YouTuber Gets CALLED OUT... H3H3, Logan Paul, James Charles, NELK, Deji


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    1. im fat

      Fight still didn't happen lol

    2. Koto mae

      4:07 "Starin from the bottom now we way up"

    3. DKsaNn Kat

      I'm on ethans side here. It may be a coincidence but highly doubt it.

    4. mirjana omerovic

      No one Not a single soul IRflow: we will look in to this

    5. bicklethepickle

      The gameplay has changed quite a bit🤣


      If logan lost to ksi who is mayweather not to say his ass wouldn't be beat

    7. Zach Ochoa


    8. Shaizee Vang

      So... they didn't plan to throw a party. Fans noticed and decided to come by. And instead of getting rid of them bc of covid, they just continued and turned it into a party. Like bruh... his argument was that they didn't plan or start it. But it still happened...

    9. chandler nunez

      ericclapton bloveslife 49ers elcamino

    10. eric bressi

      youtube gottalent gamespot naruto envyme

    11. Kep Tarareach

      TikTok has turned the dance from Wotakoi and Kanojo Okarishimasu into "a dance challenge" or "a dance trend". I know that this won't bother most of you but I'm just saying this to all the weebs out here.

    12. JoeB3e

      Just sort it out in the DMs like what James Charles said

    13. Tyrell Houle

      I love leafy he had great and sure dark sense of humor but it's the internet like come on. So sad he got banned but ima still sub to him where ever lol. also this is my fav news channel. Straight to the point always 💯

      1. Tyrell Houle

        I know this has been out for awhile but I wanted to comment for once in my life to IRflowrs and this just was in my reccomend for many times watching it over and over 😂😂

    14. NukaColaGuy101

      What a dumb ass jacket to fight over much less copy 🤣 but ppl buy pillows that looks like shit so doesn't surprise me 😂

    15. Kobe Jan Vicente

      What did Deji do ?

    16. Sup ______

      Death to tiktok! 😂

    17. Kometa

      so does h3h3 own color blocking?

    18. Gaby Garcét

      Logan can't even beat ksi he's brother has a better record than him there's no way this fight is going to happen. That clout chase tho 😅😂

    19. khi_b_cookin

      I don’t know how many brain cells Logan has for wanting to box mayweather, but it seems like he is going to lose some from this fight

    20. Scalanden

      Just me thinking that they both stole jacksucksatlife’s hoodie???

    21. black balls

      I'm sorry but leafy is irrelevant now

    22. Man

      3:20 I didn’t even know what Teddy Fresh was until now

    23. the kidd Jay

      im just saying same colors,design,and the timing of james merch is a coincedince.he copied

    24. Dark LurK

      I have literally never heard of teddy fresh

    25. Big Pigeon gaming

      Leave NELK alone

    26. Sergio S.

      I have no idea about who these Nelk guys are but from the video clips I've seen, a lot of people do. What he said in this video makes no sense, though. At 10:35, he says "We don't know how big we are" but less than 1 minute after that, at around 11:05, he talks about how they hired 4 off duty cops (+ their own security guys) and how the cops escorted them around the city and even blocked off bridges for them! As you do... I do that every time I go out, don't you? Of course you do, we all do because we're not famous and we know it. This is what non famous people do, right?

    27. Online Gladiator

      Tiktok is banned in the US, kinder eggs in banned the US, Toys R Us closed down in the US, there is no free healthcare in the US, but despite all that... Guns are still in the US... Yeah I’m moving the UK I’ve had enough.

    28. Tommy Gunn Jr.

      Sue him, tha end!

    29. Q.H.S

      If this is true I can’t wait to see Floyd KO Logan in round 1

    30. Spongebob Squarepants

      It’s like you put a check on your merch and Nike says no it’s mine

    31. CFB Jared

      5:42 why does his body look so unperportioned to his arms lmao

    32. Chill Man

      Mayweather and logan lol LMFAO A youtuber fighting a professional boxer cmon now

    33. supremetsaul


    34. illuminate XD

      I legit never heard about "teddy fresh" 🤣🤣

    35. gasai yuno

      NELK just seems like they can never catch a break. It's sad honestly.

    36. Lando TheToker

      Hila and H3 must never heard of Lyrical Lemonade hoodies then

    37. danny.

      why did u unupload


      Dang I haven’t watched scarce in 4 years

    39. Knight Guy


    40. Dopey_1738

      Do a video about jeffrobe his channel was gone

    41. Qioz

      3:17 “nor popularized them” bruh they’re EVERYWHERE. That hoodie is what makes them Tf. Because they popularized something that wasn’t that popular before. And it’s not like tie die, it’s like simply removing a logo off a hoodie and putting “Sisters” on it. why the fuck is this even compared to tie die.

    42. vash elray

      Why is everyone talking about Ethan??? it’s Hilas Company and Hilas hoodie design

    43. vash elray

      H3 > JC

    44. ADL Issa

      were scarce news dude.

      1. Golden Water Dragon

        Icy Meel I feel like I’m going insane without it

      2. Reku Man

        No new news

    45. ChildOrphanBoy

      I love Ethan

    46. chief 1 redwolf

      Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:30 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness, and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17. Visual Bible movies 🎥 On IRflow ❤️📖🙂

      1. E̴r̸a̷l̴d̸o̸


    47. Harsh

      I can’t see your feed on your page?

    48. Yeti Snowballs

      Ayo scarce yourragegaming got perma banned

      1. Reku Man

        He got banned 3 months ago

    49. Ilya White

      Coming back after my youtube drama phase a couple years back. Glad to see scarce is still at it.

    50. Flyfisher

      lol if they do this for real rather than fake Mayweather will kill Logan Paul so not all bad.

    51. Hardscopelord

      Dude when is the next video

    52. marshboy

      my opinion is that ethan isn't mad over them "copying" teddy fresh, but worried that james charles' fans, who are a bigger fanbase, might accuse him of stealing james' merch. so i think that the only way for this to be resolved is for both of them to post a video explaining all of that merch drama, so both fanbases become informed and hopefully neutral about the situation, so ethan won't have to worry anymore.

    53. dlsin1

      How you going to fight ksi and lose and then have the Audacity to try to fight one of the greats

    54. dlsin1

      I'm not defending James Charles but has anyone here heard to T-F before this cause I haven't

      1. the will to survive

        @Dhiyaan Nirmal its not a big deal both ethan and james are not that noticable now

      2. Dhiyaan Nirmal

        dIsin 1 everyone has heard of it, you can’t act like it’s not a big deal

      3. vash elray

        VAPE NATION!

    55. birderer TM

      if i see logan paul on any name i will watch

    56. Casey Danger

      IRflow is just striking ppl and removing them to fuck with ppl

    57. gobme

      Every time james charles gets in drama I'm over in the corner of the classroom about to get fucking thrown out the window

    58. Siao Wun

      H3H3 fighting with james charles over hoodie design. My 9 year old brain. Who gives a sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Shark gorl going A is more entertaining than this drama.

    59. yuurapik

      you search any color block pastel hoodie and they are all the fucking same.

    60. IN Ferno

      Anyone else get a notifcation saying scarce uploaded but the video says 6 days ago?

    61. David LKwiash

      What happened to news everyday

    62. trufilmr

      Logan is gonna get clocked by Mayweather first 30 seconds

    63. Lupe Delaflores

      for a lot of the people that are saying that where are you he's probably at school or there's probably nothing to really talk about please don't rush him so the the video will come out good and butter then ever

    64. FrostziDaSnowMan

      Imagine getting mad at nelk for not wearing their masks in a party. lol what a nerd

      1. Minish Zim

        You should always wear a mask.

    65. Smiles J

      Is Deji wearing a woman's shirt?

    66. ლევან ფეტელავა

      Where r u man

    67. Squ4rium

      I’ve never seen Teddy Fresh today so James saying he never saw it is pretty legitimate in my book

      1. penguin

        Never seen it too, but there is a lot of evidence supporting the fact that james did know about it. I dislike h3 but its just too similar

    68. Whalbert Fimls

      Floyd Mayweatheris the closest thing we have to REQUIS

    69. JustAnotherGrunt

      I smell bullshit from whoever that Nelk guy is through the screen.

    70. Dezzc ,

      Notif gang

    71. Ergi

      Scarce couldn't hit clips so he regurgitated drama alert

    72. Ergi

      Scrace is like drama alert without the spicy

    73. Alex McMillan

      My dude, it's time to say something new for the intro. Anything.

    74. Mike Russell

      It's funny when Charles ot what ever his name is always been a bitch to everyone and a super asshole but his famous so it's okay and most youtubers that actually agreed with him they just had an issue with Ethan and let's be real Ethan is not an asshole or a fake youtuber like the rest like the guy with the news thingy like scare forgot his name but he shared ethans home address ones cuz he didnt like what ethan said, ethan and his wife always calls out shitty youtubers and maybe that's why some are siding with James Charles, and for that guy recording while driving really fast you were breaking the law Ethan didnt need to tip the police you idiot , dont get how stupid ass people like that get so famous when ever I think about that I realise there are so many shitty dumb people in the world like Logan and his brother and the idiots that follows shitty people like that and I mean people who have no regards for anyone but them selves , rude , arrogant, people who never had to work in their lives are supported to teach generations of kids on IRflow and this is okay for youtube ofc , the world is a shit show when ethan and his wife and being ripped off , the only two and scare plus pewds who are actually intellectual , scare is smart not to give his own opinion much and just give the news unlike that shitty shitty guy that full if shit

    75. L S

      I fucking despise Ethan but there’s no way James’ merchandise wasn’t plagiarized.

    76. Shem Shem

      People accused of throwing parties, so what do they do? They send a guy named Carl to tell everyone it’s fake, god daim Carl, it could not be more perfect

    77. Shem Shem

      The Boxing match in a nutshell: undefeated boxing legend and possibly the worlds best boxer at this moment vs a IRflowr who has not won any of his only 3 matches while only competed against other non professionals. I think it’s easy to see who will win

      1. Ghost_ Slaayer

        One word: money

    78. Shem Shem

      I just have the feeling that leafy is salty, he literally blames almost anything on Ethan, I mean “POLICE WAS TIPPED BY ETHAN” let go my dude, you where showcasing it to a huge audience and blame it on one man you dislike without knowing anything

      1. xXluis_fornietgaymer666Xx

        @Shem Shem bro you probably paid by Ethan Klein SMH, now Ethans doing that? Wow he really is horrible smh 😩😡😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😈😠😡😠😈😠😈😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😠😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😡😠

      2. Shem Shem

        Landon Is A Spoon not always dude, you know he blames a lot on him, it was not a joke when he claimed Ethan was behind taking down videos, because of his continues blaming Ethan I just never feel like it is entirely a joke, I mean he’s salty enough to even make a video about it, like if he even adds anything to the situation, and let me clear the original comment a bit, I meant that he is showcasing it to a huge audience and that means a lot of people will not take it as a joke.

      3. Landon is a Spoon

        It's a joke

    79. wxllem

      I have absolutely no sympathy for the tik tok "stars" that will lose their platform if it gets banned.

    80. J Secrest

      So tired of these utubers saying how they r going to lose their main channels. There is one a month. It never gets taken down.

    81. J Secrest

      "there is only so many colors"....yep thousands and thousands. Lol james charles is really a pissant.

    82. J Secrest

      We really taking sides over which millionaire is right? Well bless them those poor guys. Lol Ethan wanted to call it out publicly bc he wanted the publicity. That and he is sleazy. Them buying james charles version to get back at the other guy though......rofl they weren't gonna buy one from the other guy anyway. Lol

    83. Lonley Katerina

      We don't know how big we are..😂 let me tell are a BIG FOOL

    84. this doge

      And just like that He's gone again

    85. Dulidose

      Who else found out anout teddy fresh just now

    86. yogabba gabbs

      Its funny how people cant read fully. Ethan never said he invented color blocking smdh . People who are supporting james are accusing ethan that he said he invented it. This is pathetic im sorry im grown ass women with my own problems and i just came across this and honestly james and ethan you guys need to talk it out in person but from a distance and work your issues like a pair of adults. Im tired of social media its easier to tweet and text and say whats on your mind but cant say it in person. Or via zoom. Lil by lil were relying on technology more than actually confronting our problems in person. Like i said before: in person but in a safe distance since were still social distancing before someone again is in fact going to knit pick what i had to say.

      1. Lonley Katerina

        Ethan did try to talk to baby james 😉 to which james came back sarcastically showing he needs to grow up..he seems to feel he can do what he likes because...well who knows but he is obviously not a businessman. If he wouldn't have acted high and mighty it could have been fixed.

    87. Minx Heart

      Love James but I honestly don’t understand why he did this- maybe one of his team members? Idk, he was being a hypocrite. I still love him, and he’s human and will continue to make mistakes and grow, he needs to apologize or at least give proper reasoning though.

    88. Inception

      When I heard that tik tok will get banned. This really made my day. Finally no more cringe.

    89. I AM THE NOOB

      Logan vs Mayweather:exist Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch:...

    90. Dunhamb

      That Floyd vs Logan fight would be the dumbest fucking thing ever in the history of boxing, are they really gonna delegitimize the sport more than it already has been in the past few years. fucking diabolical

    91. tusmaniandevil

      It’s so funny that you emphasize “without a face mask” so much. Like a face mask would have done anything at a party like that 😂😂

    92. BakedPotatoYT

      IRflow is striking videos that someone made back then, this scares me as the whole "Filthy Frank" could be exterminated.

    93. Tim Nissen

      i like cancel culture, because it creates entertainment for me


      IRflow drama is the best 👌

    95. thatsenseijosh

      I feel like leafy's speedometer was on kph(kilometers per hour) instead of mph(miles per hour) because 60 mph is 100 kph and 60 mph is close to the most fuel efficient speed and it didn't look like he was going that fast

    96. Don Bruner

      Scarce is becoming so inconsistent with uploads and isn't bothering to keep us informed as to why, guess I'll have to go watch keemstar for a better IRflow news outlet.

    97. Potato Master

      A guitar tutorial channel named Gareth evans (770k subs, 120mil views) is being terminated in the next few days because IRflow copyright system is broken as fuck! Sorry if this way completely irrelevant but i just want to help this youtuber and spread the news

    98. BondBurney

      I wish scarce would upload more frequently cause I dont want to watch drama alert for yt drama://

    99. Marcus Sleeth

      I don’t think people are pissed just about them not wearing mask I think it’s also because they’re partying in large groups 😂

      1. Lonley Katerina

        Also that they somehow feel above the rest of humanity.. Sorry to bust their bubble but they arent

    100. Hxnsell