Fedmyster Speaks Out About Pokimane... PewDiePie, Cr1tikal, Belle Delphine


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    Pokimane full response on her stream:
    Fedmyster original document: docs.google.com/document/d/1R68AT9hteAU6gBV6gGWwsPyGpkUIR3e9XP28mTZIj3Q/preview?pru=AAABdiQeAJY*V6tYDhHPPV2GvTVRyj4Eeg
    Fedmyster response:

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    1. Kanon Chhakchhuak

      I felt sad for Fed I really liked him

    2. Christopher Wheeler

      Man that pokemon bih either a lying genius or slow af.

    3. Sam Amabile

      law in order lol

    4. Jordyn S

      I hate how everyone summarizes the Yvonne Fed incident as him “kissing her hand” instead of talking about him putting his hand up her shirt. That framing is so weird.

    5. DOTA 2

      we need a new platform

    6. Kyoto Xero

      The war of otv all comes down to who has the most Subs

    7. jake C

      Fed's situation can be explained by "love the way you lie"

    8. txjoker72

      This shows that Pokimane has a chance to get a boyfriend

    9. That_boi Julius

      Ion trust a word she saying😂

    10. Rodrigo Hernandez

      Man pokisnake

    11. Zenna mok

      "Few months she was into him." While she played him like a yoyo for like 2 years

    12. Aart Marsman

      Whether pokimane or fed is being manipulative comes done to accusations. More lie on Fed's behalve, therefore his document doesn't help, as that (unwanted by him) is also manipulative and harmful. It's BS to strike out, doesn't help anyone and is highly toxic. If it's not true; why do you have to prove you're right? You should know so and deal with it. Also REALLY seems like friendzone to me. Plus, he never asked for clarification if they were a couple, which is why he has no point. I could see close friends do all these things. Comes back to my first point: talk with who you hurt or hurt you, don't throw shit; it's manipulative to do so.

    13. meymai

      this is why you don't believe girl signs or any bullshit from them

    14. ac [anime cheetah ]

      I have now learned both sides of the story

    15. Psychicoutlaw Chanel

      When are you coming back and gonna cover the major drama around Trisha Paytas whose life was threatened and who posted that she is now afraid of Jeffree and Shane? And there's so much more, J8 & hsnae want drama channels taken off YT altogeher, yuck.

    16. smoking one

      the worst thing is that to get anything done online you have to be in the right twitter or discord groups to even have your issue noticed by someone who will do something about it, corporations have all the control over anything you do online, and none of them have actual support you can resolve issues with, this shit needs to end.

    17. DKsaNn Kat

      I still hate pokimane! Not b.c of this situation, this was just misunderstanding in a relationship which everyone goes through, so i feel for fed 😥 But I still hate pokimane for falsley copystriking people in the past 👎😡

    18. DKsaNn Kat

      Wow that's so dumb of what happened to pewdiepie smh 😡👎

    19. Dante's Inferno

      American copyright law is dogshit.

    20. Del Stewart

      Pokimane continues to prove that she is one of the most garbage pos around. It's like everytime she does something horrible sh e tries to outdo herself. If it want for the sad guys that she manipulates she'd be nothing.

    21. Autobot Headquarters

      Your voice is so soothing

    22. S A I M

      Pokimane is one evil business women!

    23. Malitah

      Fun fact tge company also copystriked this video

    24. Mr Clover 123

      technically charlies a karen, he literally spoke to yts manager

    25. Jenna H

      Okay but I don’t watch Poki but I’m inclined to think that she is not lying. Sure their messages were VERY flirty and if anyone looked at it they’d definitely think their in a relationship. But I think maybe she could have been talking to him like this from a best friend point of view. I mean my best friend and I could honestly be mistaken for lesbians because of how much we say weird stuff to each other. So honestly I could see how the flirting would be like more friendly.

    26. bulanet2

      So doing something, anything can be wildly misinterpreted. When you get close and flirty, you also get super paranoid. He/she talked with others about me? Must be up to no good. Humans are jumping the horse so much. Love/attraction - one hell of a drug. Sometimes I wonder how do ppl actually get together. I can relate to teen drama like this tho

    27. Phoenix Gaming

      I'm cringing on humanity

    28. JediGamerWinston

      The artest music that was copied by KSI should be upset at how shit there song apparently sounds like.

    29. Sports Car

      f for Fedmyster

    30. Victoria Grønfur

      2 weeks later am here. and happy am not a youtuber, always drama haha . that was it and am out. oh i have posed videos well fuck... am happy am not popular yeey and out again

    31. KeeganOTF

      Poki and fed is the biggest story of being friendzoned/prolly being friendzoned

    32. God Of Trash

      I'm a simple dude. I saw Pewdipie in the thumbnail. I click it

    33. Eloy N.

      Calling nice names, sleep over doesn't mean relationship... If he had this problem with Poki with the way their relationship was, he should have talked to her directly

    34. Tsmslightlylonely

      Bruh please let there be another person who thought of flights song disingenuous

    35. Colin Connolly

      Poor simp was just her beta male orbiter. Hopefully he's gotten himself redpilled.

    36. Dwayne Greene

      Fed looks like hes takin a huge shit in the thumbnail.

    37. Neuro Inverse

      im sorry, but fedmyster is fuckin MASTER SIMP😂😂😂😂

    38. ベジータ

      Why dafuq was Pewds vid Copyrighted

    39. SaitamaBalooga

      imagine a swedish man and his friend recreate a song so perfectly (as amateurs nonetheless) on an alphorn and recorder that the record company has to take the revenue from the video. i love up and coming musicians, keep up the good work!

    40. Awsome Panda 12223

      You know, I think we should just come to an agreement that we are all human and we all are horrible people to some degree. Now that we have come to this agreement, we should not judge these people because we all are just as bad. You wanna know why? It is because we are all human and that is just human nature. We also shouldn't judge because we do the same things, but we just don't put it out on the internet for everyone to see. I hope you all will keep this in mind! But to be honest who cares, do what you want! Keep being toxic and keep judging because if we didn't have drama we wouldn't be entertained. Love ya scarce, you seemingly innocent news channel. I hope you keep spilling that tea and spreading the news! Catch you on the flip side! 😉👍🤣

    41. Ality Saibot

      Poki will never understand bruh fed is like me bruh that's why I live by myself and stope relationships

    42. bleu eggos

      Hey perverts leave those kids alone

    43. Henry Abhizar

      poki is like typical popular girl that close sum nerd just to get easy A in projects and then leave em.

    44. ceerw buty

      she got in bed with him and they still “friends” lmao

    45. bouytt guyt

      I can't believe Pokimane is still denying it... She's such a manipulator holy crap!

    46. Thunderfool MLit

      Fed trying to play the victim. Lmao this is exactly why offline tv kicked him out for his manipulation skills. He is deflecting and does not even talk about the fact he is sexually harrassing all these girls. He just crying over how he cant get with pokimane, how pathetic.

    47. scotlandw8

      Didn't he do rapey shit whilst thinking Yvonne was asleep though? This video's whole point is fucking pointless, he was still a creepy bastard.

      1. ceerw buty


    48. Jacqueline Nash

      Really?! He thinks the Poki stuff is worthy of “clearing” his name???.. Sorry, but that’s not why people are upset with him, for real!! It’s his lack of consent and sexual advances he gave to the 5 other girls who bravely came forward about him .. OF WHICH HE ADMITTED TO ...that is the issue!!! Talk about an ego, just let it go man. Get help, be better and take the HUGE L you deserve.

      1. bouytt guyt

        hurt and affect other people

    49. Rain Drop

      Poki even though you think you're still friends being close to him like you have been without progressing the relationship is LEADING HIM ON. Come on now. You can't be this naiive. If u saw that he kept trying to get closer to you, why didnt you distance yourself? You're not dumb.

    50. sehhi vooty

      Pewdiepie: gets copyrighted Scarce: doesn't get copyrighted

    51. jackishere

      ahh we're going back to the times of pirating music

    52. Trinity Cat 172

      did you say flute?

    53. Ailsa Ni

      holy shit so Pokimane just became the stereotypical girl, that boys are afraid of

    54. kumar01234

      The way this dude described what happened to yvonne is just awful Fed got drunk at a party. Came into yvonne rooms at night. Got in her bed and inappropriately touched her. The way this dude described it seems like fed kept giving her weird hugs and weird kisses. That is far from the truth.

      1. sehhi vooty

        Pewdiepie better just do a new one

    55. Eric Loja

      feds career is over, don't let this preditor have anything

    56. Sara Feghali

      FEDMYSTER is fucking crazy. He leaks private chat. TRIES TO FUCKING defend himself trying to be the victim.THAT"S SOOO FUCKING MEST UP

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Thanks for sharing! ??????

    57. tasedcat2

      IRflowr: 30 subs Scarce: now this next story comes from a massive IRflowr

    58. GeoXDG

      Fed simp

    59. abhi shek

      Their story is just like mine nd my ex's story 🙄

    60. Mr. Steal Yo Chicken Nuggets

      I don't think anybody should look down on the people at offline TV. When guys and girls live together, things like this are just bound to happen, especially when you're all young.

    61. Damien Alexander

      get off youtube and start your own website, put your videos on there. easy. done.

      1. yvsdaddy

        And what will they get from that???? Nothing

    62. CognizantxNight


    63. Kenneth De Mesa

      Well everybody or not have a two sides of our personality one we want them to see and another side that we don't want them to see but lets not forget the people involved will be hurt and affect other people

    64. yuh in

      16:25 but you played with his feelings which made him want to have more???

      1. yvsdaddy

        He's a predator stop defending this guy

    65. Antonio Cialfi

      Maybe, just maybe. Male mental health is actually important... and even when people accuse others, we should at least listen to the accused point of view.

    66. a person on the internet

      Ngl I feel bad for fredmyster

    67. Ge1ber

      poki feels like a shitty person

    68. Tyler bobyler

      Pewdiepie better just do a new one

    69. Tyler bobyler

      Thought this guy was dead

    70. Kathryn Bigelow

      FYI: This is already outdated. Poki responded and pointed out Fed was taking all of those screenshots extremely out of context. Watch Destiny's video for fuller context, but Fed is 200% still the bad guy here, this just makes him look even worse.

    71. Juan Cardenas

      im glad it got leaked

    72. Trü Ter

      Large companies like google (youtube) and large record labels are literally out there killing their own businesses by trying to bully others... nice

    73. Black Rose

      Man Jesus 2020 is a giant shit show I wish I was in 2010 or just not 2020

    74. oiuet souiu

      I can't believe Pokimane is still denying it... She's such a manipulator holy crap!

    75. Tara

      Why the fuck are you downplaying what Fed did? Aren't you trying to be a neutral/reliable source of news? Nice fucking job with that by downplaying the victim's experience.

    76. Charlesen Billuk

      we need dislikes on comments tbh

    77. Clarence Phan

      this irflow.info/award/tqrEbKWKyrepjqc/fy-lm-h-y.html

      1. oiuet souiu

        Bro IRflow actually responded. Im not surprised it was to charlie

    78. Zèke Arkadiaxz

      not intimate....so cuddling isn't?????????????????

    79. A Weeb

      My man Fed got NTRed so hard.... I feel so bad for him....

      1. Charlesen Billuk


      2. A Weeb

        @Charlesen Billuk Ohh... I'm sorry bruh but I don't actually play video games... so it is out of my territory...

      3. Charlesen Billuk

        @A Weeb on a sidenote Kratos is in fortnite might have to start playing ngl

      4. A Weeb

        @Charlesen Billuk np bruh :)

      5. Charlesen Billuk

        @A Weeb aahh i understand now thanks

    80. A Weeb

      Lol Susan should feel greatful for she gets to have discussions with the famous Hunger Games actor... damn... she's soo lucky!! Also wtf!! That copyright claim against pewds just doesn't make any sense!! Charlie should be the spokesperson for all these crappy policies he's going to meet her.

    81. VmR

      They should create a youtube union

    82. Joshua Aguilar

      We really should make another site like youtube lol

    83. WRXBaez

      Why do they text like they’re in middle school 💀

    84. SeeMeEthanator

      The music label wishes they could compete with pewds and ksi.

    85. Kaimana Replogle


      1. łūćæš


    86. #unicorn4life

      I feel like shit for supporting pokimane this is the last straw after all the shit she’s done this is not cool after seeing more of the document. Not ok ✋

    87. Sir ThunderCloud

      Pokimane is playing with his feelings that's f'ed up dude.

    88. Alic Snyder

      I knew the was a reason i hated that bish

    89. Jue


    90. oliver er er

      this was real sweaty chilli hot sauce stuff

    91. Flario

      Bro IRflow actually responded. Im not surprised it was to charlie

    92. Robodog334

      it's not a flute man, it's a recorder silly boi

    93. Alex Mograine

      i dont understand the pokimane drama... Makes me think of the offspring song self esteem. He should've resisted when she didnt want the same things.

    94. Dragonite Reaper

      I have a bitch radar. And it flares when i see or hear pokimane.

    95. spiderfan1974

      Some stupid youtuber's don't understand copyright law.

    96. Sergi Grajera

      Plato's apology doesn't hold a candle on this

    97. Yenni Lopez

      she’s not obligated to date someone she flirts with

      1. asioe kiou

        Yo it’s scarce I haven’t seen you since 2016

    98. rosie bee

      “didn’t like what he was doing.” yeah, people aren’t supposed to like sexual harassment & manipulative behavior, which the leaked document is an extension of. y’all love minimizing violence against women & backing up peroetrators istg

      1. andrasté

        although i agree, i think the part where poki lied and said she didn’t return those feelings is kinda shitty tbh. it kinda discredits some parts of her story, along w/ lying about the yvonne situation.

    99. Merajul Islam

      Man these 25 pages of document can not be fake, he put soul to write this! respect man!

      1. usucdik

        Sorry dude, it's already exposed as bullshit. Get better assumptions.

    100. D Logic

      God i think im more pissed to hear afte 17 min this guy dedicated YEARS and never smashed? FUCK THAT.