even responsible for some things yet they are blamed and hated.

    57. Hunter _

      Ive never watched anything Jeffree has posted but you guys are cancer if you just want to cancel someone's product from that. Just don't buy it if you don't like it smh

    58. Robot_J

      Pokis braincells tho anyways she should act her age

    59. Christopher Daraban

      Man yall remember when youtube was a small videosharing platform that had no politics or lawsuits?

    60. TheGamingGeek

      Belle IS dumb

    61. TheGamingGeek

      Hey what’s up guys it’s daddy scarce here!

    62. Weebishraidsh

      Why is pokimaine getting mad for being called thot she also said before on otv that calling her thot meant nothing to her

    63. J. S.

      Lipstick nazi? THAT'S what people are mad about?? Literally nothing else??? Out of everything Joffree Starbucks has done that's what people chose to criticize? Ok then..

    64. Andy Saghbini

      I hope pokimane gets canceled. Her fans? She meant her simps. Once she reveals she has a boyfriend everyone will unsubscribe/unfollow. Exept the next level simps

    65. Aar0nLam

      "Your website is so ass it won't even load" fuckn had me laughing

    66. Shaid Xr


    67. BravoEchoVictor

      White youtubes, Demonotised, posts on twitter complaining asking why, black youtubers, demonitised, sues youtube for racism ???

    68. Prototyping

      Isn't IRflow giving people of darker skin more money than those that aren't just being systematically racist in itself

    69. Saron Aanders

      *cheats on a game and gets famous from it * *no real evidence for alot of scored and proven of cheating* Time to sue!

    70. matt lebreton

      poki is a simp. total nob

    71. Nappy Hood Saiyan

      YO PEOPLE FR BE PETTY, A GUY/GIRL DOES SOMETHING FROM WHEN HE/SHE IS YOUNG AND THESE PEOPLE DECIDE TO JUST BRING IT BACK UP WHEN THEY ARE OLDER AND SUCCEEDING FOR WHAT AND FOR WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE JEALOUS AND ARE PETTY PEOPLE WHO CANNOT WORK FOR ANYTHING. yes it was a very controversial and not to be taken lightly name but if the person did it at such a young age and was a far back time, cmon every young person including teenagers have done the dumbest shit ever.

    72. Buttality

      Until 5ish years ago grammar nazi jokes were everywhere. Of course they apologize when they get caught who remembers a 15 year old comment.

    73. monke e

      kinda like this guy, to the point and fast paced info, nice works

    74. JD Uchiha

      13:15 Remember when this was the lgbt community?

    75. Maximilian Kratz

      12:54 my dude looks like if raccooneggs and Danny Gonzalez had a baby

    76. I'm based

      never apologize for satire

    77. Panic

      The whole Jeffree Star thing is stupid. I’ve grown up calling people who are uptight about music Music Nazis. And people who are uptight about grammar Grammar Nazis. Cancel culture needs to end.

    78. Olive

      he clearly likes it!

    79. Eltyy.

      I like the way you quickly summarized everything

    80. Kiwi Kiwi

      Why is nazi a bad word? Simply used as a joke to mean strict or authoritarian like. Jesus Christ- who are the ones being offended here? Jewish people? Germans? Guarantee it’s just the same old guilty white contingent.

    81. Kyle Pedretty

      don’t know if you read comments but no one is at risk of being deported if DACA ends. All plans to end DACA (it is technically unconstitutional) included the opportunity to become citizens for all dreams if they wanted to.

    82. Taco Senpai

      lmao why does anyone care about the guy billy and his scores. jeez people really got nothing better to do

    83. Lion3101

      Sorry if this is off topic but did gokanaru help make a Minecraft map called the final contestant or am I being stupid.

    84. Kush Minister

      yet another instance where poki is a hypocrite, shocking

    85. Neil Ayotte

      People get so offended so fucking easily these days. Damn....

    86. dadadada379

      12:08 summarizes IRflow content in a nutshell. Dont cry when your monetization gets taken away for stolen content(you are lucky you dont get sued). It was about time that IRflow follows through on this issue. Also maybe delete videos where the Thumbnail or Click-bait title has nothing to do with the video.

    87. Raymart Perez

      IRflow really needs to fix the system

    88. Ieuan Mills

      Black creators get 100 million off IRflow and then complain of discrimination? Yeah, there is discrimination there, but it's not against you

    89. Lemonries

      If I was a IRflowr I could never apologize , “I’ll call out his sponsors again and insult their mother”

    90. STillipop

      isnt trump's dad a german immigrant?

    91. kam shaft

      it wasn't fake pictures maybe

    92. Supersim135

      Billy Mitchell got his world record back. I hope the NFL takes not and gives Colin Kaepernick his job back!!

    93. FoamLatte

      Every time I hear about this "cancel" era I lose brain cells.

    94. Braddo

      scarce can you please do timestamps for your videos cheers lad

    95. Khoi Nguyen

      Supreme Court: The council will decide your fate

    96. Jeremy Hurst

      I’m tryna get sponsors lol go sub to my IRflow channel!

    97. Susan Fuhrmann

      So, will you finally Talk about how @sanderskennedy Sanders Kennedy has contacted EVERY oNE of Shane Dawson’s sponsors and “fill them in” on the drama and then making videos when someone does/does not continue to support with ads/carry their products -creating the EXACT issue you are sharing here with Pokemane’s story. Time everyone reminds him that he is about to kill the IRflow Ad community AGAIN

    98. John Doee

      Pokimane is a legit sociopath.

    99. Mike “Rainmanthegoat” Raney

      "Those Black IRflowr's" Can use what ever language they want on this platform..... what privilege those right?

    100. Connor rider

      Did u ever talk about when there was talk about James Charles rapen someone?