YouTuber Apologized for THIS... KSI, Corpse Husband, PewDiePie, TwoMad


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    1. FakeNavy

      *Pays $60 for a game* Alex Hutchinson: "they're steaming games they didn't pay for"

    2. GlassBlueShard

      This whole time I thought he said the word being rude but he was just reading it...

    3. michael johnson

      Guys, it's even worse than you think, he had to make an apology video for saying a bad word. The people it refers to can fl*cking deal with it. I don't care if someone calls me a cuss word, why should they make such a big deal about it. It is literally the same thing and it was not even directed at THEM. Why the fl*ck did anyone care!? They are dumbasses if they took offense to that, out just have extremely thin skin. Just think about it, imagine saying, "shit" on a tweet and bring forced to make an apology video for it, just because someone took offense to you referring to horse dung

    4. vux

      I'm sure you gotta pay fine shillings big dough to remove DMCA and shit twitch revives millions per month just pay it outn

    5. Maria Cisneros

      Lol people don't fucking care about Lesbian being soft about the D word

    6. chevin

      Only on Twitter will ppl be offended at something that is not directed to them.

    7. project YKON

      as what boris said.. *"very nice"*

    8. Retno Wulandari

      Hey guys it’s scarce here 🤣😂😂

    9. Rayan Ch

      what the fuck is the D word stands for ? i know the N word but wtf is the D word means ?

    10. super gamer

      Wtf Alex

    11. Ultraman 664

      you should pay a license to play a game on twitch isn't that what buying the game is

    12. Kaleb Shankles

      dumbass alex does realize they have to BUY THE FUCKING GAME!

    13. Andromeda09

      3:36 was KSI scratching his thing. :((

    14. Eli McLovin

      Some people just wants to find flaws in others so they can call them out on it. Why hate instead of doing the things you like? I mean, Corpse is such a great guy and so are the others. Now others can't hear the story of the trans because it was taken down on demand other trans. Edit: If anyone finds this offensive just let me know. Don't wanna make you upset.

    15. BigMacBobby

      4:58 ofc it’s an ACAB girl

    16. ILivenearAdogpark AndismellpoopEverywhere

      Apparently even saying a "word" can get you canceled

    17. Andrew Doan

      What is this 'D word' ??

    18. Big Brain

      wtf is the "D WORD"

    19. M/A

      They really destroying twitch and IRflow creators when we need it the most. And for like no reason whatsoever. Nowhere is safe.

    20. Sirius Shin

      What exactly is that word?

    21. Rem Rem Scarlet

      4:52 Funny how they said they had trauma yet they called themselves that alot. They're a hypocrite

    22. I Be Bitchin

      Who else wants to start a witch hunt cause that precious baby boi was getting hated on blindly and for something he had no knowledge of, like come on of all the things in the world to get mad about it was something fairly minor compared to EVERYTHING ELSE

    23. 420e someone come play i found a new game lmao

      1. 420e

        my user is R_301000

    24. Ст҃ѣ́йшїй Патрїа́рхъ Кѷрі́ллъ

      Corpse don’t apologise. You never called anyone a dyke, you narrated the bloody word XD

    25. Ст҃ѣ́йшїй Патрїа́рхъ Кѷрі́ллъ

      When you see someone that has blm and acab in their username, just ignore them.

    26. ẞoopZ Er

      What is the d word

    27. Kastriot Krasniqi

      what is the d-word?

    28. HandGrenades 4Balls

      It's official: IRflow and Twitch are run by Karens

    29. hugh janus

      I know this is odd but what is the 'd' word

    30. alexander

      d word?????

    31. Beenixice

      perhaps this is the best news channel

    32. mr_tete

      The fact that Corpse has to apologise for this is just insane.

    33. Liam Fraser

      "I actually want you guys to take a look at this here" *dominos ad starts playing*

    34. Noble Six

      Jesus christ can we criminally charge all of the snowflakes that make little things into big things that could potentially ruin peoples lives? The grooming shit deserves attention, not saying "dike" for fuck sakes.

    35. Cholorox Bleach

      A-word;B-word;C-word;D-word;E-word;F-word;G-word;H-word;I-word;J-word;K-word;L-word;M-word;N-word;O-word;P-word;Q-word;R-word;S-word;T-word;U-word;V-word;W-word;X-word;Y-word;Z-word; WHICH WORD IS IT FFS I HATE THIS WORD GATE KEEPING

    36. Phantom Player

      Forgive my ignorance but wtf is this so called d word ?

    37. Garu

      5:50 I don't

    38. Jude Hutcheson

      My stream got deleted so I just moved to Facebook streaming lmao

    39. chase woodson

      What’s the D word

    40. Vargr

      Are people really that sensitive? It was a story, not his personal opinion.

    41. SighFactory

      Freaking out over a word used in a story and narrative context is just about the saddest thing I can imagine. For the love of god it wasnt even a negative message- it was about said demographics struggles and a window into said struggle.

    42. Scubaknight

      what is the D word lol

    43. Scubaknight

      dang tf is happening

    44. Ironbanner 12

      But gamers DO pay for the games. By buying it.

    45. Noviosity

      *waits for a platform that ain't money hungry and business driven*

    46. Noviosity

      Lmfao... Embarrassing, poor ksi. Atleast he tried to play it off. That guy on Twitter in the first section... Big oof

    47. SovietKenobi69

      Bruh what the hell the Corpse thing was so unnecessary a bunch of little snowflakes

    48. The Dude

      People are dying from starvation, war, slavery, and many other horrible things, these people are using the internet right? Damn people have such weak minds

    49. Heeathen

      This is why people need to get bullied.

    50. Nightmare

      Grass Block disapproves this

    51. jake Mate

      Wtf is a d word?

    52. Rozie

      Lesbian: i don't want to cancel him but i just want him to be cancel

    53. Yanthungbemo Ezong

      Jesus.. apologize for this, apologize for that.

    54. Vilém Kostka

      LeL I dont even know what d word he means xD Maybe its Eng is not my main language but i cant think of offensive trans d word....

    55. LiVeen

      "Hes verified on Twitter so he must be a very important person" bro I'm verified on IRflow and noone knows who I am

      1. ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ

        lmao- I'm sorry man

    56. riddlekillerkiller

      these people getting offended over a fucking word...

    57. Snudge

      Twitter is dumb

    58. caiogamer 2002

      whats the d word?

    59. BakiWho

      dont apologize for saying trans when there still is white supremacy going around

    60. Min Khant Zaw

      Q Qlaka,akakama,a,,a,a,mama,aka,ma’am,a,a

    61. S11_4

      When I was 5 years old I said I hated potatoes, I feel guilty and i know I should go to jail, I feel bad for all the potato lovers , and I wanna apologize for all them farmers who planted ,grew and harvested the potatoes just so that 5 year old me could say that.

    62. JustYourAverageGamer

      4:49 of course is the blm, acab girl 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    63. AG Kussun

      Thb its Stupid

    64. Kaspars

      Whats the d word

    65. Nazmus Sakib

      I am not white enough to know what the D word means.

    66. Beast the Grim executioner

      "I'm not canceling him, I'm just giving a reason for people to cancel him" Twitter 2020

    67. Funny Bunny

      CONTEXT PEOPLE, the word was used in a story he didn’t call someone the d word

    68. Gunnie

      Damn, I didn't think Corpse was so spineless. Dude wants to talk about "offending trans" or supporting trans" or whatever, but what about the person who submitted that story? Just had his/her voice completely erased from his channel because some bitch decided her feelings mattered more than an important, contextual experience. What the fuck. TEST EDIT:: Huh. Looks like any comment containing "the D word" just gets shadowbanned.

    69. Salty

      Tf is the "d word" nd what does it mean

    70. cudan

      What tf is IRflow up to

    71. Deep fried Lost children

      What's the d word anyway

    72. Ray Mak

      Yeah even on music playing accidentally in the background by neighbors.

      1. stank

        @Jevil its a dead video

      2. Jevil

        Bruh, no replys on ray mark comment

    73. Atl Qua

      I wouldn’t have apologized for shit , grow df up

    74. ???

      I don't want to cancel them... BUT

    75. crosby

      that corpse thing is bullshit

    76. Alan walkerv

      IRflow warned not my age... My all video get automatically for not age

    77. Pepsi Man

      People get but hurt for no reason

    78. Pepsi Man

      That’s bull shit people want COPSES RUN TO END it’s pointless he’s a good guy he feels bad because for saying it I hate people like that it was his past this is only I watched that video when it came out and he wanted to express this persons story and tell the whole thing

    79. SimpTM

      "omg a youtuber said a word that offended me I don't want to get him cancelled but I'll still tweet about it so that he can feel guilty." Like. Srsly? CORPSE swears all the time so why doesn't that affect all you soft bitches actin so innocent. Imagine being offended by a word being said in the narration of the story. CORPSE already has many issues in his life so I don't think he needs your selfish ass as one of them. He has many anxiety problems but is always as kind as he can possibly. He always radiates wholesome energy so, please, get a life.

    80. Minedude33Gaming

      Bruh, the D-word was thrown around in my school like it was the letter A. I wanna see anyone on twitter come to my fucking school and try to survive for at least a minute.

    81. Minedude33Gaming

      Hi yeah I paid for this game to play. Some corporate business: M O R E

    82. Jose Ventura

      Whats the D word?

    83. SonaraZ

      How much would you pay for me to bomb dmca

    84. Tuke

      Can people please stop apologizing (or how ever the fuck thats spelled) for a word or a act they did in the medieval ages once so these snowflakes could grow up

    85. Anthony Le

      I should point out that a IRflowr used to be named Rob Dike had to change his last name of Dike because of the words new context now.

    86. Aldo Perez

      Ok the corpse thing is dumb asf literally it’s like when the English teacher says a curse word or the n word in “To kill a mockingbird” when it’s part of a story/text and they aren’t saying it themselves

    87. Noteable J

      Ksi is just a lower version of etika

    88. mrmike

      Leafy channel fortnite live event something is happening

    89. Feels

      Imagine paying the game you love

    90. kanevivi

      So.... I'm gonna get some flack for this I'm sure, but the first time I heard the word dyke was in a man's name, then when I heard it used I thought it was to represent a more butch type woman in a lesbian relationship. Apparently it was used to offend people.... ok. I called my my friend in front of his family a lazy ass n and they didnt attack me. They didnt demand I apologize. Because I was venting the fact they owed me over 500 dollars, yet had no job, wasnt actively looking for a job, or trying to find a way to pay me back. He is the reason I dont help people with money. I was taught by many generations of people. With varying views on the world, and how its suppost to be. The reason I say all that is this. The world we see now is ever changing, but in alot of ways it's been done in ways that hurts the way people are. They have grown to think of this upset me let's attack someone. Honestly by the sounds of it that story was someone's life. The way I'm sure the old woman used the word was meant to be offensive, but not everyone will use it that way or mean ill intent with it. To my friend it woke him up to the fact I was done with his crap, and his family hadn't known he had borrowed money from me. So it got them to start pushing him to try and better himself. Words are strong things, but it's also how we use it that should be taken into consideration. You by being offended just silenced someone else's story being told. Congrats your just as much a hateful person as that old woman that actually meant to be harmful with that word. The world is much harsher and colder then it used to be, and the virus hasnt helped that. So maybe everyone before you go and get offended take a second and breath and think before you act?

    91. Xenophenix3

      People could say the n word and people would still be more mad at corpse

    92. LILSlavic

      Wait “dike” is an offensive word? Since when bruh

      1. LILSlavic

        @TheReptain on god

      2. TheReptain

        The world is just stupid thats all

    93. amp

      could corpse husband put on a faker voice?

    94. Hircine

      It doesn’t matter if you delete them

    95. Ady_drumming

      alex hutchinson thinks he is a smart ass but game devs would never even think about taking money from streamers or youtubers because its free publicity infact its quite the contrary as people give money to streamers to play their games

    96. Dull Productions

      May as well censor youtube chat

    97. HoppingSnake290


    98. Roadhog360

      I'm still struggling to understand what this d-word is that offended people.

    99. Tysard

      Man I love Corpse. He's so innocent and would never intentionally hurt anyone. Unless he's imposter...

      1. Happy

        He is not “innocent” but atleast he is a good person and a generous guy.

    100. bill&clara weaver

      Tom MacDonald need to start rapping again about softies on the Internet (just in case if Tom sees this) ( you don't actually have to becaue if you do I'll feel like a douche recommending a song and putting more weight on you when you have enough already on your plate)