YouTuber Gets In a Scary Situation... Jake Paul, MrBeast, EDP445, Floyd Mayweather


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    1. toontownlegomaster

      I mean no surprise Mr. Beast accusation of being a bully. I mean you can see it in the way he act with the ppl he's around in his videos....

    2. Madam Gryffindor

      But wait, wasn't that female journalist known to always bringing up negative shit about IRflowrs all the time? I remember when there's a article about a IRflowr, someone ALWAYS brings up dead drama about them; just to always paint them as a bad person, every time when the reader reads a freaking article.

    3. What it do.

      Damn jake paul is literally a child for taking floyds hat, and when he takes it he literally says "got ya hat"

    4. PiggyFN

      edp using so many curse word and just repeating himself all the time also doesn't make him seem like the smartest Person around ngl.

    5. there comes a time

      Taylor (& some youtubers): aight time to say bad things about this popular youtuber because he has been more successful than me and used his money for charity(The AUDACITY) when he could have used it to buy 11 iphones for himself huhu.

    6. Silva First

      LMAO the " i got yer hat" while he was holding his face killed me

    7. Domeen0 Gt

      Its clear that Logan, even though still a bit immature, is more mature than Jake Paul.

    8. Loki The Lil' Pug

      If I stuck around EDP for long enough, he's actually a cool dude and stuff, but if u see it from a father or mother's point of view, he suddently becomes horrifying

    9. Saul Goodman

      They got edp and then they got the guy who got edp. That sounds like red dead redemption storyline. In the words of Dutch Van Der Linde, "when I'm gone, they'll just find another monster. They have to. Because they have to justify their wages."

    10. tech support scammer

      i goT Yo HaT *slowly dying

    11. Diogo Reina

      I gOt YoUr HaaAATttT

    12. IOI-Mike

      Jake paul got what he deserved, cant wait for floyd to beat the shit out of logan paul.

    13. jack_is_not_so_kool

      See mayweather would punch Jake Paul into next year

    14. rundoo

      bro floyd tryna kill him he's like 4 feet

    15. Ignas Pazera

      this is a kinder garden with the hat lmao

    16. Kiristugu Emiya

      I dont think Mayweather is the type of guy to joke around

    17. TFanBoy

      feel like mrbeast will die.

    18. kaliber aiz

      bodyguards! where's your humor 🤣 that was *gold* . where's the meme about this? 😂😂😂


      new logan poul is acually quite nice not like that asshole jake poul

    20. PF Creeper

      “People may grow up, but they still remain to be children.” -Me

    21. Jason Gombos

      and I quote Mrbeast

    22. Jason Gombos

      today we are gonna take over the business industry by telling the employees to press ALT+F4 and they'll get 10,000 DOLLARS :O :O!!!!!!!

    23. Lynn Odell

      What happened to Jake was well deserved and actually wouldn't mind if they hurt him more.

      1. Magnum Chiller



      I like the moths “well the guy is a racist” it doesn’t make edp any better

    25. Wolfyy 357

      U sound like gas station encounters lmfao

    26. the cutie himself

      Whats goin whats goin

    27. Kopille

      Why did jake just go to middle school

    28. Human Brian

      edp: calls out chet goldstein for saying racial slurs also edp after every sentence: MY N*GGA

    29. Udbjwiwbdbxh

      Jake got folded

    30. Chungus cheese

      Wow that person who said they were gonna kill jake Paul for taking their hat has problems why kill someone over a hat it’s stupid lol

    31. VanquishGaming YT

      EDP445 just all butt hurt he got caught maybe you shouldn't touch or talk to little girls and boys #BANEDP445 he still tried to message a little girl and he trying to be back on a platform that has content for little kids and yet #IRflow will allow it how is that possible

    32. Cito Gonzalez

      I don’t know if the accusations are true but the amount of good mr.beast have done I can’t see how he can bully anyone

    33. IAmStridle

      "phrase used for mental disabilities leaving him in tears" So he got called retarded and cried, suck it up

    34. Daddy Osu

      imagine being so dumb as to take a undefeated UFC champions hat you get what you get man

    35. atomic filth

      i think there might be a reason y he likes that hat so much like something his friend gave him before they died like if someone took your moms ashes and threw it in the garbage youd be upset

    36. Pooch

      I don’t support Jake but Floyd is a coward lmao, he didn’t do anything his security team did lolllll

    37. KytZu 2

      scarce always makes news seem like it's huge

    38. xJinxx *

      So mr Beast called that guy a retard which left him in tears? Really? This generation man, i swear to God...

    39. Warlok gang

      Eat dat life sentence 445

    40. dezrk

      when jake got punched he realized that his money aint gonna buy this fight

    41. Alex garcia

      Child shit taking his hat

      1. Alex garcia

        And on top of that he’s trynna be hard after being hurt it’s obvious in the video that he could eat his punch

    42. The Jackass

      U forgot callmecarson the girl admitted to lying

    43. Frankii s.

      "you know what i mean"

    44. Mad max Crashes

      im waiting on the edp445 website

    45. Photon Wolfsky

      I guess hearsay is journalism? That's the media for you, I guess.

    46. JKV Gaming

      Women right?

    47. Sloth Turtleneck

      EDP thinks he’s the bigger guys just cause Chet Goldstein said some racial slurs like there’s a huge difference between meeting with a 13 year old and messaging many more underaged girls than some guy saying racial slurs

    48. chopper3797

      and journalists wonder why people don't trust them.

    49. Deen Reviews

      In conclusion, the more famous you get, the more problems you deal with

    50. Antonn Requerme

      EDP feels more like Enter da prison

    51. Jesse Boon

      Jake sounds like a delusional person *Eurghh* GOTCHA HAT

    52. Kemuel Pruitt

      The way he says MR beast.

    53. El4te Vortex

      Edp: I like sharing my thoughts and opinions Me: ya we know, you expressed that you like minors 💀

    54. Todoroki

      I like Connor and respect him more then mayweather but Connor shouldn’t talk cuz he has hit an old guy in a pub before

    55. Bee See ES

      those punk ass puny opportunists doing hit pieace at Mr.Beast should be doxed and harassed

    56. JJGeneral1 Arcade

      So tired of hearing about the paul brothers. they just need to drop off the face of the earth. another set of kardashians.

    57. SPecOPs

      why is this Jake still alive?

    58. The Hotspot Gamer

      All staged.

    59. kafil herwanto

      I thought mr beast was nice

    60. fishyman 908

      According to mr journalist Tyler, raising money for charity is bad and drama is better

    61. Myrth

      lmfao "Gotya hat"

    62. thunder gamez

      old man got mad cuz a youtuber so sad......

    63. Hat Man

      Seeing Jake cry was so satisfying. 😂

    64. Wv44

      Jake paul is a 6 year old in a 24 year olds body

    65. Amari

      Anyone who goes on his website weird perverts who support him

    66. pedro gomez

      EDP 45 DA GOAT!!!

    67. Weeping Willow

      i dont understand all these fights then..uhh..shit talking? how is this entertaining?

    68. kayden “Kayden Jones” jones

      1- jake is a manchild 2- most likely just a bunch of lying nobodies who want attention 3- EDP needs to be arrested immediately he’s an actual predator. The people that exposed him are douchebags. EDP has no right criticising the douchebags that exposed him.

    69. Arianna Cancel

      It’s a hat

    70. Dušan Nestorović

      Edp really be acting like a bitch in public but now that hes at home he goes full gangster over the internet huh..

    71. LETS GOOO

      I can't imagine how much Logan wants to separate himself from jake

    72. Jesus Alive

      Boss: Do you love your job? Me: I love my job! I look forward to waking up everyday! Me at home: Kill me i hate my job!

    73. Jesus Alive

      Got your hahahahaaaat

    74. MinSugaGenius

      I- 💀 it’s just a hat

      1. Orenthal Mudbone

        But the worlds biggest dumbass stealing it from you and acting all tough, yea I can see why but of course he could just buy a new one

      2. MinSugaGenius

        @Orenthal Mudbone Yeah but still. It’s just a piece of clothing. He probably have the money to afford a new one anyway

      3. Orenthal Mudbone

        I can see why he got mad

    75. Madhu

      3:36 they are talking about fine token i also lost tons of money

    76. Zakariya Hans

      ay jack and floyd use to be friend

    77. Little Ricky

      Words are words. Someone has proof to support their claim others don't. Some people have the intent to ruin some peoples lives.

    78. FroggerbobT

      Because saying retard or the n-word once or twice in a decade is worse than being a pedo apparently... welcome to EDP445.

    79. Wolves

      ive never seen edp being so hateful towards chet goldstein.... its like edp saw those tweets of him being exposed which actually made him mad.... maybe edp doesnt lie.... the reason why i dont care at all its because its not about me.... and the reason why i loved edp clips/memes its because its too funny and u know it.... we've been all there and laughed our asses off to his stories....

    80. Russian Spy

      Damn EDP made videos for longer than the girls he tryna date been alive

    81. tricky boi r

      Floyd is talking about madhmaside and that is not good

    82. Jon Carl (Ser patsy)

      The fact that he took floyds' hat, ran off, then when he got slapped HARD and proceeded to repeat "gotcha hat" weakly with voice cracks made me laugh.

    83. Umbresour 1

      Isn’t just me or the edp thing is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    84. OscarTheGodYT

      “The kid curled up and didn’t fight back” I mean it’s almost as if he couldn’t fight back because there was a crap ton of bodyguards and people protecting jake and others trying to hold him back.

    85. User User

      the movement will continue? it just looks sloppy and creepy without a shirt on . success? You're kicked of IRflow for being a pre teen chaser!

    86. User User

      he was probably paid to give that testimonial

    87. SpaceX Demo

      Floyd Mayweather out there bullying low class fighters instead of PICKING A FIGHT WITH MANNY PACQUIAO

    88. Corrupt Ghostz

      Why am I barely getting the noti for this

    89. sergiu galasan

      And if it is true made he is jockeying or he has a madacal problem

    90. Whats Gucci Mate

      Jesus Christ I haven’t watched Scarce in like 3+ years at least and he’s looking healthier than ever 💯 keep it up

    91. Penguin

      *gOtChA hAt* as he walks off holding his face

    92. Raf galvão

      this is more ridiculous than fake wrestling

    93. AussieAnnie62

      That Jame hat scenario was staged..publicity stunt.

    94. Boscalorian

      EDP445 has a point oop there’s jake sprinting with a hat

    95. Slippy table

      People at just mad that mr beast is literally an angle sent from heaven and does anything he can to make the world a better place but also supported trump

    96. I Am The Angie Christ

      Connor McGregor has no room to talk. The crying out loud he knocked out an old man in a bar and all the old man did was say something to him.

    97. Noah

      Jake Paul is laughable, but Floyd really just showed that he's also a man child. He really went down to Jake's childish level.

    98. Nitro

      Is it me or the Jake and Mayweather hat situation seems like staged as a publicity stunt?

    99. Sladerz RZz

      That's what he gets for being a stupid childish prick, damn I've never felt so good about Mayweather until now

    100. hendrick prock

      Jake's finally screwed.