YouTuber Is Angry Over THIS... DrDisrespect, MrBeast, Shroud, Logan Paul, David Dobrik


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    1. brollow himself

      woohoo now Houston is gonna become the next hollywood shithole

    2. All-Star Movies

      7:38 Jimmy is a great guy but when he is mad he is pretty scary

    3. Retarb

      Rewatching this and seeing the Ben askren tweet is pretty funny

    4. Kylie Matthews

      Dr disrespects ban was personal . no other likely reason

    5. YaBigBoii II

      Scarce: Well Known Person Me Everytime: Who?

    6. Brennan Snitkey

      8:01 What is you sayin?????

    7. Randogamer

      Tiktok is just ew There are a few good videos but people steal from those for clicks because wtf is originality anymore?

    8. Pimp Chimp

      David dobrik already makes a lot of money and now he’s getting 1000’s more from tiktok

    9. Gaminwithpro Player


    10. Chase Williams

      Logan Paul fans: Logan is my god Literally everyone: wtf that's weird

    11. Joshua Chhakchhuak

      Dr. Disrepect sounds like lazarbeam aka lannan

    12. ejshutdown04


    13. MasterCrazyKnightz

      how can we look in hjis eyes with glasses on

    14. Jeremy Conrad

      Get woke go broke

    15. Radioactivian

      I mean its chill in southern Texas along the coast

    16. OTX mikey

      Logan only accepted a march he thought would be easy lmao

    17. Sevvie Brooke


    18. Th01n3d

      People: *hate tiktok* Tiktok: hmm, but what if we pay you? People: *drops pants* be gentle china

    19. Th01n3d

      Wait. If they all move to texas. Doesn't that mean they'll move again because the problem followed them to texas? L.A. 2: everyone has an ulterior motive boogaloo

    20. Th01n3d

      Rooster teeth? Sounds like they're turning into buzzfeed.

    21. Th01n3d

      Imagine mr beast becomes a villain? Like he's one day so close to his endgame and realizes humanity isn't worth saving or the world's governments are bad. Then pours his money into funding his own militia based on the island they bought. It's the "hero goes bad" plot line we see everywhere.

    22. Tea Persic

      AND YOU fake videos

    23. Tea Persic

      YOU stole lazarbeam video

    24. SeeMeTwice_fb - Trident409

      Does anyone notice at 7:13 the persons recommended has graffiti and anime lmao

    25. Hønørəd

      Who was there when Doc was live.

    26. dudeallmostperfect dap 2

      If anybody is a nelk fan and want a prank channel subscribe to baylen lavine

    27. Pickle plays

      Lol I live in texas have been for my whole life

    28. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    29. Split Dimension

      So people are angry at twitch because he got banned? Well the crybabies should go to Twitch HQ and protest about it. Obviously he was banned for a reason. But wait there is more. Subscribe to his youtube channel and he will say he will tell you and ends up not knowing anyway. Seriously is the biggest bait on the internet. No one cares. Least of all me. Didn't know this guy existed until youtube threw this recommendation in my face.

    30. Ethan Overwatch

      Holy shit Mr.beast is literally a living legend. I hope that man drags me up to heaven when I die

    31. InfernoWaves

      If I'm going to be honest, I think rooster teeth is just trying to fix their acc before they get banned like DrDisrespect. But I hope they dont delete blueVred

    32. Emraküll

      i hope Camp Camp doesnt get deleted

    33. Emraküll

      Ive never watched Dr.Disrespect before. But that glasses joke got me good, so i think i will


      They ban doc as soon as mixer closes. Hire logic. Shroud and ninja back. Hmmmmm fishy. Sounds like twitch wanted the doc entertainment. And doc didn't Wana give it up. He's not a sellout like the others. Keep it up doc

    35. shawn boyce

      Rooster teeth new boss is a pussy they letting this groups pushing them around Burnie had a back but his new boss doesn't have a backbone

    36. zandadoum

      14:41 complaining about "fake people" when she has operated duck-lips and 500lbs of makeup on her... LOL

    37. Nick Lins

      We all know that twitch is corrupted

    38. HH Hawk

      tiktok makes way too much money they can just hand it out to calm countries down

    39. HH Hawk

      they cant just tell him they dont wana pay him

    40. ランスRampage

      2020 is a bad year

    41. Oradrive

      I would pay a reasonable amount of money to see Logan paul get the absolute worst beating

    42. Grphs P

      Dr.Disrepect 2020: 1:49

    43. Terpoi

      Havent watched you in years. Where did your body go. Skeleton man now

    44. Mas Leche Por Favor

      With if Twitch and Doc are fucking with people by making it seem he was banned for no reason just so he can have a big comeback on Twitch lmao

    45. Belnick6666

      must you be a successful influencer or just own an Instagram account if you wanna suplex logan paul ?

    46. Belnick6666

      I guess 1 random girl that never met DrDisrespect called someone at twitch and said he done something sexual with her against her will and as a leftist corporation Twitch ofc fired DrDisrespect without looking at any facts and now they seen that there is no facts and it will be embarrassing to publicly say why he was banned so they are now trying to find something they can use that he might have said or whatever in the past and use that as the excuse :P

    47. Redy

      In this day and age scumbag people do scumbag things, get away with it, fake people get away with ridiculous things and take things out of context and social media has just become an absolute shit show, especially twitch and IRflow. The people that we looked up to when we were younger, still watching pewdiepie‘s horror game let’s plays and when mine craft was the peak of IRflow, so many terrible things and changes have happened and it’s not much of an experience anymore, scummy big labels copyright strike small channels and bigger ones for the dumbest reasons, bots take down videos and get rid of monetisation for misunderstandings and stuff that didn’t even happen and nobody can say a single joke anymore without some dickhead getting offended by it, people scream sexism, racism and the whole lot whenever they get the chance and our once favourite platforms have become so political and everyone has to be politically correct. It just makes me sad when I see what IRflow and twitch have become.

    48. Fire FoX 2k

      Why did I just realize this IRflowr was a meme before

    49. Slauderek

      These people move from California because of all it’s issues so they go to Texas and what do they do? They continue voting democrats so that the same problems and come there too

    50. keetguy

      Mrbeast is going beyond He's being an amazing person for doing this

    51. Zeroopsleft

      Tell them to just not bring that shit to Texas we got guns

    52. Xman

      LA to Texas...about the same

    53. Sleisr

      So basically Rooster Teeth has decided to kill their company even more. Good to know.

    54. Harry Truman

      I think everyone can agree Twitter is full of people who think they know everything about every controversial debate/topic

    55. MysteryArt

      I'm saying it dr disrespect is a wizard

    56. Party Quest

      let's play buy an entire private island.

    57. OG Nuh

      WHO, who wants him banned at Twitch is the problem. We need to figure that out then we will find out the reason why.

    58. Duck Go Quacks

      Alright gamers, Shroud is back

    59. Salty GummyBear

      Mr. Beast "ill promise I'll die 0 in my bank..." buys a 800k island... okay -_-

    60. Lulugames Dr

      As a french Logan shouldn’t fight with IbraTV, this guy is a beast, he’s really good at fighting. I am also surprised he is on this video

    61. Lazarus Akeeagok

      I heard on the Logan Paul wrestling match caught the eye of ECW legend and possible psychopath New Jack saying he would kill him

    62. chaos

      The random person who likes this will become a billionaire one day

      1. Ninja Cutting Onions

        Nope. Stfu.

      2. Lazardus

        Shut up 8 year old begging for likes and subs

    63. Iidunkforfun-_-

      O boy if you think u won’t see homeless people in Texas ur in for a surprise

    64. Shadow Mills

      Florida is better than California now what

    65. Shadow Mills

      These people obviously don't know who Patty Mayo is cuz you watched him you know that they teamed up and Logan can wrestle

    66. whatsthebuzz


    67. Chess

      So this is what millennials watch? Absolute pointless drivel tweeted out by supposed "celebs". What a joke!

      1. Pyton1 D

        honestly its intersting to see world and local events through the lense of youtube

      2. Imonkey 422

        Bruh Moment attention seeker

      3. pentagon

        attention seeker?

      4. Bruh Moment

        Can’t tell if you want a reaction or are an actual boomer

    68. Doxera

      Giving away money like that is pointless, just have fun and do some bigger projects that are long term and benefit everyone. Create IRflow 2.0 or smth...

    69. Brotato Amv's

      Rip scarce

    70. Fk Weaboos

      dr d is a chad

    71. Griffisme !

      It's been 5 days??? It feels like it was yesterday

    72. SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls

      Hey what's up guys it's Leafy's here. Me: I would love to see Scarce

    73. Tiny M3x1can

      Pls talk about the mini ladd situation

    74. tiopaco

      I think Scarce disappeared again

    75. MyWishy Washy

      I recon twitch didn't want to contract with him anymore, so they revoked it by digging up some shady stuff in his past. Doc didn't want this to go public so he made a deal with twitch to keep it very shut down (so it didnt ruin his image) in order to keep streaming but the trade off was that he leaves twitch for good.

    76. Starfghter

      Logan rly wants all the smoke huh


      Bro are you dead? It's been 5 days

    78. RaXyn 404

      Mark ass brownlee



    80. chkns

      *”Covid 19 is a hoax. I can’t see it so it doesn’t exist.”* -Probably Jake Paul

    81. bitten egg

      Oi scarcy boi there is a channel call memenade and they are fighting someone named memegod They are both tts meme channels but memegod had scammed memenade and had lied to him multiple times (according to memenade) wanna cover thy story

    82. Dlursh

      Hey. Shout out to pickles.

    83. Commander Cody

      Honestly, twitch is just a massive joke, their staff are so incompetent it’s laughable.

      1. Split Dimension

        watch out. a couple of fan boys getting serious.

      2. McFoodie

        IKR they couldn't do anything to save their lives

    84. Jet Bean

      Hopefully no west coast dumbass move out east bc I don’t want them ruining jokes and bringing the fragility to the east

    85. Locke FN

      That shroud announcement was looking sick though👀

    86. Cas

      Hey scarce, are you gonna cover the stuff with MiniLadd? That story needs to get out there.

    87. Caucasian Invasion

      Steve Wozniak is suing Google because of those fake ads, they're making them with him aswell

    88. Caucasian Invasion

      Doc was under contract, he literally has a lawsuit on his hands

    89. Hazy Palace Birdcage

      hey @scarce I'm hearing a lot sounds in the background, primarily on my left earphone's.

    90. Hazy Palace Birdcage

      you know what. it's owned by Amazon. He probably didn't want to sell his meerch on Amazon and Amazon was like, well, fuck you, get off our platform. similar to Fortrash and apple, but on a more personal level.

    91. Fatum

      Tik tok is still an unsafe app. I’d rather keep my private information than having it be sold to China ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    92. It’s AFK

      Money💰speaks louder than actions or words

    93. Aaron Hernandez

      We miss you

    94. Hozic

      in our country there is also this problem with stealing money with yt faces

    95. Rice

      tiktok: "how about we make rich people more rich"

    96. Cheese Stick512

      Hey scares just wanted to come out an say the joshpaler fake stabbing prank a few years back was staged in Anaheim and Josh was going around asking to help him film his fake prank at the end that is my dad acting I'm dead serious about this

    97. Mr. Trey-Oh

      These random weirdos capping that they know why doc was banned when he doesn't even know

    98. Neptune _?

      13:11 My brother had that dream and now Idk if I should actually believe it.

    99. Ramza

      Leaving LA for Texas. Yeah, from a commie government and school system to Texas's increasingly cucked laws...

      1. Ramza

        @Commander Cody change my mind...

      2. Commander Cody

        Ramza California is not “commie” at all.

    100. Ramza

      Doc was banned because he was becoming to powerful. If they don't make a move either legally or through PR I'm gonna assume it's twitch being a bunch of pussies trying to eliminate their male streamers.