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  1. Peter Kay

    Tik tokkers are Nancy boys

  2. AnimesDrip _

    Am i the only who who thinks GIB looks like FaZe Rug?

  3. Tarderis

    that InvaderVie video where she goes bonkers got me xD

  4. Miles McDonald

    When dream admits to cheating:

  5. bhyatt007

    so is officialduck studios youtube is being so fucking dumb rn

  6. Soba Dragon


  7. Bob the fan! :3

    Gib got robbed so hard

  8. Xman

    Its cool that Neeko explained to Scarce in the DMS but why block everyone with out explaining just as she did to him?

  9. SoloShenkk

    there are literally boxing specific youtubers lol, they should make a card for those guys.

  10. Hawkeye Freedom

    Bro look at the comments of justmaiko

  11. kars

    Eyyyy Arthur rehi is an Estonian

  12. kars

    Tiktokers rlly were like: "I'm just entertaining people"

  13. envey rama

    Bryce: im going to clap austin, im gonna fold him like an omelet *after the fight* Bryce: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. SuperiorBun :v

    Bryces acc def got hacked theres no way he said those nice things lmfao

  15. AJ Likesm3m3s

    DEJIS A FUCKING GOOD BOXER just his stamina fucked him

  16. Whole lotta gang shit Music

    Why did u include Deji in the title

  17. MustBJelly

    Next run up tht subscribers vs tik toker's card

  18. Mike Mustafi

    i feel so bad about deji he was just saying hes a failure :(

    1. Mike Mustafi

      he fought so well he just didnt see it

    2. Mike Mustafi

      it looked like he was crying :(

  19. grandmastergoose

    5:45 uncensored 'fucked'

  20. alexnou

    Bryce hall is a clown man he was trash talking every youtuber and when he got clapped he was "humble".

  21. Inventor Gaming


  22. eeelord e

    What the fuck is doing ethan her lmao?

  23. gelly gello

    The whole rigged boxing is really rigged

  24. Andrew Bailey

    I love the response from charlie 🤣

  25. sock

    I dont like jake paul but I'm on his side

  26. young b

    i do hate jake paul but i kinda think dat girl wanted clout let me explain she said it now but she should've said it at the time in team 10 bc it took her a year or 2 to say it. also she said when he was done he siad " ok now come to the stew( studio)" and her response was " ok let me do my makeup and hair" like what if i was her i would've stormed out the room and call the cops but she just said ok? i do hate jake paul tho but she sounds like she capping and thnx for reading my response for it

  27. Staxy boi

    mr.beast shouldve got in their

  28. LaZyLorrd Akihiko

    Ooooo chubby scarce

  29. Anette Visser

    i thought the first guy in the thumbnail is faze rug

  30. bennanYT

    Next fight: Minecraft vs Fortnite, Tommyinnit vs Clix lmao

  31. YoZirex

    Deji really sold the bag

  32. Chips _AJ_Ahoy

    I am glad this went mostly well, The respect from every one besides the judges vs gib was great

  33. Mobentz

    Although Jarvis did astonishingly and he worked very hard for this, in the first round Jarvis accidentally knocked out Michaels contacts out. And if you didn’t know Michael is practically blind without them, so you can see why he went downhill after that.. I do agree Jarvis is a great fighter but the fight would’ve been more eventful and fair if Michael had better vision. Anyways good job Jarvis

  34. David Bahena

    Search sml they lost 3 channels lol and there still here

  35. Jack Silcock

    I Want To See Pewdiepie Become CEO Of IRflow In The Future

  36. akosijop xd

    where's ksi

  37. RVRS Fury

    “I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”

    1. bom


  38. Tais Bach

    Vidal just comming in with the reality check

  39. donnie brasco

    anyone notice they dont want to fight anyone from twitch

  40. Liam

    Tanner is smart for not fighting that fight

  41. Mark H

    Bruh man got swatted which was OUTBOF HIS CONTROL and he got banned for it. And because Karl Jacobs was following him he got canceled. That’s like a kid who liked callmecarson is a pedo. That’s not how that works grow up we’re not perfect understand that

  42. Alio Pishtofa

    Ah yes Deji eats shit again, nothing new

  43. Alexis Zapai


  44. W0lfAr0n


  45. bombzz

    This is what happens when you give idiots power and bow to them. People who hate themselves and the world, so they do anything and everything to ruin people's lives to make themselves feel better. They can't make something of their lives and this angers them. Fuck Twitter.

  46. Dave Pryor

    Lmao triller will drop the case. There gonna be gone by years end

  47. sick_motion

    Hey its 2021

  48. Snake Birb

    20 pounds is like 8 kilograms I fell like that's not that mush

  49. Wolzie 👾

    Bryce got humbled lol

  50. JamieWilliamsXD


  51. Harry Harradine

    Next they will do Insta vs Snapchat

  52. MrBeast Onwudiwe

    your insane jarvis

  53. Diane L

    I wish this boxing shit would go away.

  54. Drake Lazzara

    dude scarce uesed to be so cool wtf

  55. Titnibler 210

    Lmao Carson cant catch a break eh Played by a skank now caught grooming a 17yo was it? 🤣

  56. Titnibler 210

    Drew's tweet was pretty funny

  57. JayZiyC

    Remove Deji's name from the title. He got beat the f up .

  58. Titnibler 210

    Boogie shouldve had a blank on the first shot and live rounds on the rest

  59. Titnibler 210

    Faze Jarvis used hacks jkLol

  60. Mr. Sandman212

    bruh Twitter is wild

  61. Heddy

    The birth of a meme

  62. it's not dash

    Bryce is 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  63. OhBands

    Bryce comes from a frat to a humbled kid

  64. Frostie

    Anyone else think he was cuter chubby?

  65. tech support

    alinity tho with her dog O.O

  66. tech support

    alinity: what am I gonna do? me : get a job

  67. adam gaming 1

    Tanners the only IRflowr I wouldn’t mind seeing get knocked out as far as the event went.

  68. that’s crazy

    They should get into a boxing match.

  69. Laila ElBAKKUSH

    He said that and he admitted that he was a prank and screw u mind your business

  70. Henry Stickman

    I have no idea who the these Tik Tokers are

  71. Chester Bowles

    Deji IS a

  72. DarkTheShark

    It’s not a surprise that the IRflowrs, who arguably have the harder grind, probably trained more in preparation for the fight than the Tiktokers.

  73. Breadstix

    Bryce wasn’t sucking up because he lost, he was playing villain to promote fight

  74. O2_Breathless

    Bryce is maybe acting humbled so he doesn't get any negative feedback but I like to think that Austin knocked some sense into him

  75. Eduardo Morquecho

    4:04 the hell she doing looking there?

  76. Seth_ Hyper


  77. Dominic Dame

    He didn’t knock out Michael, it was an amateur event so a KNOCK DOWN counts as a fight stoppage. Just letting y’all know

  78. Lil J360

    Broooo I ain’t watch you in 2 years and you look completely different