YouTuber Apologizes... EDP445 Gets Banned, CallMeCarson, Drew Gooden, Disguised Toast


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    1. Mayonnaise

      there needs to be another youtube and twitch

    2. R I A

      Drew shouldn't apologize for it. Times back then were different, the racist joke was okay back then and was appropriate even. Not today but people shouldn't cancel people who make jokes that were okay back then, geez

    3. A5AP KillThemAll

      Native Americans have the highest mortality rate of any U.S. minority because of U.S. action and policy.- D. Stannard (Oxford Press)

    4. YesNo

      carson swag

      1. YesNo

        he's finally alive again sheesh

    5. MaKKa pAkkA

      People these days are such snowflakes, how was that tweet even racist? Its clearly a joke and if you think that is offensive you should truly rethink your life

    6. Yeetus Le fetus

      Ive heard that carson is getting help for everything, i really hope he comes back when hes ready

    7. Maddie Sweet


    8. Thomas F

      I hope Carson gets even more shit when he comes back

    9. Syd

      Shocker, gen z once again is ruining everything by getting offended over everything

    10. gargles

      while i still have mixed feelings about carson at this point, i’m glad he seems to be doing okay

    11. Andrea Carroll

      5:17 You mean this video where he acknowledged he said offensive things when he was 12 and apologized IN said video?! You can fuck right off

    12. Andrea Carroll

      These people that are part of cancel culture, have you never told an offensive joke or made an offensive comment, EVER in you life? If not, congratulations, you are the actual Jesus Christ.

    13. MarkPlays Rblx

      I think CallMeCarson Is Depressed so

    14. MarkPlays Rblx

      Chet Goldstein is Ban because Bruh That's Cat Fishing

    15. Its_OPji

      Twitter users are so petty.

    16. Chron Agar

      As an Asian I really don’t care since we all make mistakes, also I find it kind of funny but corny at the same time 😳

    17. lunar graff

      dude F Scares looks like benjamin buttom getting younger every time you see him wtf?

    18. hahaImLandon

      i swear... posting on twitter is like playing minesweeper.

    19. fung wah chinese billionaire

      Take a joke

    20. LOVELEE

      Didn’t drew admit he did shitty stuff and said racist / homophobic shit before and Apologized?

    21. Bon Yek

      Cancel culture is so cringe people need to learn how to take a joke

    22. Golden A

      Twitter is down bad do yourself a favor and don't use it. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

    23. Tony McLean

      So for IRflow: Compilation videos longer than 2min. For Twitch: don't play with randos who trashtalk using slurs For Twitter: Delete all of the personal info they have on you. There are services like SayMine that will request deletion on your behalf. Be warned: Twitter will ask you to provide government ID (personal information) to remove your personal information, which is really sketch.

    24. xSkj

      4:45 I don't know Justing whang that well, but I think that was a joke

    25. Tito Cristobal

      So you people pandering and jumping on this Stop Asian Hate trend, I'm Asian and I can bet everything in my life that none of you contributed anything to help struggling Asian Communities. By Asian Communities, I don't mean the ones that are in the west, I mean the ACTUAL Asian Communities in Asia. These people in the West that are trying to pat themselves in the back for posting some words in the internet. You'll even go after someone as innocent as Drew Gooden. Twitter needs to be removed. In my opinion, it is doing more damage than actual good right now. A white guy is asking another white guy to post an apology video on IRflow because this idiot think it's not sincere enough. As a person who grew up in the Philippines and is FULL BLOODED Assian, I want to know, are you Asian? Are you a representative that my community agreed for? If not, don't speak as if you know what's good for us, yeah? You do not have a single idea as to how our lives are. Keep your fucking opinion to yourself and stop witch hunting people for us. Especially if that's someone like Drew Gooden, one of the few remaining respectable IRflowrs that we have. Fuck off with your western privilege, yeah? Don't talk as if you know what's offensive for me, when your life is sheltered by everything that you have in your western life. I don't understand how you're not seeing how you thinking that you know better than me about my own culture is more racist than someone who told an old Asian joke with no actual target. Fuck off. Drink your fucking latte, go to your soy burger shit and keep your racist opinions to yourself.

    26. Irvin Miller

      God I hate Twitter

    27. Art3mis

      Ok, as a recent fan of drew, its not good seeing that tweet, but why tf do people spend there time digging through years and years of tweets, just to find that one shitty tweet so someone can be canceled. People can change for the better, we all have done really regretable things, that ofc we regret and would never do those things again.

    28. fluffy boi

      ERHERM*thats why ninja on mixer*COUGH 10:40

    29. Dreamy Star The Unicat

      Aaaawwwww I miss carson so muuuuuchhh 😩😭

    30. Traxas Lyhr

      Me, watching these people I have never heard about: "Interesting."

    31. Lyle Green

      What’s the “S” slur? I hope y’all aren’t talking about “Slut”. That’s not a slur.

    32. SoundSlater

      Twitter is so insensitive, Drew's tweet wasn't offensive or harmful to me, despite being Asian. I'm pretty sure people who use Twitter don't have minds.

    33. Bliots

      i hate twitter wholeheartedly

    34. V07ume

      1 to 2 years bad but no one spoke about when lil huddy who is 21 was with charlie

    35. psycho11 rose

      2016 huh

    36. Jacksonimations

      pretty sure justin whang was joking about it cuz a lot of people think that apology videos are fake and cringe and its like a meme

    37. Rosejane31 Alta

      Leave the Asians to decide. It’s up to them.

    38. Jason Abbott

      Breaking news: IRflowr posts video of cat on Instagram story!!😐

    39. n0rmql

      Tiktok=bad Twitter=bad Twich=bad Hmmmmmmmm I'm kinda seeing a pattern here

    40. Charlotte L

      When people who aren't asian attack someone for an apology that isn't for them 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    41. Celestial King Rascal

      Twitter can get soo dumb sometimes...The media has reached a new low and now it's just a hive for cancel culture.

    42. Golden

      Mfer dosent need to apologize, 2016 was literslly the prime of like edgy jokes and shit jokes lmao

    43. Zeke Zeke

      "Im a military wife" says "you're speaking for and over people". A. All these people getting offended for Asians are speaking for them, meaning you're doing the same thing, and B. how the fuck do you speak over someone on Twitter. Sounds like some sexist "mansplaining" mentality bullshit to me.

    44. The Overvoid

      Twitch and IRflow just don't want to pay their creator.

    45. Dark Dragen

      I'm kinda upset he apologized like it wasn't funny, I'm Asian myself, vitnamese and I chuckled a bit, even though I have been harassed and made fun of by other not white communitys of people and white people, about my race

    46. German Antonio J.


    47. Epic? No

      i would love to see carson come back because i loved his content and the girl was 17 that’s only a 1 year gap and isn’t that bad i mean he could’ve done that to a 14 year old but he didn’t cause he knew that doing that to someone younger would be worse i do admit that what he did was bad but i think that people would forgive him if he made an apology my hot take for the day

    48. Lizzirito

      Happy edp is gone, but he deserves more than just a YT ban. The fact his exposer is gone is.. Odd.

    49. Tame

      The thing about the drew gooden is that people made edgy jokes in 2016 and it was before he got really popular

    50. Confused Psyduck

      17 is the age of consent lol

      1. Divinity

        Not where he lives, I'm pretty sure

    51. blobfish 1 2 3 4 5 1

      Free my boy Carson. Fuck Twitter.

    52. cobalt blu

      bruh, Triller should be giving refunds for such a shit rigged match, the fuck they talkin about??

    53. G G

      Carson: posts cat video Drama channels: THIS IS IMPORTANT

    54. BossSlayer 404

      I miss that Carson laugh

    55. Julian Gonzalez

      Twitter makes no sense im on nobody's side

    56. GenerousMitch

      I just think if you’re internet famous you should just ignore this bs. You made an edgy joke 5 years ago and people care about it now. Don’t even acknowledge it. People are just trying to get attention and feel needed. They’re pathetic. This dude drew seems like a good guy. Fuck all those attention seeking losers.

      1. GenerousMitch

        Now the pedos are different. That shit doesn’t have a statute of limitations.

    57. Booniebabie

      Toast deserves to be banned, he easily could've predicted the future and made sure that the toxic player never said that.

    58. Anger Tone

      Edgy jokes are funny. You're just in an age where being hurt... by jokes that don't even apply to you or your face is becoming the norm. When you said that, it was fucking hilarious.

    59. Evancanopener Terra

      a part of me hopes that carson CAN make a come back and do the right thing, but at the same time, is there a enough time to "come back."

    60. Dæmön

      Happy Carson is ok, the manipulation thing is horrible and he knows that, but there was a single grade difference in age so.. not bad where I’m from.

    61. Brian

      Drew shouldn't have even had to apologize at all. It was stereotypical, but I mean jeez. Chill out. If it's okay to be like, "White people be like 'MERICA AND GUNZ'" then it should also be okay to just make a dumb joke like he did without having to apologize about it. The PC police are actually insane fun killers.

    62. asioe kiou

      account. Still nice to hear him laugh again though.

    63. Hailey

      Man I'm just glad Carson hasn't killed himself

    64. Swinely

      I genuinely think Carson accidentally made that post. Let him be smh

    65. Snoopy

      Ahh the typical "I will cancel over a joke in the past."

    66. Lourenz Zymon Anatan

      The tweet in 5:19 is like begging your mum to buy another expensive toy.

      1. asioe kiou

        Drew Gooden shouldn't be cancelled it was 2016 smh

    67. kminja

      Lol I don't know why but I also laughed when I read Drew's Twitter post

    68. yasio bolo

      mobs realize that nobody actually cares about what they have to say.

    69. joe mama

      pyroncincal said nigga

    70. Burning blade101

      Wow Idk why but this happening on tiktok too like I was Ban for no reason yet I got my account appealed soo but others were banned and didn't get their account back.

    71. Moose The Aries

      This is probably why Cody ko never apologized for that n word vine

    72. taur ASAUR

      Love how edp gets his channel taken down while james charles is still up and running perfectly fine

      1. yasio bolo

        snowflakes these days ;/

    73. IG-1488

      I say the n word all day everyday, never ever going to apologize.

      1. manermans

        found the reject

    74. wytts

      Didn’t he girl who acused call me Carson come out on twitter and say it was all fake and she wanted attention or something

      1. wytts

        @Phaint oh ok

      2. Phaint

        No, he has admitted to it himself. She did wrongfully say he was a paedo though

    75. Josh Dominguez

      Okay but EDP got ban but james charles didn't. Why? Because james charles brings in so much money it's a example that you can do almost anything when you have money 💰

    76. Andrew Aspromonte

      People are so dramatic it's insane. So one tweet in bad taste = white supremacist? There's absolutely zero possibility that he's simply a human in his early twenties (at the time) that had a momentary lapse of judgment? Come on, let's get real here. I'm sure that if there was a chat log of everything we've ever said as humans 99% of us would be "canceled".

    77. stuckonaslide

      I'll never watch or support carson again, but I am glad that he is doing okay. its not because of the age gap, dont get your panties in a twist.

    78. jakeshipley1

      That Tiffany chick @2:16 has a hammer and sickle....

    79. Sturgeostic2

      Bro, Drew literally just made a joke. Mind you, not a very good joke, but obviously a joke nonetheless.

      1. manermans

        jokes are funny with a punchline

    80. PieterHL

      Drew Gooden shouldn't be cancelled it was 2016 smh

    81. meg.

      i miss carson so much

    82. The tax people

      7:20 wow I was starting to think he was dead

    83. The tax people

      How are they so mad about Drew and how aren’t people going after the boys there funny but they say so much stupid racist jokes and they are so popular too

    84. Seth McClure

      I hate the r “slur” sometimes I’ll say it to describe something and people will be offended. but then I ask if they know anyone mentally disabled, or if you are mentally disabled. If they say yes, then I apologize and say sorry I didn’t know. But most people are offended by it for no reason, they don’t know anybody with a mental disability and they don’t have one. Why be offended if it doesn’t apply to you in any way?

    85. Kre3k

      The Drew gooden situation just proves theres no winning when you get cancelled. Yeah the stuff he said was racist as hell. But he apologised and deleted it. But noooooo! Twitter has a justice boner so ofcourse we cant just move on. I swear to god Twitter and Reddit are the worst places on the planet.

    86. God

      snowflakes these days ;/

    87. RK800 Connor


    88. ᴀᴢᴜᴄᴇɴᴀ ʟUᴡUᴢ

      Just discovered this channel, your narrator voice is so nice to hear

    89. Alpin Crafter

      Imagin someone you dont even know anymore slaps you randomly on the street cause you "insulted" him/her 10 years ago This is the Drew Gooden example

      1. manermans

        only difference is that drew had somewhat of a platform in 2016, and it's not only one person hearing it

    90. Alpin Crafter

      I just dont get it!?! I make jokes all the time with my friends and if one of those jokes come to public "IF" I would be famouse cancell cultur will frick you to the END... I like dark humor and I dont see why we as a species should make such a big deal about it!?! Like will THIS HELP OUR RACE? Will this make ours lives better and solve important problems of live! I dont think so. for id.iots: Our race: Humans (all of them)

      1. Alpin Crafter

        @manermans yes sure German Internet speed.... Sry for late* answer

      2. manermans

        @Alpin Crafter cool?

      3. Alpin Crafter

        @manermans im not american so we in our country we do not have those racial Problems! You have your opinion and accept that but making jokes with friends is not controversial. I wont tell those jokes in oublic6

      4. manermans

        idk if this was a joke comment but incorporating hatred against minorities in your "humor" just makes this worse

    91. Alan Calderon-Aguilar

      literally 5 years ago bro 2016 was when the whole sjw thing and edgy jokes were considered funny. so if ur gonna get mad then piss off

      1. Alan Calderon-Aguilar

        @manermans youre right he wouldve been 22 or 21 yo when it waas 2016 sorry

      2. manermans

        @Alan Calderon-Aguilar ??? it was funny for little kids who watched leafy not a literal grown man

      3. Alan Calderon-Aguilar

        @manermans yeah thats the point, it was a different time in 2016 but for some dumb reason twitter doesnt want to accept that like 2016 was back when mlg was still a thing

      4. manermans

        funny for 15 year olds not 22 year olds

    92. MaRKDieGamer

      Wtheck twitter so toxic mannn

    93. callmecarsonfan

      Imagine calling retard the r word

    94. The Jake

      A tweet from 2016... How many minutes did it take of constant scrolling to find that?

    95. Dice


    96. Colton Petersen

      Im convinced most people on twitter share the same braincell

    97. Alex Pilotin

      if you want someone to delete then say "deleting the evidence" are ye being confused with your decisions

      1. manermans

        it wasn't the same people

    98. Itheria

      even though what he did was really bad, it makes me happy to know that carson is still okay, he was my favorite content creator for around 3 years, luckily isaacwhy makes similar videos that I really like, but I feel like carson and his friend group were some of the funniest people on the platform, I hope the girl(s?) he did that to are doing well, too.

    99. Surielle the Cookieblobber

      I honestly feel bad for some twitter users because for some reason they see one slightly offensive joke someone made years ago, and suddenly they think their favorite content creator is a racist and can never be trusted. Like you gotta wonder how much these people constantly disappoint themselves and make themselves sad and upset because they keep believing a lot of their own ridiculous lies like that where someone does something slightly bad once and can never change for the better Really, think about it. Imagine how many friendships those people must have broken up because whoever they used to talk to did something stupid and just refused to accept that people can make mistakes. They must be very paranoid people

    100. Christian Caillouet

      I think Carson did nothing to bad. She was only 17 and he was like 22.

      1. manermans

        he's 19 but there's no way a senior in college and a junior in highschool should date

      2. Vic_tory

        17 and 19 actually