YouTubers Have Some Explaining to Do... Logan Paul, Dream, Pyrocynical, Kiwiz, Fitz & Pokimane


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    1. Oh well

      Screw Logan Paul. Such a piece of human garbage. Sad to see any youtubers support him. All of those You tubers who do are going on my don’t support list. Not like I watched any of them anyhow.

    2. VentureCAM ツ

      As a hockey player if Evander Kayne fought Logan Paul, Logan would be leaving via airlift


      hahaha poki just got fucking expose sucks to be her

    4. Game Zee

      dream isnt logan paul no way he is not a fighter so cunfuzed

    5. VN

      Logan has a garden behind his house tho...

    6. skid skeleton

      Loagn Paul

    7. NavixFPS

      Add callmecarson to the group

    8. DKsaNn Kat

      pokimane looks like a frkn egg anyways 🥚

    9. ZachAttack1380

      Ok I'm not a dream stan nor an addison rae stan I don't care but the crap they did to addison is unacceptable

    10. Destroyed Alpha


    11. Dylan Ballog

      When pokimane doesn’t get banned from twitch for showing literal porn but this man get banned for a split second of nudity in a game mod that he didnt even notice...

    12. I have a wimpy cat

      I think Steve is minecraft Steve

    13. Elit3 Killer253

      Pyrocinical is a freak bruh😂😂

      1. Elit3 Killer253

        @Karme I'm just talking about the furry stuff bruh mans is a FREAK

      2. Karme

        Looks like you haven't seen his response.

    14. Boppity-Oscar

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    15. Angel0165

      Omg logan is going to be fighting on my birthday i love this year

    16. Exceed

      Turkey Tom just turned on the homie Pyro lmao.

    17. Evraldwolf

      IRflow is turning into a war zone

    18. MustBJelly

      I'm lookin at this girl and I'm like yo Fuck pokemane dawg, lvl up to a bad bitch

    19. giraffewarrior

      proof that dreams followers are all like 11 years old

    20. Guy Guyson

      I don’t trust Austin he’s not even a real broom

    21. Jqydxn

      Luckily pyro didn't get into Morgz Fest

    22. Xman

      Bit bad that dream hopped on his second channel to make a post instead of his main channel replying to the situation

    23. Master Ares

      Dream fans can be the most toxic people on the internet

    24. Joe Rush

      Why don’t you become a news caster at this point I used to watch you years ago

    25. ThisGalaxyCat

      Minecraft Steve

    26. unk

      not to gas up the paul brothers, but austin mcbroom could get smoked by an 8 year old

    27. NixieNoo

      I’m a bit late but when I heard Vinny Vinesauce I screamed, I totally forgot that he accidentally showed nudity in a stream

    28. Keistin, just Keistin

      Ding ding ding we have a winner!!

    29. Nexro

      No wonder why dream hates his fans so much

    30. Jl Rooster

      How can anyone stand critikalz voice?

    31. Damarion Swain

      Unless someone is cheating on someone else then who cares if someone got their feelings hurt and who care who gets with who, let people live their lives because most of you know what it’s like when your crush or someone you’re are into ends up with someone else

    32. henry

      delete scarces channels

    33. Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Someone please knock out Austin mcbroom for calling himself daddy

    34. AV524

      Pyro just came out with a response video explaining everything better.

    35. popcam87

      Unfortunately Addison Rae is racist lol

    36. Huntsman023

      Pyro clutched the W today boys

    37. Choinkus

      Video: Top IRflowrs exposed as literal pedos Comments: DrEaM sTaNs

      1. Bacalhau à água

        Well Pyrocynical isn't a pedo

      2. C3RU1EAN

        fr like😐y’all got anything else to bitch about?

    38. Mookan Kandiah

      Logan lost to freakin KSI no way Logan wins

    39. Pat Possum

      Dream makes me uncomfortable tbh but his fans are super fucking stupid.

    40. Someone

      Lol pyros gay?

    41. Aaron D

      Wait I’m actually confused. People were trying to cancel Addison for receiving mail?

    42. Al Capone

      who looks at fitz and says “yeah im gettin that fsho”

    43. Adam Sliman

      IRflow: shoots angryjoe Angryjoe: wtf IRflow: sorry, frendlyfire

    44. BionicallyAComputer


    45. Oskar Hoff-Lund (Odie_theodie)

      Steve from Gamers Nexus

    46. Oskar Hoff-Lund (Odie_theodie)

      Dream stans cancelling a Dream fan for having Dream merch hmm

    47. CodenameWASHINGTON

      Dream aaand his stans are just bad man, he just sucks thats it

    48. Ember Dragon

      Me: Sees Dream in the same sentence as Pyrocynical and Logan Paul Also me: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    49. shisui my beloved

      nobody commenting about pyro......

    50. Mahmut Kerem Biçer

      Dream and Pyro wtf guys :(

      1. Krishnanand KJ

        Pyro made a response to the whole situation which was a good response which proves that he is innocent and not a groomer. We are still waiting for dream to make a response.

    51. Ghost In A Hat

      I never watched Dream and quite honestly I'm kinda happy that I didn't because of the fan base. Even knowing this I might watch his videos to really see what all the fuss is about him. Even knowing that he's one of the most fastest growing youtubers on the platform to date rn. Hope I don't get bombarded with hate for not knowing that much about dream y'know.

    52. The Mixer

      Dream is what happens if you rush a fan base. You have no loyal or right in the minds fans

    53. weed eater

      Everyone gangster till Logan Paul challenges *Mike Tyson* to a fight.

    54. Irookie5

      Dude Austin would get his shit kicked in

    55. Vary UwU

      Dream STANS are awful people dream FANS are better the stand are awful and annoying and weird I love dream for his content he’s a great creator

    56. Slash

      Stand back from Minecraft man or we will attack wtf lmao

    57. kijogi

      Tbh i want all of them to get tf smacked out of them

    58. Leonardo M Torres

      It's actually insane how Pokimane always tries to be involved in some kind of drama so her name doesn't fade out and people keep talking about her

    59. Nothing

      Are we really trusting KEEMSTAR? The guy who doesn't give a shit about doing the right thing, and only views? The guy who's been revealed multiple times to blatantly lie for more clicks?

    60. 30,000 Feet High

      Honestly Charlie better be one of the mediators. He would be perfect

    61. Troy Conran

      Thats my birthday

    62. Thiccbat

      Bruh Austin’s skinny ass thinks he can beat Logan

    63. Judgmental Animal

      Those are probably crazy dream fans who want him to be gay for the sake of their ship.

    64. Tsmslightlylonely

      Where lebron at

    65. Kick Nrompton

      Charlie is the Jesus of IRflow

    66. Quaintless

      I really hope mayweather beats the fucking snot out of Logan Paul.

    67. 0zzy 0sb0urne

      Austin's video made me cringe. Please tell me im not the only one

    68. Vladimir Makarov


    69. Chad Plays

      You forgot Mini Ladd.

    70. God

      dream cheats on his plays so i expect his fans to be as bad as him

    71. M3 Stuart

      Dream says it's embarrassing but he would go on to describe stans as just normal fans. Lord Jesus christ what is he doing right now.

    72. Josh Eckersley

      Austin is the only person on the internet worse than Jake Paul so I see this as a win win

    73. Korn Flakez

      As a Dream stan, it's really embarrassing to see those people in the fandom act up like that. It puts a bad name for us, and it breaks my heart to see people in this comment section call us "mentally ill", I'm really sorry about this. I hate being attacked for being a Dream stan on twitter, I really do. Sometimes I just feel like just leaving the fandom. This is why we cant have nice things. Just know that yes there are some idiots here and there, but there are also many very talented creators in this fandom that are actually RESPECTFUL. Dont let some out of context tweets or fucked up comment sections change your view on us please. I know we're better than that.

    74. Phat Balls

      I just want to know what's all of this crazy shit involving IRflowrs

    75. kurtis conner's forgotten extra greeting

      About the whole Dream situation... his video on his DreamXD channel really cleared things up along with his 2nd Twitter. He isn't completely innocent, i know. But he really helped me through tough times.

    76. moist apple sauce

      Bruh let the minecraft kid have his girl

    77. Anime What Ifs - plus ultra

      Forgot who this guy was for a sec, thought the channel was called sauce

    78. Your soul, Hand it over

      aftert logan paul beat ksi, he thought he was the best and a god. but now he's about to die which is funny.

      1. A Wolf

        @Your soul, Hand it over neither do I I'm just saying it was pretty bug last year

      2. Your soul, Hand it over

        @A Wolf I don't watch Logan paul or ksi. They're both terrible youtubers

      3. Your soul, Hand it over

        Also, either way, he's gonna die

      4. A Wolf

        Ksi beat logan paul lmao where you been

    79. Aplip

      When scarce said sent pictures to a minor i thought he meant miner, yikes

    80. Metro Tmobile

      *Gets expose as a predator* Response A: "I was in a dark place..." Response B: "I'm going to step away from the internet for awhile for my mental health" Response C: "I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement and I don't expect to forgiven, I'm just here to apologize."

    81. Peter Real last name

      what if its actually Steve from Gamers Nexus, that would be a twist

    82. Peter Real last name

      youtube closed both eye and slammed the ban hammer lmao

    83. Tylerisntasheep

      Very mad youtube is not allowing me to change my pfp

    84. WestCoast Review

      Fitz is just laying pipe all over YT

    85. Ehfoiwehfow Jedioheoih

      Wait people are freaking out about a 19 year old and a 15 year old.......

    86. Vnexity

      I hate the paul brothers but I really hope they drop that guy from ace family

    87. Kris Knan

      These dream stans have such a hive mind its unbelievable. Literal mental illness.

    88. hecks

      Minecraft Steve

    89. Felix

      Austin gonna get rocked. Absolutely cringe what he did.

    90. wartygourd

      Austin is not. a good person.

    91. Facelessman

      I just wanna say Pyro didn't groom Ivory. What he did wasn't grooming. People who disagree and think he groomed Ivory are stupid.

    92. Varun Kansal

      Ngl Logan is pretty Good looking

    93. Captain Bruh

      Is it just me or is Dream a massive douche? He uses his shitty fans to get what he wants and rarely points out how toxic they are. There’s also quite a bit of proof that he’s faked his speedruns, and as far as I know, he’s gotten his sub 20 minute speedrun take off of

    94. Amirul Hakim

      The women caster that interview Logal Paul is terrible horrible VERY!

    95. Pallamby

      Scarce vids are weird now, it goes from kiddie diddlers to high school drama so fast

    96. Sjcaptain

      Pokimane is pimping out these male creators and I fully support it.

    97. Mitchob1012

      Oh shit Scarce is still a thing

    98. Ericcc

      Wow just embarrassing moment for dream. His own fans are embarrassing him. That's sad

    99. Matthew Brown (meggamatty)

      Dream fans suck

    100. FritoSoldier

      Fighting for Clout? 💔🙈