YouTuber Faces Allegations... CallMeCarson, Corpse Husband, Slimecicle, FaZe Banks


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    1. Morningstar Diciemia

      idk carson was talking weird but she was just as encouraging was she not

    2. A delicious taco

      Even Keemstar and the girl BOTH said Carson wasn't a pedophile, and people still call him a pedophile. What?

    3. AnteSocial86

      My only take away from this is why the fuck do content creaters have to keep censoring the word paedophile? If they were discussing a murder, would they be censoring the word "murderer"?

    4. Paul Causey

      Imagine getting scared of a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate 🤡🤡🤡

    5. Uros Kranjc

      These people are delusional!

    6. Attack Helicopter

      They sent a couple nudes to each other oh know 😱

    7. Attack Helicopter

      Carson was 19 and she was 17????? Are you joking?? People in uproar because of this America you are so backwards!!!!

    8. BunnyWolfe 26

      So if you are dating someone who wasn’t born on the same day as you, and your both below 18 if you turn 18 and they are still 17 a month or 2 your a criminal

    9. Krisztián Győrfi

      Slimecicle took that waay too far

    10. Matthew Boon

      Tad late but here from gradeAunderA's video

    11. Giovanni Egidio

      Not agreeing with it but I love how they say a “child”... 😂 she is 17 she can make her own choices. She a damn near an adult who from the text clearly interacted with him. 😂😂 not tryna assume but she felt guilty after the fact

    12. moh moss

      holy f youtube ppl are like kids seriusly just make videos and shut up, so much toxic ppl and jealsue ppl

      1. Jaiden

        @moh moss that makes sense now

      2. moh moss

        @Jaiden hahaha me tarazan me never good typing

      3. Jaiden

        These typos make me cringe ngl

    13. Why Hello There

      Kinda funny Corpse here saying he has a "illness" regarding his voice and might stop since he might not be able to talk, but a few months later he collabs and sings pretty much 50 percent of the song lmao.....

    14. Jag Girl

      I love CORPSE Husband....Very sad to hear of his bad health issues. 🥺 17, I know in some states she's a minor. I was dating a 22 yr old when I was 17. Married him when I was 20. It would be different if the guy was way older....But 17 is a very touchy subject. 17 and 19...really? Like what the actual. USA has a lot of good laws, but they also have some crappy ones.

    15. 8-bit Zeedty

      If's been 3 months scarce Where were you?

    16. RIsForRyan Second

      Still upset that all of that happened. Things are definitely not gonna be the same anymore, and still aren’t. Don’t know what else to say, to be honest.

    17. spooky

      he kinda looks like dababy

      1. Jaiden


    18. Fettuccine

      For those who’re unaware, Scarce has gone back to college to pursue his other dream job as a way for him to have an actual job for whenever IRflow is no longer a thing for him. My man’s gettin his edumacation, lesss gooo

    19. IRushTG

      Where my boi go

    20. Barack Mo Bamba


    21. MercPlays

      Every day that I wake up and realize Keem is still alive makes me sad.

      1. Jaiden

        Trust me We all do

      2. Jack Quest

        Ok that makes sense

    22. Martha Herrera

      This video was not uploaded 2 months ago its feel like 4 or 5 months

    23. CJ HK



      SCAAAAARCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE we miss u buddy 😢

    25. Please boi

      It's about to be 3 months

    26. Chris Rodriguez

      Scarce I hope you’re doing well wherever you are!

    27. JaoPao

      Well it's sad to see the one chance we had at triumphing a tyrant of a news channel has vanished, I hope he returns

      1. Bruhhh

        Your prayers worked

    28. caynineR

      Dudee please cover the drama with Vinny Vinesauce accused of SA. People need to see this

    29. Antonio Rojas Sanchez


      1. Antonio Rojas Sanchez

        @dante espey nah man, he just hypes the only "interesting news" like its the best thing you'll watch

      2. dante espey

        he can never keemstar is more entertaining

    30. TRS

      Scarce is fine guys, he’s just taking some time off, he’ll be back when he’s fresh.. He sends his love tho

    31. Roy

      Scarce, why you so scarce these days

    32. Hi Hola

      Where you at bro

    33. Little Pepega

      Yo, upload already

    34. Sconosciut0

      and he's gone

    35. jojo jostar

      this was 2 months ago wtf happened. dude i need more vids on drama

    36. OhmygodicantbelieveyoureadthispleasegetalifemyguyO

      Ayo, hurry back with the milk. I can't eat cereal by itself.

    37. bøgman

      I just want to say that I'm happy for you scarce. Glad to see you in College and building up your future. If your father was here he would be very proud. Love your channel and as always good luck :D

    38. DJ Leanczar

      We need scarce now more than ever :(

    39. Noah Barrientos’s 1

      Scarce I miss you

    40. -

      Damn scarce has been kinda scarce lately

    41. Zursty

      forgot abt this man where is he

    42. Vapid Sphinx

      Where’s scarce:(

    43. Azures

      remember when scarce post 2-3 videos each day.

    44. Aryan boy

      Where are u bruh common u lost somewhere

    45. TheLastThingYouSeeBeforeYouGetGameEnded

      Dang, he hasn't posted in nearly 3 months, guess you could say his channel is looking pretty scarce.

      1. ArticFox 123

        bro why just why good joke but why

    46. Pacer

      @Scarce why even have a channel anymore lol

    47. mr taco

      Where are YOU

    48. zazoe

      And then he vanished

    49. Paula Rios Rivera

      hope you're doing scarce :)

    50. GHspearo

      Scarce is like a prisoner he's in and out

    51. Aaron Hernandez

      Bro I miss you..

    52. R3yT

      When u coming back bro :/

    53. Troy Yang

      Where Scarce

    54. Lumine -

      For those who don't know, Scarce is working on getting his degree. He stated on Twitter that he doesn't think the IRflow job will be something he does for a long time. He is in college while doing IRflow. He's not dead or missing!

      1. Fishtankk

        I guess the allegations were his last straw

      2. Hannah Louise

        Just miss him 😪

      3. Mrpug

        Thank u

      4. dumb267

        Thank you

      5. ABCDyeahyeah

        Respect the hustle!

    55. Michael Jackson

      what happened to scarce :(

      1. MC Layer

        Scarce had made many enemies by lying in his drama videos so I wouldn't be suprised if someone took him out

    56. Elias Worley

      Scarce we love you. Come back when you can.

    57. ThePaperBandit

      Daddy where the fuck you at

    58. Ben Jackson

      Come back babe

    59. Matthew Carter

      Scarce get tf back to making videos please :(

    60. Steve H

      Come on, Scarce. If Grade can do it, you can do it.

    61. Icy meel

      He in college i think

      1. Everardo Paz

        @MC Layer i just heard about that

      2. Icy meel

        @MC Layer He usually dissappear and come back months later

      3. MC Layer

        @Icy meel nope he is ELIMINATED

      4. Icy meel

        @MC Layer he could be taking a break

      5. MC Layer

        that was 3 years ago tho

    62. DeathW!sh

      dont worry guys he will be back. he always does

    63. Obi Wan Kenobi

      Father come back 😔

    64. Runningjellyfish 113

      He left like my dad...😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Diem Q

        Win the lottery. Your dad will run in your arms again

      2. TheRealDealer

        Stanned loona Jkjkjk bro sorry that ur dad left tho

    65. i love food

      News channel upload everyday not once a year

    66. Casually Casual

      His content is (drumroll please) ......... scarce.

      1. GodRexzYT


    67. Casually Casual

      Hey uh...bro, where ya at? You ok?

      1. MC Layer

        @Casually Casual true but he still got enemy tho

      2. Casually Casual

        @MC Layer nah hes the best news source on youtube🔥

      3. MC Layer

        Scarce had made many enemies by lying in his drama videos so I wouldn't be suprised if someone took him out

    68. Baba Boobo

      Scarce what the fuck! this is not how you treat your fanbase

    69. Fatemeh

      Com back

    70. Dingle Puss


    71. Eden Ras yaron

      Wheres scarce?

    72. somethun

      mans just left for 2 months like its nothing, prolly just lookin for the right cigar brand

    73. Ares Donachelo What happened?

      1. MC Layer

        Scarce had made many enemies by lying in his drama videos so I wouldn't be suprised if someone took him out

    74. - Alex-

      Where's scarce

    75. John F. Kennedy

      you're gonna disappear on us again?

    76. paul

      scarce its been a few months since you passed on, hope heaven treats you well buddy. you were the one true pure youtuber

    77. Shifty Memes

      Where the scarce man at?

    78. Uc Poison

      Bruh, there's way too much news and you need to report on it.

    79. Tysard

      Damn, no new videos since January. Guess you can say new content from this channel is starting to get pretty scarce.

    80. Luna gaming

      we need more posts

    81. Luna gaming

      were are you

    82. Keven Veski

      ayo u havent uploaded for 2 months!u good man=

    83. RationalPragmatist

      Scare is here today, gone tomorrow, here today, gone for months...

    84. Quillyik

      Technically dating a 17 yr old as a 19 yr old is not illegal due to romeo and juliet laws. Similar laws exist all over europe, the rule is usually 4 yr diff. The issue here is him using someone in a disproportionate powerposition for sexual favors. He should own up to it and apologize and try to make things right. I do not believe carson to be an evil person and I feel that the whole thing with slimecicle and the others distancing themselves is simply damage control on their half. Virtue signaling even.

    85. samsbitter

      And like that, he was gone. I’ll see you another time scarce.

    86. HyperMorph

      Randomly thought about you while realizing that I’ve somehow drifted to watching keemstar instead of you. You coming back?

    87. Jatin Wane

      I think he's gonna come back for the vlog squad stuff that's been going on.

    88. BongoBlack


    89. Tony Silverquill

      This guy don’t age

    90. JustJango

      Don't worry he'll remember his youtube password eventually.

    91. Random wifebeater

      Come back scarce

    92. Shaun Kaz

      rip scarce

    93. Forwhy 22

      the tea is not hot. It’s disgusting how often youtubers are getting canceled because of SA allegations.

    94. Preston Marlowe

      🌳🙎‍♂️hey whats up its scares here

    95. Femurists

      Hey scarce please come back I don’t want to watch keem anymore

    96. Korey Robinson

      Please upload Scarce! I miss the youtube drama recaps!

    97. Butter Dog

      Where are you scarce😔

    98. Ethan Smith

      Scarce you good?

    99. your friend you forgot about

      Bruh scarce where did you go 🥺💞

    100. displayedflea93

      where are u my dude

      1. displayedflea93

        ur missing the david and dom thing