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  1. Michael Gerth

    Mr.Beast is a business man lol people are so fucking soft.... omg I didn’t get a pat on the back or he was mean wtf is this shit lol

  2. Haiden Seymour

    Floyd is so insecure

  3. Emma Emilia

    Ironic how I'm knowing about what happened to MrBeast when i'm reading one of the Harry Potter books where Rita Skeeter shows up

  4. Febreze AirFreshner

    Racism is also terrible but to be a pedophile is just purely disgusting, especially when he's 30 yo and he was trying to get with a 13 yo child. Did EDP go to prison?

  5. Lauren Doherty

    Of course that kid said he loved working for MrBreast. He probably signed an NDA and couldn’t speak the truth.

  6. Only the Best Island Music

    Mrbeast is actually helping people, why do you people wa... anyway, I mean, the guy who said "love your enemies" was crucified so... People will hate still.

  7. B0LT

    fucking child: “ got ur hat!”

  8. Jaiko

    So this edp guy got banned but James Charles hasn’t yet?

  9. Yatzee2e

    please help me i’ve been stuck in 2016

  10. Kap's Shorts

    EDP - bad person EDP's rant about shit content creators - actually pretty good, but should still be in jail

  11. Mr Slop

    Everyone in this video is such a baby

  12. Sultry

    LOL CTE??? Cmon Jake?

  13. Shoot Luck Gaming

    EDP445 Is actually mad at him? He's the one that tried to meetup with underage girls... Thats a 1000x worse than being racist IMO

  14. Sultry

    I hope that the person who dug the dirt on Chris is very happy now, no one's perfect dude. Maybe Chandler is next? damn stupid people trying to cancel the whole MrBeast crew.

  15. APE Getright

    Mr beast got haters 😂 of course they wanna see him fall

  16. King Colton

    Daddy o five coming back to IRflow???? J Martin IRflow channel

  17. anna zoomie

    i love MrBreast

  18. Red Solo

    Chet just as big as a goof as EDP

  19. LiVeen

    bruh, do people not understand how cryptocurrencies etc work? If it crashes its because of shorts and the lack of buys. If everyone buys at the start and then don't buy again, obviously it's gonna crash hard and then level out, exactly like you've seen there. Especially since we're talking about it being AT LAUNCH, THERES NO FUCKING VOLUME

  20. What the fuck is american food

    “Got ya hat” **smacc**

  21. Xman

    Toast went: "There's no sorry here, I don't need or looking for sympathy....I'm dropping straight facts on you. No mercy"

  22. Tyler fortnite blevins Stan

    Screaming gotcha hat while clinging onto life

  23. WyLd RiOt

    mr beast is the best

  24. Mayonnaise

    there needs to be another youtube and twitch

  25. Isaac Quinn 2007

    I'm pretty sure in the UK a law doesn't say "the customer is always right" it is more social etiquette

  26. R I A

    Drew shouldn't apologize for it. Times back then were different, the racist joke was okay back then and was appropriate even. Not today but people shouldn't cancel people who make jokes that were okay back then, geez

  27. ConfusedProgrammer

    Twitter should just get canceled at this point…It’s just a giant hell-hole

  28. Kitchen Waifu

    I just wanna count on how many times Edp445 said 'you feel me'

  29. BronsonMonias

    if a youtuber says something like: heeyy im from da reserve i like to drink pepsi and eat hot dogs cooked on the fire and i just got 10 bucks from my gookim so i will go to the home store and buy some pepsi and some doritos... HAHHA I WOULD FIND THAT HILARIOUS.. i would clip it up and send it to my cousins and tell them they are cool

  30. BronsonMonias


  31. Nasty Me


  32. butt munch

    I agree with the 2nd part of Connor's statement but he would have had the exact same reaction that Floyyd did....

  33. JohnDar

    Manny beats Maywheather, Maywheather beats Jake Paul

  34. Kries

    Im happy EDP is back His videos funny

  35. C Chiuco

    People this days are getting so offended easily that it makes them look like a child, cancel culture has been the most toxic thing that ever existed. Toast is the first person to address everything in a very non-aggressive manner and this is how people respond just wow

  36. garen both

    I swear if EDP gets away with what he has done, I just dont know about this world anymore

  37. Dr Pug Epico1000


  38. sp3ctr

    Scarce uncensored cussing compilation when

  39. Champz \_

    Jake Paul.. agh deserved why take he’s hat in first place

  40. Poteto man pat

    This dud not age well 9:24

  41. Ash Williams

    I think its absolute nonsense to say that only black people can voice black people.

  42. ploxty

    bro ice_posidon is how i woude react call out the "fans" for just beaying absolute todlers

  43. Matthew Weston

    That journalist is for sure just trying to get attention and clicks by saying MrBeast is a terrible person.

  44. Matthew Weston

    I find it weird you don't mention Chet is also a Predator.

  45. Ant Twan

    I wonder if these fights will turn into movies due to all the acting to sell these fights

  46. night opocolips

    Dude I used to watch Roman Atwood its really sad what happened, I really wish I could know what happened

  47. Cliff Cheung

    that punch may have knocked a screw loose.... like a skipping cd, he's stuck saying "got cha hat" and "yes sir"

  48. Axel Pena

    Jake Paul snapped back into reality

  49. A5AP KillThemAll

    Native Americans have the highest mortality rate of any U.S. minority because of U.S. action and policy.- D. Stannard (Oxford Press)

  50. We Dont Die We Multiply

    "n word" lmao stfu.

  51. TheFlamingChase

    Edp might not be ok mentally; he says that Alex (idk what his channels name is) says the n word, then proceeds to say it 17 more times

  52. oliver alvarado


  53. Matthew Goodman

    the hitpiece on mr. beast is from the new york times so it's basically worthless

  54. Nanashi

    EDP: you saying the n word this n word that also EDP: my nigga.

  55. Bradley Richards - How To Get Better.

    How did Floyd manage to make himself the childish one in that situation. I'm impressed.

  56. Kaiden Henry

    Mr beast is saving lives,and they are doing him dirty like this,not cool man,not cool


    on this episode of play stupid games win stupid prizes: Jake Paul is a moron and gets bashed for it

  58. Penguin Tacos

    y'all really wanna say that 11 poeple are all lars, okay lmao keep worshiping internet personalities

  59. Nicholas Sharp

    Jake better realize some people are real and they don’t play like that. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. What a child. Hah. Got your hat!!! My 1 year old and 3 year old does this to me.

  60. Søul

    give more context, he didn’t start yelling "i’m gonna kill you" for the hat, jake was pissing him off the whole time

  61. sir almonds

    Jake is honestly a genius in marketing but like, with the path he’s going down, he’ll probably end up dead before 30.

  62. IJustAm

    we need a "got your hat" meme

  63. bullets

    If you are in tears for being called a retard, i think you have bigger issues

  64. Ballistic Boi

    I like how you only state the facts and not pick a side in all of these problems, keep up the good work Scarce!

  65. Minicooper5 alive

    1:11 "Ga- Gotcha haat"

  66. YesNo

    carson swag

    1. YesNo

      he's finally alive again sheesh

  67. JustinH 905

    Ok im just gunna throw this out their people make insensitive jokes all the time its not a big deal even for people with influence aslong as they arent doing it publicly and are only making said jokes around people who understand that they are simply jokes and not supressed hatred

  68. H y r o

    10:23 and we will continue to text 13 year olds

  69. Eccentrix

    The issue on Mr beast might've been just jimmy getting mad at his employees.... Like how a boss getting mad at his employees sometimes? F*ck*rs prolly got their feelings hurt.

  70. JohnnyOmm

    why chinese always gotta break shit down and defend himself lol " - Toast

  71. Maco

    I mean I get where Mr Beast Is coming from I've edited for people with 5-20k subs and they wanted everything to be perfect It wasn't really strict but Imagine having to edit for over 60mil+ people and u mess up It literally has to be pitch perfect not to mention he Is probably paying u a lot just edit for him

  72. devo076

    Paul is going to will be glorious.

  73. JohnnyOmm

    9:00 you forget to say Ching Chong xD

  74. MaKKa pAkkA

    People these days are such snowflakes, how was that tweet even racist? Its clearly a joke and if you think that is offensive you should truly rethink your life

  75. Skrʞro

    lmao holy shit. i hate jake paul and everything, but that was probably the most entertaining shit I've seen all year. lol