Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Was Rigged? Leafy, James Charles, David Dobrik, Pete Davidson


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    1. Sultry

      LOL CTE??? Cmon Jake?

    2. GechlangX

      he had brain damage ever since he was born

    3. Jack Gath

      It's all the drugs and drinking he has been doing

    4. Hope Yukizmizu

      for $5m Cut id also take a dive like Askren, fair trade

    5. Peter Lewis

      why is the word sexual being blurred and bleeped?????????? I am confusion.

    6. Halim Habibzad

      You dont even know if you have cte until you’re dead

    7. Red Solo

      Leafy sucks

    8. Joseph Obrien

      Don't know if you ever saw Ben askren in UFC before masvidal. Dude can take a lunch, not so much the knee😂

    9. Joseph Obrien

      Fake fight got them some real money

    10. Leon Kekić

      How can you have brain damage without brain

    11. Kristjan Þór Kristjánsson

      Jesus jake looks so much worse then he did a year ago

    12. H2Otoonz Wazgood

      You sound like Conner from cyberlife

    13. Dogecoin Genius

      Fuck censorship

    14. Flake

      I don’t think he has a brain

    15. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Jake Paul has brain damage where’s the new news

    16. KRS Studios

      I feel like I get CTE just looking at Jake Paul

    17. Nick Mann

      Chris Jericho mad because he never made that much on a fake fight.

    18. ㄒ乇卂

      Kreek on scarce channel ?

    19. lukadj

      I think he didnt get brain damage from the boxing

    20. dujsuhannsnsna

      we all knew jake paul had brain damage

    21. David

      rip Leafy:(

    22. Wilhelm GreyHeart


    23. SHAÐŶ X

      How the fuck do you accuse someone of sexual assault when you where just about to have a threesome, people's logic these days totally blows me out of my fucking mind

      1. ㄒ乇卂


    24. AldiM

      Mah boi Zealand

    25. Pilotic

      Didn't like leafy before but now I like him and would like to see him come back, weird

    26. max bricker

      Bruh jake, you’re already braindead, cant lose more braincells if you aint got any.

    27. King Creedo

      When being a loser earns you money

    28. Youngcabbage1

      No fucking shit it was rigged 😐 any other fight they wouldn’t have ended it after he got back up. Like what the fuck?

    29. agent2800

      Interesting how you don’t talk more severely about the disgusting thing James Charles has done...not in the same fashion as EDP

    30. Dreamz

      so Dom's gonna donate money to try and hide the fact that he did sum messed up stuff lmao

    31. Ezkro Lynx

      We didn't need a brain scanner to tell that Jake had brain problems.

    32. Joshua Valdez

      He went from famous IRflowr to Disney star to F-Boy to a boxer.

    33. I Have A Laser Gun

      James make me wanna 🤮

    34. J o n a t h a n

      Ben Askren can take a punch yet a guy whos a youtuber a amateur floor the guy. the fight was rigged

    35. Hopeass

      That all makes sense jake it all make sense...

    36. Vasil Kraev

      So wait dom had a month or so to respond and thats a problem while the girl had 3 fucking years.... Umm women logic

    37. Lansing JP

      Bro, the thumbnail... that has to be one of the UGLIEST haircuts I have EVER seen! Shit looks like a New York City Rat Toopay

    38. Unchained Wings

      Even if it wasn't rigged Ben Askren isn't a boxer. I would love to see them box boxers or fight these people in their fields. Ben Askren has been known to have weak hands but grappling and wrestling are different.

    39. K B

      I thought cte can only be diagnosed by taking slices of the brain out after death, so Jake Paul is acting once again

    40. _JR_

      SO CAP

    41. Pancake Potato

      4:25 he didn’t even get knocked down he just fell down and was about to get up. The reef called it to early

    42. EYUR

      Let's be real, Jake's had mild CTE since birth

      1. makayla farley


    43. Straight white male and PROUD

      Bruh Jake had brain damage waaaaay before any "boxing" fight

    44. Benda

      Since when is Jake Paul having brain damage news? i thought this was well known

    45. User User

      Dom looks very predatory,okay u donate and that's supposed to fix everything! ?

    46. User User

      YES! good on u morphe!

    47. Ben Boy RD

      Oh no i watched it live and i dont remember it being censored lol but i dont remember the question either lmao

    48. Truth Shroom

      Steroids maybe. Also leafy could just make a new account couldn't he?

    49. Brody B

      I thought jake had brain damage since day 1

    50. Squid-Boy

      Jake don't worry about brain damage you can't get lower than 0

    51. kidmakesshittycontent


    52. matt lebreton

      block chain media will make fb, youtube, and twitter their lil bitch.

    53. j Burt

      Every one of his fights was rigged

    54. Victor Wagg

      It’s was censored in the rebroadcast. It went out live

    55. Dr Krazzy

      He was letting kid have the spotlight , he doesn’t care

    56. I think I Know

      He’s always had brain damage

    57. Cgl_Aspect

      To be honest jake Paul already has brain damage

    58. TooManyChoices1

      Lmao 😂 “rigged”... When has Ben Askren ever thrown a correct punch!?!?!?? If by “rigged”, you mean Jake Paul hand picked a 40+ year old man that had a hip replacement and never learned how to strike while still being an amazing wrestler technician in MMA, then sure, it was “rigged”... 🥴

    59. Common Sence

      Leafy needs to move to Florida or Texas.

    60. Jabber Wock

      It's the truth though. Jake Paul has brain damage, although not from boxing, it's just the way it is.

    61. Derrick Allen

      He’s going to use that to get out of the shit he’s in now .

    62. Layhton Medicinecrow

      Jake Paul had CTE before he started fighting

    63. Pyro Sphynx

      He is just naturally dumb

    64. Ebay Account

      Fight was totally rigged. I think the reff stopped it early.

    65. Soundless

      Wasn’t rigged he just didn’t care he wanted his paycheck

    66. MMj Coop's Vlogs

      This shit is fake you can tell threw the fight

    67. goodyboygaming

      he had brain damage before the boxing

    68. I will be ANIME KING

      Maybe but his next fight will be easy to tell and if his brother beats floyd mayweather it was rigged

    69. Dragon Meatloaf

      How tf does Jake and Logen even have a platform 🤦‍♂️

    70. Aqbal Ahmaddi

      the fight was real you don't know about it lmof your just a kid from highschool go do some homwork

    71. David McNeil

      What ufc fighter doesn’t have EARLY signs of CTE.?

    72. Kyle danger king

      Fun fact:jake paul fought on my birthday Just a fact I'm not really a fan of the guy

    73. Melvin

      I hate jakes voice

    74. Mo' Ami'

      I love watching Scarce's videos even though I don't know what the hell is going on.

    75. A. Joe

      CTE only shows up during an autopsy. Liar! Askren was rigged. Askren looked like a gallon of Vanilla Ice cream. Never got a scratch or, an injury. Didn't even show up to fight.

    76. Suad678

      6:22 compared to paying for a shitty fight Alex should spend the rest of his life reflecting on his poor decisions...

    77. MouseRat

      Pretty sure Jake Paul had brain damage before he started boxing.....

    78. Chacha Anderson

      We’ll fight sim real fighters and quit picking ur fights p.s ur fans r fake as you

    79. Scott Cuthill

      Gay Charles

    80. Matthew Boehme

      Ben Askren threw harder then ibuypower in csgo LMAO

    81. Jamaal

      Leafy: insults pokimain all her online boyfriends: and i took that personally

    82. smilely

      They're all rigged, even the Connor Mayweather fight was rigged. Do you really think these fighters who make millions per minute in each round will knock each other out round one lol. I saw the dumb low iq sheep going crazy over the Connor Mayweather fight, buying into all the promotion which was like a circus show lol. It was so embarrassing to acknowledge, you morons actually bought into that like it was a real fight lol. That was the biggest set up ever!, they made hundreds of millions each, why would they try to knock each other out in the first round. They talk behind the cameras on how the fight will go out. They build the fight up and meat heads around the world bought into it like it was real, like when Connor got on stage and gave Mayweather a nuggie lol.. yeah.. this is a real fight haha. You all deserve to be taken for idiots for being so stupid. Mayweather vs Logon Paul.. yeah.. that's a real fight.. yeah, they definitely ain't talking about it will go down to make the most money each because Mayweather seems to not be able to knock anyone out first round from any other sport.. or IRflow.. So Mayweather is just a shiite fighter, ok. But look at everyone today, iq's have dropped dramatically as now it's all about thots, streaming, pornhub, posing on instragram, tiktok, clout, Takashi 69, WAP, being closet pedos then deny it.. people today are easy to play because a lot of people have become regressive in human intelligence. What next, scarce vs tyson, don't laugh because if they market it right and the media play it right 99% of the same morons who believe these other circus fights would 100% buy into tyson vs scarce as a 100% legit fight even if it went the distance.

    83. SCARECROW27r

      I feel so had for such kart. First he loses Carson, and now he loses James!?? Damn.

    84. SCARECROW27r

      I feel so had for such kart. First he loses Carson, and now he loses James!?? Damn.

    85. Sam Gardner

      It’s obvious it was rigged. If this dude already us CTE it wasn’t from boxing.

    86. Xman

      Pete Davidson looks like Logic

    87. Pharaoh Gaming

      saying you have CTE to show that you're putting you mental health on the line is dumb. if you dont want CTE early, then dont hard spar. Most fighters dont recement hard sparing. Its where most of your brain damage comes from. Save the damage for the ring.

    88. axel peone

      i hate jake but holy shit, how is he winning these never mind

    89. Josiah G,

      For those that have ears let them hear our father God is coming back with his son Jesus that died on the cross years back and I’m not going to force you to worship but just know that Jesus will love you till the days John 3:15 ►

    90. RAVRICK Nation

      What’s funny is some of these teen girls that got mad at doms apology praises Logan pauls

    91. John malkowski

      someone answer this question if what durte dom is saying is true she did give consent im assuming she regretted it afterwards even though she gave consent but regreted it after words is that considered sexuel assult

    92. John malkowski

      either way if some people have falsey accused james he still did talk to minors

    93. John malkowski

      ok i kinda laughed when a wwe fighter said the jake paul fight was rigged when wwe is fake as fuck lol

    94. Burial

      bro cte can only be diagnosed after death this dude trippin lol

    95. ivory GW

      Social media really beating a dead horse with the leafy bans lol

    96. jayrodathome

      So wait a second, Jake Paul is just realizing now that he has brain damage? I could of saved him the brain scan and told him 10 years ago.

    97. Lirik Moan

      he doesnt have brain damage because of boxing he just has brain damage

    98. john bray

      cant wait for snl im sure they will do a skit or something about the fight

    99. john bray

      cant wait for snl im sure they will do a skit or something about the fight

    100. Shrimpuxx

      Im only here for leafy